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University of Veterinary Medicine and Pharmacy in Kosice

University of Veterinary Medicine and Pharmacy in Kosice

The University of Veterinary Medicine and Pharmacy (UVLF) was founded in 1949 and is located in Kosice. The University and its departments, institutes, and clinics offer Bachelor’s and integrated study programs in the English language. The degree is internationally recognized and offers graduates a wide range of career paths and options.

About the University of Veterinary Medicine and Pharmacy in Kosice

The University of Veterinary Medicine and Pharmacy in Košice (UVMP in Košice) is the only place in Slovakia where you can study to become a veterinarian or a pharmacist. They offer different programs like Cynology (study of dogs), Safety of Food and Feed, Animal Science, and more. UVMP in Košice wants to help students become well-rounded individuals and contribute to society by teaching them about animals, health, and science. They have been recognized by an organization called EAEVE for providing good education, which means they’re doing a great job preparing students for their future careers as veterinarians or pharmacists.

Study program Veterinary medicine

The General Veterinary Medicine study program shapes graduates for various professional roles encompassing state administration, private veterinary practice, laboratory work, agriculture, food safety, pharmacy, education, research, and environmental protection. Aligned with Directive 2005/36/EC, the curriculum integrates theoretical and preclinical studies to establish a profound understanding of biological principles within the context of veterinary medicine, emphasizing the interplay of living organisms and ecosystems. Key areas of focus include anatomy, histology, nutrition, physiology, pharmacology, diagnostics, and preventive medicine, with an emphasis on environmental sustainability and the production of safe food. Graduates are equipped to address waste management, residue control, and food safety, contributing to both animal and human health. Specialized clinical training covers a spectrum of diseases affecting various animal species, including those relevant to human health, thus reducing the incidence of zoonotic diseases. Additionally, students receive instruction in food hygiene to oversee food production standards and border protection measures. The program prepares graduates for diverse career paths in agriculture while providing a foundation for further specialization through postgraduate studies.

Tuition fees for the study program are 8950€ per academic year. The program lasts for 6 years, graduates achieve the program Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (“MVDr.”). The program is designed for Secondary school graduates, as well as applicants with Bachelor’s degrees in Veterinary Sciences or Animal Sciences, Biosciences or related sciences. Experience in the field of veterinary medicine is one of the selection criteria.

Study program Animal Science

The Animal Science Bachelor’s program is a collaborative effort between Nord University in Bodø, Norway, and the University of Veterinary Medicine and Pharmacy in Košice, Slovakia. The initial phase, spanning one and a half years, takes place in Bodø. Subsequently, students transition to Košice for the remaining three semesters, where they delve into the realm of veterinary medicine. The program takes 3 years to compete and graduates are awarded degree: Bachelor of Animal Science (BSc).  Tuition fees for the academic year are 5500€.

Study program Veterinary nurse

The Veterinary Nurse program focuses on intensive care for companion animals, covering diagnostic methods, parasitic and infectious diseases, pathogenetic mechanisms, tumor characteristics, developmental anomalies, and immune disorders. Students learn to manage veterinary reception, conduct initial patient assessments, and administer outpatient laboratory techniques and therapies. Additionally, they gain expertise in preventive health programs for various patient groups, including puppies, adults, aging patients, and those with special needs. Graduates can pursue careers as veterinary assistants, educators, animal welfare workers, pharmaceutical professionals, nutrition specialists, physiotherapists, researchers, trainers, or consultants in various settings such as clinics, shelters, laboratories, or zoos.

Admission to the University of Veterinary Medicine and Science

Admission to the program of Veterinary Medicine

To apply for admission to the veterinary medicine program at UVMP in Košice, it is necessary to submit the required documents, including consent to personal data processing, completed application form, payment receipt for the application fee, high school leaving certificate or confirmation of studies completion, transcripts, CV, and confirmation email from previous educational institutions. Optional documents such as work confirmation related to the chosen study program can also be submitted for additional points. Await evaluation of your previous education via email. Once evaluated, submit originals of the application form, payment receipt, and verified copies of educational certificates. Upon receipt of the required documentation, an invitation letter for the entrance examination is issued. Take the entrance examination and await notification of results. Upon successful results, an acceptance letter is issued, and you can proceed to register at UVMP in Košice.

Admission to the program of Animal Science

The Norwegian Universities and Colleges Admission Service (NUCAS) oversees the admission process for standard undergraduate study programs at all universities, university colleges, and certain private university colleges in Norway. The NUCAS admission system primarily caters to Norwegian citizens and individuals holding either a permanent or renewable residence permit in Norway.

Admission to the program of Veterinary nurse

Applicants for the Bachelor program of Veterinary nurse must submit the required documents. After reviewing documents from the study office, you receive an invitation to entrance exam. The entrance exam has an online form and contains questions from Biology and high school levels.

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