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Medicine in Kosice? Feels like a home to me!

Agency Medhead wants to provide you with the real experiences of students, who decided to study at the Medical University in Kosice. We are happy to share an interview with Victor T. Abdu, an Israeli student in the 5th year of General medicine, who accepted our invitation and told us how studying in Kosice really is.

M: Thank you Victor for sharing your experience. Can you please tell us a few words about you? 

My name is Victor Abdu and I come from Nazareth in Israel. I am currently studying 5th year of General Medicine at UPJS University in Kosice. My hobbies are volleyball and swimming.

M: Israel is far away – despite that you decided to study medicine in Slovakia. Why? 

There were several other candidates – Hungary was one of them. I decided to go to Slovakia – the Faculty of Medicine in Kosice has great cooperation with Israel, so I was offered to study first year in Tel-Aviv. After that I came to Slovakia – in total it is my 4th year as a medical student here in Slovakia to be precise.

M: Were you or your parents afraid of something before you came to Slovakia?

To be honest, I had a few concerns before coming to Slovakia. I did not know much about it – how well is the country developed, what is the culture or their attitude toward foreigners. After I came here I realized that local people are much more welcoming and open – I feel completely safe and supported here!

M: You study medicine for your 5th year, so you know the environment and level of study in detail. Can you describe the level of education, teachers, and professors at the Faculty of Medicine in Kosice?

This is my 4th year in Kosice and 5th as a medical student. The level of the professors and teachers at the Faculty is very impressive. Their knowledge is really comprehensive. However there are also some minor exceptions when teachers are not really passionate about teaching. But all in all, teachers, professors and their assistants do their best!

This is my 4th year in Kosice and 5th as a medical student . The level of the professors and teachers at the Faculty is very impressive . Their knowledge is really comprehensive.

M: Which are your favorite subjects and why? And which subjects were the hardest?

My favorite subjects are pediatrics and immunology. I always wanted to be a pediatrician and on top of that the doctors in this department are very professional and competent in their lectures and lessons. Immunology was really nice subject, since the doctor was very passionate as well and delivered this passion to the students.

On the other hand, the hardest subjects were biochemistry and histology. But I passed them

M: There are many international students at the Faculty of Medicine in Kosice. Do you support each other when preparing for examination or in other means?

Most of the students do support each other, we have arranged groups on Facebook for the whole year where we share material and answer other students’ questions if they need help, as well as private groups for each teaching group. People in study groups can provide you not only help with materials for getting your credits, but they are really supportive and endorsing.

M: What new skills have you already acquired thanks to studying medicine abroad? 

I feel my skill of communicating with people and the feeling of responsibility have increased gradually throughout my studies. I am convinced, that these skills improved thanks to studying in Kosice.

M: Imagine you are a tutor of the applicant who is deciding to come to study in Kosice or continue his/her studies in Kosice. What would you recommend him/her to do to prepare for the entrance examination and what should he/she arrange after being accepted?

For the entrance examination, I would recommend basic books on human biology, chemistry, and biochemistry. The entrance examination consists of 100 questions from Biology and 100 questions from Chemistry. There is a databank, which is perfect for preparation.

After being accepted they should probably buy the Atlas of Human Anatomy and Histology book and start reading them through since these will help them during the first year and half and will remain very important source of information throughout their whole meidcal carrier.

M: We all know that Kosice is great city for students. Schedule of medical students can be little bit busy, since they spend a lot of time preparing for exams. Which social activities are the most popular among international medical students? 

Besides meeting with friends and spending time in restaurants, cafes, and bars, I go to the gym few times a week and to the swimming pool once or twice a week. Sport helps you a lot to keep relaxed and balanced.

Kosice is an amazing place for students in my opinion, it is a calm city where you can find everything you need and still have a quite, calm atmosphere to study. I would not change it for any other city when deciding to study medicine today!

I really love this city, because it feels like home every time I return to it. My favorite place to stay and chill out is definitely the new Tabacka Kulturfabrik.

Thank you Victor for this interview and good luck with your final examination!