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Our mission

Our mission is to provide undergraduates with an opportumity to fulfill their dreams and become doctors and dentists. We want them to fully focus on studium, enjoying life with perspectives and find friends for lifetime.

We understand that education is the most valued commodity, that can change society and world. MedHead believes, that education is the most precious investment, one can ever make.

Our student agency value trust and acts professionaly with focus on study growth of applicant and student. Respecting individuality and exceptionality of every student is our commitment.

Anatomy at Faculty of Medicine

General medicine

General medicine is the most popular study programme among students. More than 80 % of undergraduates at Faculty of Medicine in Košice are aspirants to become doctors with internationally recognized MUDr. title.

Dental medicine

Dental medicine is one of the most lucrative study programme of tomorrow. Graduates obtain internationally recognized MDDr. title.

Post-graduate study (PhD)

Post-graduate programme is here for applicants with university diploma who pass entrance examination. Accreditation has been awarded for various specialisations, such as: biology, pharmacology, stomatology, internal diseases or gynecology.

Faculty of Medicine, Kosice, Slovakia

Faculty of Medicine UPJŠ is located in broader center of city Košice. It is easily accesible by public transportation or car, parking place is in front of Faculty.

Address of Faculty is: Pavel Jozef Safarik University in Kosice, Faculty of Medicine, Trieda SNP 1, Kosice, Post Code: 040 11, Slovakia

Faculty of Medicine, Martin, Slovakia

Jessenius Faculty of medicine in Martin is located close to the center of this pictoresque small city.

Location of Faculty: Jessenius Faculty of Medicine, L. Novomeského 7/A, 036 01 Martin, Slovakia

Faculty of Medicine, Bratislava, Slovakia

Faculty of Medicine of Commenius University in Bratislava is located in the center of city in walkable distantion from train or bus station.

Adress: Sasinkova, 811 08 Bratislava-Staré Mesto, Slovakia

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Application procedure

There is an entrance examination taking place during summer holidays in Kosice. Entrance examination consists of two circles – chemistry and biology. Test questions come from databank issued by Faculty of Medicine. There are 100 questions selected for each circle.

Are you interested in applying to study in Kosice? Then do not wait more and contact us now!

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Transfer from another university

Have you decided to change your university and would like to recognize your completed courses? It is possible of course – there are some requirements you need to fulfill and documents that need to be submitted. What is the procedure? Click here to find our more…

Not eligible for transfer?

In case you do not meet requirements for transfer from another university, you must take an entrance examination. After passing it, you can request for course recognition and be classified in appropriate study year. We will help you with preparation and answer all your questions. Click here and find out more information…

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Students life

Košice is the center of education and culture in the eastern Slovakia. It is no wonder that students of 4 universities represents thousands of people. Many international students study under various programmes there. Multinational environment with students from all over the world guarantees the feel of diversity and unity at the same time.

Go along Main street (Hlavná ulica) during warm summer evenings and you will enjoy pubs and locals full of people.


Are you fan of culture? You are at the right place in Košice. Some of the institutions (e.g. Romathan – Gypsy theater) can be hardly found in other countries of central Europe. Museums, state theater, State philharmonic orchestra or musical performances given at small pubs are perfect place where one can turn into cultural enthusiasts.

Study medicine in Europe

Welcome on website of Medhead.eu – agency for students, who would like to study abroad. We help students to start their studies of General medicine and Dentistry abroad. Right now, we can help you to get your place at Faculty of medicine in Kosice, Slovakia (Pavel Jozef Šafárik University), Jessenius Faculty of Medicine of Commenius University in Martin, Faculty of Medicine of Commenius University in Bratislava or at School of Medicine in Nicosia, Cyprus (European University of Cyprus). In addition to that, we can help you with finding right place to study thanks to our network of coopeating agencies.

There are 4 points, which differs us from other, traditional agencies.

Firstly, we do not promise impossible. When you did research, you probably found agencies, that offer guaranteed place at Faculty of Medicine. In reality, there is nothing like that – you must earn your place either by passing entrance examination or by convincing board of Faculty with your motivation letter.

Secondly, we do not charge anything to applicants. Our mission is to provide true value to applicants and provide them as much information as possible. Therefore you can find a lot of useful information, as well as interviews with current students on our website. If some question is unanswered, feel free to contact us.

Thirdly, we do not use word client. The reason is obvious – when we help someone, we cannot refer to him/her as to client. We develop our relationship to being friend and focus on development of this relationship!

Forthly – community is the most important to us. We put stress on organising meetups, trips or we provide students with newsletters.


Amazing facts about Comenius University

Comenius University is the oldest and largest university in Slovakia. It has 2 faculties of medicine – in Bratislava and in Martin. Both faculties accept international students and both are institutions which large share of foreigners among their students. University is celebrating 98th anniversary this year and summed up some very interesting facts. At all levels […]

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Interesting history of the Faculty of medicine Comenius University in Bratislava

There are 3 faculties of medicine in Slovakia: the Faculty of Medicine in Bratislava (Comenius University), in Martin (Comenius University) and in Košice (Pavol Jozef Šafarik University). Did you know which faculty has the longest tradition? It is the faculty in Bratislava. If you wish to find out more about its history, please read further! […]

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Faculty of Medicine UPJS in Kosice hosts an exhibition about Jan Selye, pioneer of stress research

Faculty of Medicine of University of Pavel Jozef Safarik, Regional medical association in Kosice and Association of medical students in Kosice officially launched an exhibition about Jan Selye, pioneer of stress research. His full name was Hans Hugo Bruno Selye was Canadian Physician, biologist, chemist and endocrinologist with both Hungarian and Austrian origin, but his ancestors […]

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Faculty of Medicine in Kosice equipped its department with professional tools

The Faculty of medicine in Kosice announced next big investment in improvement of its teaching facilities and treating of patient. New simulators, models and other professional equipment have been purchased by the Institute of of Nursing at the Faculty of Medicine in Košice UPJŠ. These investments was made within a program the Knowledge Society. This is […]

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