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Where to study veterinary medicine in Europe?

Students from all over the world can study veterinary medicine in Europe in the English language. The program has usually 5 years, 5,5 years, or 6 years and ends with a degree of Doctor of veterinary medicine. Universities in Europe run under the ECTS system which makes degrees recognized and broadens job opportunities after graduation.

The list includes only veterinary schools with the level of instructions in the English language. There are tuition fees associated with studying a veterinary medicine in English.


University of Veterinary medicine in Kosice, Slovakia

The university is located in Kosice, the second biggest city in Slovakia. It offers a graduate program (4 years program for graduates of similar study programs) and 6 years program of Veterinary medicine. The language of instructions is in the English language.

The graduate program is based on submission of required documents (secondary school documents, bachelor’s degree e.g. in Veterinary Sciences or Animal Sciences, Biosciences or related sciences, Completion of Biology, Biophysics, Chemistry and Biochemistry during the first level of higher education studies, CV, copy of passport and application fee). Secondary school is also asked to confirm the authenticity of the student. The application will be considered without an entrance exam. Tuition fees since 2021 are 8500€ per year.

The Standard 6 years program is called General veterinary medicine. After submission of required documents, students will sit an entrance exam from biology and chemistry. The entrance exam is organized from March to August in various premises. During a pandemic, the entrance exam was done also online. The application fee is 50€.

The following documents need to be submitted:
1. consent to personal data processing
2. Application form (completed properly in capital letters and signed by hand)
3. Receipt for the payment of application fee
4. High school leaving certificate including passed subjects
5. CV including duration of study at previously attended education institutions
6. Confirmation email sent directly from previously attended education institution (high school) confirming your name, study duration, obtained qualification and date of graduation

The university is offering also 4 years graduate entry program where graduates of Bachelor studies in similar study programs are allowed to complete a program in Veterinary medicine in 4 years. The admission is based on the submission of documents from previous studies.

There are several conditions to comply with:
1. you need to complete your bachelor’s studies max 6 years before starting of veterinary studies
2. there need to be 180 credits in your bachelor studies
3. you should have subjects from chemistry, physics and biology. Biology is the most important
After you submit all documents by post, there will be a committee of the faculty sitting and deciding who will get the admission. There is limited number of seats offered each year by the University. I suggest contacting study office for specifics regarding admission for your intake.

The Czech Republic

University of veterinary medicine in Brno, Czech Republic

The University is public and has over 3500 students. It offers studies in both the Czech language and English language. Studies in the English language are paid and take 6 years for the program of Veterinary medicine. Tuition fees for one year is 7600€. Installments of the tuition fees are possible (max 4 installment payments). The faculty of veterinary medicine is part of the European Association of Establishments for Veterinary Education – – EAEVE. The degree awarded is a doctor of veterinary medicine (MVDr).

The University offers also dormitories for its students, who can stay at Kaunic dormitories.
The deadline for application is the end of March, respectively mid of July in case the capacity is not fulfilled. Documents must be submitted also in paper form. Applicant needs to deliver school leaving certificate, 2 passport photos, filled Medical Certificate (appendix no. 1 of this document). All documentation has to be an original or notarially certified copy. There is no application fee.

The entrance examination will be held in the form of a written test in biology and chemistry based on secondary schools’ curriculum. The exam is in a form of a multiple-choice test with only one correct answer. The time for completing the whole test is 120 minutes.

There are 37 questions from biology and 37 questions from chemistry. There is a single correct answer. Totally students can achieve 37+37 points (74 points). The test is passed if the candidate obtains at least 18 points from the biology test and 18 points from the chemistry test.

The entrance exam is held from beginning of April to mid of May, but can be extended in case of capacity is not full. There is limit of 80 students in one year.

The maximum number of points: 

Utrecht University – Faculty of Veterinary Medicine


The University of veterinary medicine in Budapest (also called Szent Istvan University)

The University of veterinary medicine has accreditation from the European Association of Establishments for Veterinary Education (E.A.E.V.E.) and FVE (Federation of Veterinarians of Europe). There are over 1000 students currently enrolled. Education is recognized within the European Union. The English program is running since 1992. The program takes 5,5 years – the first 2 years are pre-clinical, next 3 are clinical and paraclinical subjects. The 11th semester includes practical work at Faculty clinical or associated institutions. The total curriculum consists of more than 5000 hours of education. Students are coming mostly from Norway, Sweden, Ireland, Israel, the UK, Greece, Cyprus, or Canada.

The tuition fees are 12480€ per one year (since 2021/22 intake). Deposit to be paid after the admission is 800€ to secure your place at the uni.

The deadline for application is end of June. Documents are submitted electronically. The application fee is 200€. There are the following documents to be submitted: secondary school leaving certificate, CV in English, Medical confirmation (the draft is provided by the Uni), copy of passport or ID with your personal details, letters of recommendation, motivational letter and one transcript of record. The fee for taking the entrance exam (different from the application fee) is 250€.

Students will be invited for an entrance exam that is in the English language. It has 2 parts: written part from biology, chemistry, and general English and academic terminology (50% of points) and oral interview (50% of the points). Exams will take place between March to July. The student is admitted to an oral exam only if scoring min. 50% in the written part. The decision is done within 2 weeks from the entrance exam. Applicants might be exempted from the entrance exam, if they scored high scores in Biology and chemistry in the British A levels (or similar).

the UK

The University of Edinburgh – The Royal School of Veterinary Studies

The University of Cambridge – Department of Veterinary Medicine


-University of Agricultural Science and Veterinary Medicine Timisoara, Romania- Tuition fee 3200€ / Year

-University of Agricultural Science and Veterinary Medicine Cluj Napoca, Romania- Tuition fee 6000€ / Year


University of Zagreb

The University has accreditation for the veterinary medicine program since 2002 by the European Association of Establishments of Veterinary Education. Graduate entry is not possible. Tuition fees are 9000€ per one year (2 semesters).
For application, it is needed to fill in the application form and submit required documents (proof of payment of application fee of 50€, birth certificate, two passport photographs, hard copies of secondary school certificates, and final school-leaving certificate – the document cannot have more than 5 years, proof of knowledge of English language, proof of knowledge of Latin or Greek, CV and motivation letter, medical certificate of general health status and psychophysical ability to study veterinary medicine). Documents could be in English, French, Spanish or Slovenian. Otherwise, translation are needed.

Tuition fees are 9000€ and need to be paid within 3 weeks from the receipt of the format letter of acceptance. There are multiple application rounds, which depend on how fast the full capacity of the program will be filled.


Wroclaw University of Environmental and life science

The education of veterinary medicine is offered by the Faculty of veterinary medicine. The faculty is accredited by the European Association of Faculties of Veterinary Medicine (EAEVE). Shanghai Ranking also ranked several time this university among the best universities in the world in the field of Veterinary Science and Chemical Engineering. Students are asked to take  12 weeks of obligatory internships during their studies.

Students will obtain 360 ECTS credits within 5,5 years (11 semesters). The degree awarded is Doctor of Veterinary medicine. The application fee is 85 PLN or 20€. The tuition fees are 17500PLN per semester (approximately 3800€ per semester, total 7600€ per study year). Admission has 2 steps: evaluation of secondary school leaving diplomas (biology and chemistry grades) and an online interview with the management of the board. Documents for application might be submitted either in English or Polish. Registration in 2021 was open from May to September.

Students must provide also English language certificate, proving the level of education of English language B2 (e.g. Toefl, IELTS, IB etc). This rule is valid only for non-native speakers of English.


Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies Jelgava, Latvia

European Veterinary Education Committee granted  LLU the right to provide higher education in veterinary medicine, as it is in compliance with the European Veterinary Education Evaluation System and the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Jelgava.  There is one intake per year in September. There are total 6 years of education and 360 ECTS credits to be obtained in order to get degre Doctor of veterinary medicine.

Applicants must have at least a Satisfactory grade in Biology and Chemistry, must have a minimum – IELTS score 6.0, TOEFL score 547, TOEFL-iBT score 76) and pass an entrance exam from biology and chemistry. The test is taken online. There are the following documents needed for application: copy of passport, copy of education from the previous education, a document stating English proficiency and application fee (160€ for foreign students, respectively 300€ for those, who will need visas to come to Latvia). The deadline is the end of June for students, who do not need visas and 15th of July for those, who need visas.

Tuition fees are 7000€ per one year.



Lithuanian University of Health Science Kaunas, Lithuania

The program is run by the Faculty of veterinary medicine and tuition fees are 8000€ per one year. It has over 1250 students. The program of veterinary medicine has 6 years (360 ECTS credits) and is performed in English. Students with completed secondary education are eligible to apply. The application deadline is mid of June. Students form groups of up to 10 students in clinical subjects. International students form around 20% of all students. The program has accreditation from the European Committee of Veterinary education (ECOVE) provided by European Association of establishment for veterinary education. There were 140 international students of veterinary medicine in 2020.

Tuition fees are 8000€ for 1st to 4th year and 10000€ for 5th and 6th year. The application fee is 150€ per one year, 250€ is a registration fee. Documents for registration: high school or  higher secondary education with good results in biology and chemistry. The minimum level of English is B2. The application can be done online.


Estonian University of Life Science – 6 years