There could be various problems when transferring the credits from different universities to University of Pavel Jozef Safarik

  1. Transfer from Faculty of medicine, Comenius University in Bratislava to UPJS in Kosice
    The student was studying Dental medicine in Bratislava and transferred to Kosice. There is the subject of Propedeutics of Dental medicine 2 in Bratislava (totally there are Propedeutics of DM 1-4 in Bratislava). This subject is completed by the credit test (not by the exam as in UPJS). Therefore it was not possible to recognise it. On another hand, students are entitled to ask for extra exam after they transfer so they don’t need to wait 1-2 semesters to complete the missing subjecs.
  2. Transfer from Faculty of medicine, Masaryk University (MU) to the Faculty of medicine, University of Pavel Jozef Safarik
    The student was studying in Brno for 3 years and decided to transfer to Kosice. The problem was the following: the subject of Internal Medicine was not recognized. Internal propedeutics at the Masaryk University was divided into 1 and 2 and it was finished with an exam for propedeutics 2. In UPJS on the other hand, Internal propedeutics is only a one-semester course, which means there is an exam for it after the 5th semester, after that Internal Medicine 1 starts in the sixth semester. It is worth mentioning that for Surgery the same applies, but here the recognition is not a problem. Being done with surgery propedeutics 1 and 2 in MU enables you to start surgery 2 in UPJS right away.
    As you did not get Internal medicine recognized, you will be behind in Internal medicine, which is the only prerequisite for starting gynecology in the fifth year. The gynecology department is the only subject in the fifth year that writes its credit test at the end of the semester for all students at the same time. All other subjects do their evaluation directly after the block teaching of the individual blocks for one or two groups of students. Also it is not possible to start classes of ophtalmology, infectiology, anaesthesiology. This situation happened for over 30 students from Masaryk University (MU).If this transfer is a must for you, try to change before your start the clinical part of your education, meaning between year 2 and 3, then I think you can minimize the risks. If the transfer or the delay of your graduation don’t bother you, I can say that as a former MU student you should not have too much trouble with the courses.