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Riga Stradins University of Medicine

Riga Stradins University of Medicine

Riga Stradins University (RSU) is a prestigious medical university located in Riga, Latvia. The Faculty of Medicine RSU offers a study program in General Medicine (6 years program, 13.500€ per year) and the Faculty of Dental Medicine RSU offers a program in Dental Medicine (5 years, 15.500€ per year). As one of the few universities in Europe, it offers both September and February intake. Degree from Riga Stradins University is internationally recognized in Europe.

Basic facts about Riga Stradins University

The university in Riga has 1100 employees and 61 offered study programs. The university is public and recognized in the European Union and EEA. There is a 1:10 ratio of teachers per student. The Riga Stradins University cooperates with tens of hospitals so the students can take internships: 5 are in Riga, 6 in other cities in Latvia, 9 in Germany, 1 in Italy (Bolzano), and 2 in Israel.

Study programs at the Riga Stradins University

The University offers programs of General medicine and Dental medicine. They both have September and February intakes.

The General medicine program (360 ECTS, respectively equivalent in Latvian credits) takes 6 years to complete and ends with a Doctor of Medicine degree. There are 360 seats in the September intake and 240 seats in the February intake. Students take theoretical classes in 1st and 2nd year (anatomy, physiology, biochemistry,…), preclinical classes in 3rd year, clinical subjects in 4th and 5th year, and practical classes in 6th (including 6 weeks of rotations at departments for internal diseases, surgery, and one elective course). Tuition fees for General medicine are 13500€ with discounts for academic excellence, social discounts and discounts for family members.

The Dental medicine program (300 ECTS, respectively equivalent in Latvian credits) takes 5 years to complete and ends with a degree of Doctor of Dental Medicine. There are 60 seats in the September intake and 28 seats in the February intake . Tuition fees are 15.500€ for the year of study. The Faculty of Dental Medicine offers discounts for academic excellence, social discounts or discount for family members. Students spend their practical classes at RSU Dentistry’s preclinical learning center.

Admission procedure to Riga Stradins University

Unlike other universities in central Europe, RSU is not performing a written entrance exam. Students need to submit a given list of documents for admission and the faculty will decide on the admission list. The most important requirements are the following: completed secondary school (diploma and transcript of grades), good or excellent final grades in English, Biology or Chemistry, Mathematics ( these subjects obligatorily with min. mark of 70% and more), and physics.

Selection procedure at RSU

Applicants need to submit required documents – the basic rule for admission is scoring at least 70% in Mathematics, English, Biology or Chemistry. If an applicant does not meet these requirements, there are 2 options that he/she can do. The first option is to improve marks (for example in Finland, there is an option to attend evening school to improve marks), the second option is to apply for an Open University. The Open University is a unique study program where students can enroll and study subjects they need to improve (English, Mathematics, Biology / Chemistry). Results from Open University can be then submitted along with application documents.

Proving English speaking skills at RSU

If students cannot submit any confirmation of English language skills, it is also possible to submit an English certificate, such as IELTS, CAE, or FCE. There is also a requirement for students from the EU to have at least 2 semesters during the last 2 years of secondary school (high school) to have their English mark recognized. RSU does not provide option of RSU English test anymore, but extended list of accepted English certificates.

Registration documents for Riga Stradins University

Applicants need to submit the following documents to apply:

  • online application from the RSU website – it is necessary to print it out and submit it by post as well
  • high school academic documents (Diploma and transcript of records) – hard copies to be submitted by post
  • 2 letters of recommendation letter of motivation proof of language proficiency – mandatory for non-EU students (apart from those who studied in a country where English is the official language, such as the UK, the US, Australia etc).
  • 2 copies of the passport
  • application fee payment – 100€
  • optional certificates or diplomas confirming suitability to study medicine or dentistry

These documents must be submitted in English or Latvian language. Translations from other languages must be done by a sworn translator to English or Latvian.

Deadlines for application to medical programs at RSU

Students from EU/EEA countries have deadlines for September intake by the 1st of July (all documents need to be submitted by this date) and the 1st of December for February intake. Students from outside of the EU/EEA, need to submit documents by the 1st of May for September intake and by the 15th of October for February admission.

Study transfers to Riga Stradins University

The transfer policy has been recently changed. Students from both EU and non-EU schools can apply but will be probably enrolled in the 1st year (as all subjects from previous education must be completed). RSU recognizes only graded subjects with marks (results of subjects passed cannot be recognized). Transfering students need to submit applications for studies and attach transcripts of records and syllabuses.


You need to submit required documents (high school certificates translated to English or Finnish language, 2 reference letters, cover letter,proof of language proficiency, copy of passport, receipt of payment of 100€) and decision of the selection commitee. 

No, the admission is done solely based on submitted documents from students.

If students from Finland would like to apply, there are the following rules:

  •  English, Mathematics, Biology, and/or Chemistry – these subjects are mandatory
  • Physics is optional
  • Minimum grade is Magna cum laude approbatur (5) from your Ylioppilastutkintotodistus and RSU accepts also grades of secondary school leaving certificate (Lukion, grading scale: 0-10) if the applicant has acquired at least 5 courses within the respective subject and has the minimum grade of 7.
  • RSU does not accept students with a failed grade in any subject (below 4)
    5. If english mark is below 7, it is needed to submit an additional certificate or take English test

 RSU requests Norwegian applicants to have Biology 1 and/or Chemistry 2 as well as math and English. Both final grade and exam grade taken into account. Grading system is 1-6 and RSU requests a minimum mark of 4.

Yes, University do offer accommodation for students. There is capacity limitation, thats why its better to apply sooner to increase chances of getting dormitory place. 

Yes, it is possible. In this case: 

  1. You will submit one application and have the second program as backup.
  2. You do not need to submit two sets of cover and recommendation letters.
  3. The application fee needs to be paid once.

You can check our website www.medhead.fi where all information are mentioned in Finnish language.

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