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Medhead preparatory courses in Biology and Chemistry

Our agency has prepared unique preparatory courses in biology and chemistry in collaboration with private school Namedicinu. The courses are offered to applicants mostly for the Medical University in Kosice (University of Pavol Jozef Safarik) and Jessenius Faculty of Medicine, Comenius University (Slovakia), but applicants to different universities are invited to learn as well. The course will help you to prepare for an entrance exam as well as to pass subjects in the first semesters of your studies. This investment might bring high returns because of extra tuition fees and living costs saved.

The course is offered in English language and covers biology and chemistry topics as per syllabuses provided by the Faculty. The courses are prepared by experienced lectors who have over 7 years of experience in the preparation of applicants for entrance exams in Slovakia and the Czech Republic. You can look forward to 50 hours of classes in Biology and 50 hours of classes in Chemistry. You will get login details after payment (a personal Gmail or Facebook login is possible). The course has the format of prerecorded classes where students are supervised by their lector who might answer the questions. The course is live and you can check all details including reviews, testimonials, and prices at the domain: https://premedicalcourse.com/

The course is live and you can check all details including reviews, testimonials and prices at domain: https://premedicalcourse.com/

Sample chemistry video

You can check the syllabuses for the chemistry course covered by our course

Here is the sample video of the chemistry course.

Sample biology video

You can check syllabuses for biology courses covered by our course.

Here is the sample video of the biology course.

Contact us for more details

If you have more questions regarding the course, its structure or possible discounts, make sure to contact me by email (peter.zavacky@medhead.eu) or call me (+420778891055)