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Interview with Bashirat: Medical University of Lodz will guarantee you luxury of choices after graduation

The Medical University of Lodz is a prestigious university located in Poland, offering a 6-year program in General medicine and a 5-year program in Dental medicine. The university has over 25,000 students (including 1800 international students with over 100 students admitted to the 1st year of General medicine) and as per QS ranking it is among the best 800-1000 universities worldwide. We want to mediate you real experiences of students and this time it was student Bashirat Abdulrahmeen from Nigeria, who decided to share her experience with studies in Lodz. She will share her point of view on the city, quality of education, admission criteria or accommodation options for students. We spoke to Bashirat in February 2023.

Thank you Bashirat for taking the time to share your experience. To begin with, please tell me about yourself and what inspired you to take the route of becoming a medical doctor?

Thank you for having me! My name is Bashirat and I am originally from Nigeria. In my spare time, I enjoy reading and traveling. My passion for medicine has been instilled in me since I was young because I find human anatomy fascinating.

How did you discover medical university in Lodz and why did you decide to move so far from your home country?

I discovered my university through an agency and quickly applied. An important factor that led me to choose my university was the opportunities it offers for the graduates as well as the resources it provides during the period of study.

Can you tell us more about the admission criteria?

The requirements for admission are a high school diploma or a secondary school leaving certificate equal to GCE A-level certificates or IB and EB diplomas with Chemistry, Biology, Physics, and Mathematics – documented by the school leaving certificates/diplomas. CAE, CPE, TOEFL IBT (minimum 75 points), and IELTS (min 6.0 points) if the secondary education was not conducted in English. After fulfilling the requirements it will make the student eligible for the entrance exam. However, students who present with MCAT with a minimum of 504 points, GAMSAT with a minimum of 57 points, or UKCAT with a minimum of 2510 points will be exempted from the entrance examination. The entrance exam is required for everyone else.

What is the format of the entrance exam for admission to medical programs in Lodz?

The administration process is very convenient and there is no need to travel. It can be done at home online and the application fee is 120 EUR. It is crucial to register through their software and the entrance exam is conducted through teams. The entire process is trouble-free and concise.

Which subjects are included in the entrance exam and how did you prepare for it?

The entrance exam focuses on general questions about science subjects including chemistry, biology, physics, and mathematics. Each student is given the liberty to choose two out of the mentioned above. It is important to choose according to your strength. I prepared using knowledge acquired in secondary school and recommendations from the university.

What is the one piece of advice you wish you had and What is your advice for new students coming to the medical university of Lodz?

First, it is paramount to familiarize yourselves with the information provided on the university website and take advantage of the mentors the university provides. Do not be afraid to ask questions people can be of help. It is also crucial to research the town and country to check whether it is a great fit for you.

We can move on to your studies now. Can you tell us more about the quality of studies and teachers at the Medical University of Lodz?

Overall, the university is equipped with phenomenal facilities and qualified professors and doctors. The equipment reflects the real scenery of hospital experiences in real and practical settings. Most professors and doctors create a safe space for students to communicate and debate medical analogies. Learning is made tolerable and enjoyable by the healthcare provider and the learning environment.

Lodz sounds like a great place for students! Please tell us more about the accommodation options.

Lodz is a large city with numerous options for accommodations at affordable prices. From university accommodation at MEDYK” at street – Patrice Lumumby 5,  Strajku Łódzkich Studentów 1981 r. 2 or dorm no. 4 (check university dorms offer) to private dormitories (Basecamp Student, Amber Student, or Student depot) and rental apartments. It all depends on your price range and the type of accommodation you need. The prices will vary from 150-250€ per month in dorms or shared apartments for students and 450-500€ in single flats (private accommodation).

What budget should students have prepared in Lodz?

This is a significant question because it determines your sustainability throughout your years of study. It is critical to estimate your budget and live within it. Nevertheless, Lodz is affordable and the cost of living is lower compared to other European countries. A minimum of 300 euros can sustain a comfortable lifestyle (in case the student is staying at dorm or shared apartment).

We are all aware that medical school is challenging, what are tips you have to stay on track in medical school?

It is essential to establish a solid work ethic. It takes a lot of effort and commitment to succeed in medical school. You will need to establish productive study habits, learn how to successfully manage your time, and adopt a disciplined study strategy. Stay organized, prioritize your studies, and stay motivated Remember why you chose to pursue a career in medicine, and let that motivation drive you to succeed. Celebrate your successes, learn from your failures, and keep pushing forward toward your goals.

As a medical student, you must be remarkably busy. What do you do to keep your life balanced in your free time?

Yes, I am exceptionally occupied but I ensure I am available for leisure. It is fundamental to have a balanced lifestyle and I emphasize it to students. I enjoy dining at restaurants and traveling across Poland and Europe.

Lastly, what are the prospects and examinations for graduates from the medical university of Lodz?

There are a lot of opportunities for graduates. The luxury is that it depends on you because it is a reputable university recognized worldwide. Exams vary depending on the country an individual decides to work in e.g., USMLE for the United States. In Poland, the right to practice depends on the individual obtaining a pass in the Medical/ Dental Final Examination – LEK/LDEK, which may also be taken in English, in addition, a complete the post-graduate internship.

Thank you Bashirat for the opportunity to speak with you. It has been a pleasure learning more about your medical university. I appreciate the insight you have provided on your experience and how you have managed to strive in school which will enlighten potential future medical students. Thank you again for your time and all the best in your career!