My name is Peter Zavacky (member of the European Association for International Education: 228780) and I help students to become doctors since 2014.

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Study medicine and dentistry in Europe

We help students to start their studies of General medicine and Dental medicine in Slovakia, Latvia, Cyprus, Romania, and Bosnia. We are official representatives of the Faculty of Medicine in Kosice, Slovakia (Pavel Jozef Šafárik University), the Jessenius Faculty of Medicine of Comenius University in Martin, the Faculty of Medicine of Comenius University in Bratislava, the Faculty of Pharmacy, Comenius University, and Riga Stradins University.

Admission for all programs for 2023/2024 is open – save entrance exam dates below:

Kosice – Faculty of medicine, Pavel Jozef Safarik University

Entrance exams will take place on the 21st of June 2023 and the 16th of August 2023. If there are enough applicants, it is also possible to organize entrance exams abroad (our agency is organizing entrance exams in Krakow and Warsaw, Poland, and all exams are organized on-site). Tuition fees are 10.500€ for General medicine and 11.000€ for Dental medicine. Both programs take 6 years. The entrance exam fee is 30€. You will need to score 570/800 points to get admission (in the academic years 2020/21 and 21/22 it was reduced to 520 points approximately, applicants in 2022/23 needed 530 points). There are 200 seats for students of General medicine and 35 students of Dental medicine guaranteed (everyone who passes the entrance exam text has a guarantee of a place to study). You can find more details about the Faculty of medicine,, UPJS in Kosice

Martin – Jessenius Faculty of Medicine, Comenius University

Entrance exams will be online for the academic year 2023/2024 and will take part on 3 dates: the 3rd of June 2023  (deadline is 25th of May 2023), the 21st of July 2023 (deadline is 12th of Jule 2023) and the 18th of August 2023 (deadline is 9th of August 2023). The entrance exam contains questions from biology and chemistry. Tuition fees are 10.900€ for General medicine, a program of Dental medicine is not offered. The entrance exam fee is 70€ but needs to be paid only by successful students. Successful applicants needed 32-33 points (out of 80) to get accepted. There are 150 seats for international students guaranteed. The majority of the students are coming from Iceland, Norway, Germany, or Poland. It is possible to apply also for the preparatory course provided by the Faculty. You can find more information about the Jessenius faculty of medicine Martin.

Bratislava – Faculty of Medicine, Comenius University

Entrance exams take place on the 8th of August 2023 for General medicine and the 9th of August 2023 for Dental medicine. The admission process is online and there is a long list of documents required to be submitted (nostrification included). Tuition fees are 10.500€ for General medicine and 11.900€ for Dental medicine. The entrance exam fee is 80€. There are 240 seats for General medicine students and 35 seats for dental medicine students. The following documents need to be submitted for registration, so it is needed to have at least 2 months for preparation: 1. Application form 2. EE administration fee (80 EUR) – statement from Bank 3. Photocopy of Passport/ID Card 4. General Certificate of Secondary (High) school education Advanced level 5. Birth Certificate 6. Certificate about vaccination against hepatitis B 7. 2 pictures 8. Nostrification of General Certificate of Secondary (High) school education Advanced level (Apostille).

There are entrance tests with multiple-choice questions (4 options with 0-4 correct answers) for medical and dentistry programs. Booklets for the entrance exam can be bought from us or from the faculty. Learn more about the Faculty of Medicine in Bratislava.

Faculty of Pharmacy, Comenius University in Bratislava

The program of Pharmacy takes 5 years and there are fees of 7500€ per year. The entrance exams will be organized on the next dates: 3rd February 2023, 17th February 2023, 3rd March 2023, 31st March 2023, 28. April 2023, 2nd June 2023, 7th July 2023, and 4. August 2023. The deadline for application is the end of July 2023. Questions are from Biology and Chemistry and sources for preparation could be databanks of questions provided by the Faculty. All questions for the entrance exam will be from this databank. There are usually 70-75% points needed for admission to The faculty of pharmacy. Totally there are 80 students admitted yearly. Learn more about the Faculty of Pharmacy in Bratislava.

Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Dentistry, Riga Stradins University

There are programs of General medicine and Dental medicine in the English language offered for international students. There will be 360 places for the program of General medicine and 60 places for Dental medicine in the academic year 2023/24. Admission is based solely on submitting of required documents. Decisions will be done on the rolling system, so applicants will get their decision within 2 months of submission of documents. The deadline for application is the end of June for EU students and the end of May for non-EU students. Learn more about RSU in Riga, Latvia

Faculty of Medicine in Foca, University of East Sarajevo

The Faculty of Medicine in Foca is located in Bosnia, Europe. It offers study programs in General medicine (maximum of 50 seats apart from transfer students) and Dental medicine (maximum of 20 seats). The faculty operates in accordance with the Bologna ECTS system and has students from Italy, Egypt, India or Bangladesh. There will be also a program in Dental medicine opened in 2022/2023 with the language of instruction in English. Applicants can entrance exam on one of the following exam dates in July, August, and September. The entrance exam has an online form and the deadline for the exam is always 3 days before the exam. Learn more about the Faculty of Medicine in Foca, University of East Sarajevo.

Where can you study medicine in Europe?

Apart from the Universities, I work closely with, there are also other options in Europe. Every country has a slightly different system of admission procedures, visas procedure, or tuition fee structures. Make sure to check my article about where international students can study medical schools in Europe

Why you should consider using my services?  

MedHead.eu is not a big agency – it is run by Peter Zavacky while other members help students during their arrival and first months in Slovakia. There are 3 good reasons, why Medhead agency could be the best option for you.

Firstly, I am in the market since 2016 and helped hundreds of international students (medical and non-medical programs combined).

Secondly, I do provide only objective and up-to-date information to our applicants. You can find a lot of useful information, as well as interviews with current students.

Thirdly, I do not use the word client. The reason is obvious – when I help someone, I am available during your whole studies. If there is a problem, students text me and I am happy to help. Many things can happen while studying abroad – its always better to have someone standing to your side

Faculty of medicine UPJS

Renowned university with over 1200 foreign students of general and dental medicine located in Kosice, Slovakia. Programs offered: General medicine and Dental medicine

Application for 2022/2023 is open

Application for the next academic year 2022/2023 for General medicine and Dental medicine is open. Learn more about the Faculty.

More about the Faculty

Faculty of medicine, Comenius university

Faculty of the oldest university in Slovakia providing medical courses of General and Dental medicine in English

Faculty with the long tradition

Comenius University is listed among the TOP 500 universities in the world. Learn more about the Faculty.

About Faculty of medicine in Bratislava

the Jessenius Faculty of medicine, Comenius University

Faculty of Comenius University in the central Slovakia with accreditation since 1992. Offering program General medicine in English language

Popular among students from Norway, Iceland, Poland or Germany

Second faculty of the Comenius University located in Martin

More about Jessenius Faculty in Martin”

Faculty of pharmacy, Comenius University

English course of Pharmacy is favourite choice of students from from Germany or Iran.

Offering program of Pharmacy (5-years) in English language

If you wish to study pharmacy in English language, this is the best choice for you. Tuition fees are 7500€ per academic year.

About Faculty of pharmacy, Comenius University

Faculty of medicine, University of East Sarajevo in Foca, Bosnia

The Faculty offers program of General medicine for 3000€ per one year and is running in accordance with ECTS system

One of the cheapest medical universities in Europe

The faculty is closely cooperating with the University hospital of Foca located on the same campus. The study program of Dental medicine will start in 2022/2023 with capacity of 20-25 students.

About Faculty of medicine in Foca, Bosnia

Riga Stradins University

Study medicine or dentistry in Latvia

The University offers both September and February intake

The Riga Stradins University has Medical and Dentistry faculty with English study programs of General medicine and Dental medicine. The degree is recognized in the whole European Union.

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Studying abroad is big step forward and there are many things to be sorted out. If you want to study in Slovakia, you are in the right place. We have seat in Kosice, eastern Slovakia and we can guide you through the whole process – from entry counseling, submitting application, entrance test, preparatory materials for entrance exams, enrollment assistance, recognition of completed courses or flat hunting.

References from our students

A really good agency which helps students in Slovakia. Very friendly and warm service is provided. Would suggest this agency for admissions

Veda Vyas, Bratislava

Agency Medhead.eu helped me with a transfer to University of Pavel Jozef Safarik. Everything was smooth and fast”

Pawel, UPJS Student

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You will find the latest updates on entrance tests, faculties, transfers and everything related to studies in Slovakia in this section.

Venue for entrance exams for UPJS in Poland

August 14th, 2023|

If you plan to write entrance exams with us for the Faculty of Pavel Jozef Safarik, please note the following locations: 19.8.2023 - Q Hotel Plus Kraków (Wygrana 6, Krakow) 26.8.2023 - Holiday Inn, Ulica


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