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Jessenius Faculty of Medicine, Comenius University

Jessenius Faculty of Medicine, Comenius University

The Jessenius Faculty of Medicine in Martin is part of Comenius University (TOP 650 Universities worldwide). It is located in central Slovakia surrounded by beautiful mountains. There are students from all over the world studying the course General Medicine (6 years, 10.900€) in English and the degree is automatically recognized in the European Union, the European Economic Area, the United Kingdom, and most countries worldwide. We are an official representative of the Jessenius Faculty of Medicine in Martin and will gladly guide you through admission formalities.

You can also use our preparatory course in Biology and Chemistry tailored exactly to the needs of admission process Jessenius Faculty.

Basic facts about the Jessenius Faculty of Medicine in Martin

The Jessenius Faculty of Medicine in Martin is part of Comenius University, the oldest and largest university in the Slovak Republic. The University ranks among the best 651-700 in QS World University Rankings 2023. For the subject of medicine, it ranks among the best 450 universities (according to QS ranking), respectively among the TOP 400 universities according to Shanghai Rating.

There are almost 1900 students at Bachelor, Master, and Postgraduate levels and 247 academic employees. The faculty is popular thanks to the high level of education, modern equipment in educational and research facilities, and professional teaching staff. There are 3 centers of excellence: the Center of Excellence for Perinatology Research, the Center for Experimental and Clinical Respirology (CEKR), and the Center of Excellence for Research in Personalized Therapy. Centers of Excellence are focused primarily on basic research in the medical sciences. The largest project of the Faculty, BioMed – Centre for Biomedical Research was started in 2013, and more than 27 million euros were invested.

Ranking of the Jessenius Faculty

The Jessenius Faculty is consecutively ranked as the best faculty of medicine in Slovakia by ARRA (Academic Ranking and Rating Agency). According to the QS ranking, ranking of medical teaching is among the best 450 universities worldwide.

The faculty also provides different interesting metrics: The average time for obtaining a job for both Slovak and English graduates is 35 days. The unemployment rate of graduates is 1%.

Medical study programs at the Jessenius Faculty of Medicine

The Faculty offers a program of General medicine. The program takes 6 years (12 semesters) with tuition fees of 10.900€ per year. The Faculty obtained a prestigious certificate of quality ISO 9001:2009 and ISO 9001:2009 that confirms the quality of education in the English language. The Jessenius Faculty in Martin is unique thanks to the ratio of students to full-time teaching staff. Apart from lectures, all educational activities, such as practical sessions, seminars, or tutorials, are carried out in small study groups – there are no more than 8 students per teacher. In addition to that, the Jessenius Faculty hires renowned international professors, who raise the credit for this institution.

Students must pass state exams in Gynecology and Obstetrics, Pediatrics, Surgery, and Internal Medicine in their final year of studies and defend his/her diploma thesis.

Admission process to Jessenius Faculty of Medicine

The minimum age for application is 17 years and there is no maximum age. Grades from secondary school are not taken into consideration – even if your result in biology and chemistry are not excellent you can prove your dedication in Martin, Slovakia. The main requirement is passing an entrance examination. The entrance exam is an online multiple-choice test with 4 options (1 correct answer). There are 40 questions from biology and 40 questions from chemistry. The Faculty will organize exams in March, June, and August.

Test your preparation for Jessenius Faculty in quick test in Biology and Chemistry

Documents to registration

An applicant must submit the following documents for registration:

  • copy of secondary school degree – the faculty is requesting students to legalize documents by apostille or super legalization and deliver a notary copy of the international study office
  • Health certificate confirming that student may pursue education in medicine
  • Copy of passport or ID
  • Application fee of 70€

Once you submit these documents, you will get an invitation to an online test. As you have only one chance to sit exam, you can test the environment 3 days before the exam. The whole exam is being recorded to double-check the integrity of students.

Entrance exams in the academic year 2024/2025

The entrance examination will take the form of an online test in Chemistry and Biology. Apart from sample topics and questions provided by the Jessenius faculty, we offer also a preparatory course. The course takes 50 hours of biology and 50 hours of chemistry and also includes a testing environment for future students. It will not only help you to pass the entrance exam but also during the first year.

There are the following entrance exam dates for international students in 2023/2024:

  • Thursday 21st of March 2024 (application deadline 7th of March 2024)
  • Friday 12th of July 2024 (application deadline 1st of July 2024)
  • Saturday 10th of August 2024 (application deadline 1st of August 2024)

Study transfers to Jessenius Faculty

The Faculty also offers transfer of medical studies for international students. The main rules are the following:

  • subjects cannot be older than 5 years since completion
  • only grades A-C are accepted *
  • only subjects included in the study program as compulsory or semi-elective subjects can be recognized

*grading scale in Slovakia is A-F, where A is the best mark (mark 1) and F is the worst mark (failed = 4). Marks A = 1, B = 1,5 and C = 2 are accepted for recognition

In most cases, applicants need to write an entrance exam. After passing it, they will submit documents for recognition. They will then learn which subjects are recognised and which year they might be enrolled in.


If you wish to study at the Jessenius Faculty of medicine in Martin, you need to submit application with required documents (passport, translated academic documents, receipt of application fee payment). Application fee is 70€

You can study program General medicine.

Average monthly expenses are between 450-550€. The university also provides dormitory for international students. If you wish to rent single room flat (outside of city center) it will cost 440€ per month in average, or 529€ inside center. 

If you wish to apply for medical program in Martin, you can use our preparatory course in Biology and Chemistry. The subjects are explained at university level which will help you not only to pass entrance exam but also subjects in the 1st year. 

Tuition fees for General medicine are 10.900€ per academic year. There are 6-years to complete. 

Yes, as studens of Jessenius Faculty of medicine, you are eligible to go for study exchange abroad. The most popular programs are Erazmus+ or IFMSA programs. 

The city of Martin is located in the center of Slovakia and has over 55.000 inhabitants. The city is ideal starting point for trekking or hiking in surrounding mountains and hills. 

Once you pass entrance exam, you will need to submit official translations of academic documents, confirmation of tuition fees payment, hepatititis B vaccination proof and pay tuition fees. Tuition fees are 10.900€ per academic year.

There are 150 seats for international students offered by the Jessenius Faculty of medicine in Martin. The Faculty offers study program General medicine. 

Yes, it offers, but students must have only marks A-C in their previous studies (mark grade in Slovakia is A-E for passed subjects and F for failed subject). 

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