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Medical university of Silesia, Katowice Poland

Medical university of Silesia, Katowice Poland

The Medical University in Silesia is a leading medical institution located in Poland with over 60 years of history. They provide medical education in English language in General medicine, Dental medicine, Medical Biotechnology, Public health, Dietetics, Pharmacy, Physiotherapy, Midwifery and Nursing. Programs of General medicine and Dental medicine are opened both in September and February intake.

Basic facts about Medical University in Silesia

The Medical University of Silesia in Katowice is a public university established in 1948 that provides education in both Polish and English language. The University is located in southern Poland and ranked among the best 1200-1400 universities worldwide according to QS World University ranking and Times Higher Education 2024.

The University in Silesia has five faculties: The Faculty of Medical Sciences in Katowice (teaching base for program of General medicine), the Faculty of Medical Sciences in Zabrze (teaching based for program of Dental medicine), the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Science in Sosnowiec, the Faculty of Public Health in Bytom (teaching base for programs of public health and dietetics at the bachelor’s and master’s levels), and Faculty of Health Sciences in Katowice.

The university has over 10.000 students, 295 professors, and over 900 other teaching staff and has educated over 60.000 graduates since its establishment. The research, education, and clinical base of the University consists of more than 270 units (departments, clinics, clinical departments, colleges and studies), located mainly in the cities that are the seats of the faculties, i.e. Zabrze, Katowice, Sosnowiec, and Bytom.

Recognition of Medical University of Silesia abroad

The medical university of Silesia or its faculties are recognized by or is enlisted in: the World Health Organization (WHO); the State Accreditation Committee, the Accreditation Committee for Polish University Medical Schools, the National Medical Commission; APHEA – Agency for Public Health Education Accreditation, ASPHER – Association of Schools of Public Health in the European Region and Medical Board of California. The school is also listed in the World Directory of Medical Schools and the Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research (FAIMER). Students and graduates of this medical school are eligible to apply for ECFMG Certification. The medical degree is recognized in the whole European Union and most countries worldwide.

The university offers also a pathway for students, who wish to work in the USA after their studies (USMLE pathway) and runs both European and International programs.

Program of General Medicine at the Faculty of Medical Sciences

The Faculty of Medical Sciences is located in Katowice and runs since 1996. It opens 2 intakes: September intake (European and International program) and February intake (International program). The General medicine program takes 6 years (12 semesters) to complete.

The main difference between European and international programs is the place where the summer internship and clinical rotations take part. There are 160 study places (altogether Fall and Spring intake) offered for international students for General medicine. The program lasts for 6 years (12 semesters), and graduates must also attend an internship (staź) after completing their studies and LEK exam.

More details about the Faculty of Medical Sciences in Katowice (WNMK)

The faculty of Medical Sciences in Katowice (WNMK) has existed since 1975 when medical education at the university level was divided among studies of medicine in Katowice and studies of dentistry in Zabrze. The faculty in Katowice has over 15 departments, lecture halls, a library, a dean’s office, and administration rooms. The experimental medicine center was incorporated in 2005, Medical teaching and simulation center in 2012, where students also attend selected classes in their medical education. It is the most modern simulation center of its kind in Poland. The clinical base of the Faculty consists of 5 clinical hospitals of the Medical University of Silesia located in Katowice: University Clinical Center Prof. K. Gibiński, Independent Public Clinical Hospital. Andrzej Mielęcki, Independent Public Clinical Hospital – Upper Silesian Medical Center for them. prof. Leszek Giec and Independent Public Clinical Hospital – Upper Silesian Children’s Health Center. The English division education has been conducted for over 20 years already. Students are taken care of by 342 academic teachers, 142 scientific and technical employees, and 40 administrative employees.

Program of Dental Medicine at the Faculty of Medical Sciences

The Faculty of Medical Sciences is located in Zabrze and offers a program of Dentistry in the English language. The program takes 5 years (10 semesters) to complete. The syllabus also contains summer holiday internships. Graduates achieve a degree in Dentistry.

The study program of Dentistry includes basic medical subjects (such as Human anatomy, Biology, Biophysics, Chemistry, Histology, cytology, embryology, Public health, Biochemistry, Microbiology and immunology, Human physiology, Pathomorphology, Pathophysiology, Pharmacology), medical subjects (Qualified first aid, Rehabilitation, Cancer prevention, Elements of gynecology and perinatology, Emergency medicine, Forensic medicine, Radiology, Anaesthesiology, Dermatology and venerology, General surgery, Infectious diseases, Internal medicine, Neurology, Oncology, Pediatrics, Clinical pharmacology, Ophthalmology, Otorhinolaryngology) and dental subjects (Conservative dentistry and endodontics, Preclinical conservative dentistry, Preclinical endodontics, Dental prosthetics, Gnathophysiology, Maxillofacial Surgery, Orthodontics, Dental prophylaxis in pediatric dentistry, Periodontology and oral mucosa diseases, Dental materials science, Oral Surgery, Dental radiology, Oral pathology).

Basic details about the Faculty of Medicine Sciences in Zabrze

The Faculty in Zabrze had over 2400 students including 1473 students of medicine, 745 students of dentistry, and 122 paramedical students. The Faculty in Zabrze had over 2400 students including 1473 students of medicine, 745 students of dentistry, and 122 paramedical students.

Tuition fees for study programs in the English language

Faculties of Medical University of Silesia in Katowice offer the following programs:

  • General medicine (joined Bachelor and Master level – duration is six years + 13 months practice in Poland after completion). There are two intakes and the total load of the ECTS credits is 360. The tuition fee is 27500PLN per semester (55.000PLN per year – approximately 12700€) and is guaranteed until the end of studies at SUM. It is possible to pay tuition fees in 4 installments. Weekly tuition for clinical rotations in Poland in the 4th and 5th year of study (International program) is 1487PLN per week when done in Poland, respectively 550PLN per week when done outside of Poland. The whole education is in English. There are two variants of study programs of General medicine – European and International programs, the main difference is where clinical rotations take place. The program started in 1996 and is accredited, respectively recognized by the Polish Accreditation Committee, the Accreditation Committee of Academic Medical Universities, the US Department of Education, the Medical Board of New York, and the Medical Board of California.
  • Dentistry (joined at Bachelor and Master level) has a duration of 5 years (10 semesters) and 13 months of internship after completion. The program includes theoretical, pre-clinical, and clinical courses as well as a summer holiday internship. The tuition fee is 29000PLN per semester (58000PLN per academic year – approximately 13600€) and is guaranteed until the end of studies. Students can pay tuition fees in four installments.
  • Medical Biotechnology – the program is offered at Bachelor and Master level. The Bachelor of Medical Biotechnology takes 3 years and costs 14200PLN per semester (28400PLN per year, approximately 6600€ per year). The cost of a Master of Medical Biotechnology is 17100PLN per semester (24200PLN per year, equivalent to 5600€).
  • Pharmacy – the program has a duration of 5 years and it is a unified program (combines Bachelor and Master level). The tuition fees per semester are 17700PLN (25400PLN per year, equivalent to 5865€ per year).
  • Physiotherapy – it is a unified program with a duration of 5 years (10 semesters). The cost is 13800 PLN per semester (27600PLN per year – equivalent to 6373€ yearly).
  • Public Health – the program is offered at both Bachelor’s and Master’s levels. The cost of a bachelor level is 9800PLN per semester (19600PLN per year, equivalent of 4500€). The cost of Master level is 9600PLN per semester (19200PLN per year, equivalent of 4430€ per year).
  • Dietetics – The program is offered at Master’s level. The tuition fees are 11600PLN per semester (23200PLN per year, equivalent of 6400€).
  • Midwifery – the cost of the bachelor level is 14800 PLN per semester, cost of a graduate program is 6800PLN per semester.
  • Nursing – offered at Bachelor level with 3 years duration (6 semesters, 180 credits, tuition fees 11900PLN per semester) and  Master level with 2 years duration (4 semesters, 120 credits, 5600PLN per semester). Applications for a Bachelor’s level of education are admitted based on an assessment of biology from a high school certificate and verification of other application documents. Applicants for the Master’s level must present their degree and mark lists from bachelor studies where the arithmetic average will be calculated.

Admission to medical programs at SUM

The admission is based on the submission of required documents, especially academic documents from high school with apostille and English certificates. Required documents in high school certificates are biology (mandatory) and one subject of choice (chemistry or physics or mathematics). Based on marks, points are calculated and the applicant gets a position on the rank list.

If the applicant’s high certificate was issue in a country other than the EU, OECD, EFTA, or Switzerland, there is a requirement to write the entrance exam. The entrance exam has form of oral exam in the English language from required subjects (Biology and one of the subjects chemistry or physics or mathematics). Based on the result of the exam, the applicant is awarded points and will be offered a place at the university.

Intakes at the Medical University of Silesia in Katowice

There are two intakes for General medicine and Dental medicine: September intake and February intake (called also Fall and Spring intake). This provides applicants with great flexibility and options. Applicants for September 2024/25 intake can apply from February 2024. The international program is open in both Fall and Spring intake, and European program is open only in Fall intake.

Academic schedules are published on the university website and specify when the classes for Medicine or Dentistry start. In case of late arrival (especially for non-EU students), the university offers the option to accept admission to the program for the next intake (eg. if you are accepted for the Spring semester, but you cannot come, you will get admission automatically for September intake as well).

Transfers to the Medical University of Silesia

If you studied General medicine somewhere else and want to continue at the Medical University of Silesia in Poland, here is a guide on how to do it. The Medical University of Silesia is a public university with a 6-year program recognized in the European Union. Tuition fees for both European and International program is 27500PLN (approximately 6400€) per semester, so 55.000PLN per year. The tuition fees can be paid in 4 installments. In case you study the International program and do rotations in 4th and 5th year in Poland, the weekly extra charge is 1487PLN per week, if you do rotations outside of Poland, you need to pay a weekly extra charge of 550PLN. Medhead has been appointed as an official representative of the Medical University of Silesia since 2024.

We will start with the basics both for transfers and recognition:

  • recognition of subjects is fully decided by the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, SUM
  • it is important to compare several hours according to syllabuses taught at the Medical University of Silesia and your home university. The medical university of Silesia might not recognize the subject in case the hours at your home university is too low.
  • it is not specified how old can be the subjects, you wish to recognize, but it should not be more than 3 years
  • transfers are possible for 2nd, 3rd, and 4th year. On the other hand, transfers to the 4th year are rare at SUM You might be enrolled in the higher year, only if majority of subjects from the previous years are recognized (it is not specified how many exactly, but dean might reject request in case there are subjects with many hours donations missing). You can be in 3rd year and complete subjects from 1st and 2nd year simultaneously.
  • Transfer of studies from Polish universities to SUM might be more successful, especially if the curricula and syllabuses are similar subjects from both EU and non-EU schools might be recognized. European curricula and ECTS credits have higher chances of being accepted.
  • it is ideal, if the subjects have the same type of completion (a completed subject at your home university with credit test is considered the lowest form of completion)
  • if you are not an active student (don’t have active student status), you must go through admission procedure and theoretically also the entrance exam

There are 2 options: a) you are an active student of your home university – you can then apply for transfer with an extended deadline b) you are not an active student – you need to apply as a regular (1st year student) and apply for recognition of completed courses

Transfer procedure for active students to the Medical University of Silesia

In case you are an active student at your home university, you can apply for direct transfer to the Medical University of Silesia. Each case is considered individually. Below are the documents to be submitted:

  • a letter with a request to the dean with your personal details
  • comparable table, where SUM subjects are compared with your completed subjects. It matters how many hours did you spent at classes and practicals at your home uni
  • scans of original transcripts – with signature and stamp of the university
  • syllabus where the structure of the subjects as well as hours are detailly explained

Firstly you submit only scans of documents, later you are obliged to submit also originals of documents. The deadline for transfer students is extended, for example, Spring intake admission deadline is end of November, but the deadline for submission of transfer documents is the end of January.

Recognition of completed subjects from the previous university

In case you are not a student at your home university, you need to submit application via the university portal and wait for result of admission. If your secondary marks are not sufficient, you might be asked to take part in online entrance exam. If you get admission, you can ask for recognition of previously completed subjects. The general rules mentioned above will be considered.

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