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Transfers of medical studies

Welcome to Medhead, your trusted consultancy for medical students in Europe. Are you a medical student looking to continue your education at a different university? Look no further – we’re here to help.

At Medhead, we specialize in facilitating the transfer of medical studies, particularly within the European Union. Universities usually allow study transfers maximum up to 3rd year if the Universities’ curricula are similar or identical. Medical universities prefer transfers of medical studies within the European Union (as medical schools outside of the European Union usually have different structures of courses and ways of teaching). Previous studies at medical universities are expected in the majority of cases. Completed Bachelor studies in non-medical fields are rarely accepted.

Many medical universities do not allow transfer of studies but allow recognition of completed subjects. In this case, you will need to pass the entrance exam and only after passing, ask for recognition of completed subjects. This procedure is required for all applicants, whose previous studies were terminated or interrupted.

How does the process work:

  1. Contact us with basic details about your current studies, year of studies, and number of obtained credits
  2. If you have, please provide us with the curricula and structure of your course
  3. We can give you an outline of your options.
  4. The final decision can be made exclusively by the medical university.

Check our comprehensive overview of transfer policies at European medical universities.  You will get more details about the requirements of medical universities, the maximum number of years allowed by the university for transfer, marks to be recognized and tuition fees to be paid for the given medical program.

Whether you aspire to study medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, or veterinary medicine, Medhead is here to support your academic journey. Get in touch with us today and let’s explore the possibilities together.