• Assistence at immigration office in Košice – after coming Slovakia, you need to deal with various administrative problems. If you need to arrange anything at Immigration Office, you will probably need assistance because clerks usually do not speak English or any other world language at appropriate level. We can come with you, consult legal issues and help with various problems. We help with filling in application for temporary, long-term and pernament visa and resident permit; prolongation of visas or residence permit and registration of non-European citizen.
  • Translation and certified translations – when getting into contact with Slovak administration, one usually need documents to be translated by court certified interpreter. We can arrange this for you, price depends on the language you need to traslate.
  • Finding suitable appartment – there is obligation to declare that you have flat or place to live in order to get pernament or long-term visa. Furthermore person need to have comfortable apartment to make his/her staying in Košice special and have good place to study for exams. We offer assistance for students, that seek apartment to live or would like to buy apartment.
  • Transport to/from airport: if you need to find vehicle that drives you to/from Košices airport, we can help you and transport not only you but also your baggage.

If you have any questions, please contact me at medhead@medhead.eu or call me 00420/778891055.