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Medical study programs

Medical study programs

For aspiring healthcare professionals, Europe offers a wide selection of prestigious medical universities in countries like Slovakia, Poland, the Czech Republic, and Latvia. Medical education in these countries has a long tradition and offers internationally recognized degrees for affordable costs. Medhead as one of the biggest study agencies in Slovakia can help you with your journey to the desired institution offering General medicine, Dental medicine, Pharmacy or Veterinary medicine.

Studying General Medicine in Europe

Studying General medicine in Europe, particularly in Slovakia, Poland, Czech Republic, and Latvia, provides access to reputable medical schools that offer rigorous academic curricula and diverse clinical experiences. Institutions such as Comenius University in Slovakia, Medical University of Silesia in Poland, Ostrava University in the Czech Republic, and Riga Stradins University in Latvia offer English-taught medical programs designed to prepare students for successful careers in medicine. These programs emphasize hands-on clinical training, research opportunities, and exposure to a wide range of medical specialties, providing students with a solid foundation in patient care and healthcare delivery. The duration of the General medicine program is 6 years (integrated studies). Graduates obtain the degree of Doctor of General Medicine which is recognized in the whole European Union. Graduates are eligible to apply for USMLE and Pathway to licensure in Canada. Tuition fees for medical programs vary between 10.900€ to 21.500€ per academic year.

Studying Dentistry in Europe

Europe is home to several top-tier dental schools that offer comprehensive training in oral healthcare. Institutions like the Medical University in Kosice in Slovakia, Riga Stradins University in Latvia orMedical University of Silesia provide English-taught dental programs that combine theoretical knowledge with practical clinical experience. Students studying dentistry in Europe benefit from state-of-the-art facilities, experienced faculty, and opportunities for research and professional development, preparing them for successful careers as dentists in a global context. The study program of Dentistry takes 5 years to complete in the Czech Republic, Poland or Latvia and 6 years to complete in Slovakia and Croatia. The obtained degree (Doctor of Dental medicine) is recognized in the whole European Union. Tuition fees for a program of Dental Medicine vary between 12.500€ to 15.500€ per academic year

Studying Pharmacy in Europe

Pharmacy education in Europe is characterized by its emphasis on evidence-based practice, practical training and interdisciplinary collaboration. Faculty of Pharmacy (Comenius University) offers 5 years of English-taught pharmacy programs that equip students with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in the field of pharmaceutical sciences. These programs emphasize hands-on training in laboratory settings, experiential learning in community pharmacies, and research opportunities in areas such as drug discovery and pharmacotherapy. Tuition fees for the Pharmacy program is 8500€ per academic year. Graduates get degree PharmDr. which is internationally recognized.

Studying Veterinary Medicine in Europe

Central Europe offers excellent opportunities for students interested in pursuing veterinary medicine. We collaborate with the University of Veterinary Medicine in Kosice (UVLF). The University offers a 6-year Veterinary medicine program, as well as Bachelor courses in Animal Science and Veterinary medicine. The university is known for the excellent balance between theoretical knowledge and practical training in animal care and management. Students studying veterinary medicine in Slovakia benefit from access to modern facilities, clinical resources, and research opportunities, preparing them for diverse career paths in veterinary practice, research, and public health.

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