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Admission asssistance

Do you feel lost in medical universities offered in Europe? Let me help you!

As a certificated agent by the European Association for International Education, I provide reliable and fast service for all students who would like to study medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, or veterinary medicine in Europe. Thanks to being in an international recruitment consultancy since 2016, I know the procedures and services that students want and need.

Here is the step-by-step process that I follow with my clients:

  1. We discuss options based on students’ preferences (country, tuition fees, living costs, form of admission process).
  2. After the preselection of 1-2 universities, we proceed with the preparation of documents for the admission process. If I am not able to provide my experience (e.g. I don’t work with Romanian and Bulgarian medical schools), I will inform you immediately.
  3. For selected faculties, Medhead offers preparatory courses in Biology and Chemistry. The course is prepared in collaboration with experienced tutors from Namedicinu.sk
  4. After registration documents are submitted, the university will send instructions regarding entrance exam procedures
  5. You will then sit the entrance exam and if you pass, you will receive a preliminary acceptance letter. Recognition of secondary completed studies is required in order to get a final acceptance letter
  6. Once you relocate to your study destination, I will either help you in person with enrollment or provide you with the necessary information and instructions on how to get enrolled
  7. If you decide to register your long-term stay at foreign police as well, I can explain to you the documents needed as well.

Do you have more questions, or do you wish to start the application procedure? Contact me by email (peter.zavacky@medhead.eu) or use the contact form on Contact me page. Looking forward to hearing from you!