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Dental medicine and dentistry in Europe

Dental medicine and dentistry in Europe

The study program of Dental medicine takes 5 years / 10 semesters (Czechia, Latvia, Hungary, Poland, …) or 6 years / 12 semesters (Slovakia, Croatia, Bosnia) to complete. The program is offered by renowned schools and is taught in the English language. Dentistry offers a wide range of career paths. You can choose to work in private practice, public health, academia, research, or even specialize in areas like orthodontics, oral surgery, or pediatric dentistry. The field allows you to explore various avenues based on your interests. Dentistry-related professions are well-paid and guarantee excellent long-term perspectives for graduates as well. To put these words into perspective: the monthly pay of dentists in Germany ranges from 3980€ (without experience) to 13800€ (15+ years experience), monthly wages for dentists in Switzerland start from 11,591 CHF (without experience) to 39,883 CHF (with 15+ experience in the field). Investment in Dentistry education can bring high returns!

We can guide you on your road to the medical degree in Dentistry. Medhead represents five medical institutions in Europe that offer integrated dentistry programs (awarded degree Doctor of Dental Medicine) and one institution offering Bachelor of Dental Surgery.

We will assist you with admission to the following dentistry institutes across Europe (integrated program – Doctor of Dental Medicine):

You may apply for the Bachelor program of Dental surgery:

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