Studies of General medicine and Dental medicine are difficult and many students opt for the option to transfer their studies to different universities in Europe. All renowned Universities in Europe are following the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) that makes completed credit tests and exams recognizable abroad. I have prepared a complete list of universities in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Croatia, that accept transfer students. On another hand, you will need to compare your syllabuses and completed courses with the university where you wish to transfer.

Update 2022: i am updating also schools from Georgia and Romania. UPJS is opening branch also in Prague, Czech Republic. As the admission process for Romanian Universities is difficult and study offices rarely responding, I do not offer help with transfers to Romania.

Important: no agent can give you guaranteed admission or guarantee your school year to which you will be enrolled before submission of documents. Every recognition and transfer is possible only after comparing completed courses at your university and transfer university. I had many cases when students were provided misleading or false information that caused extended their studies. Please double check too good to be true information with University before

As I got plenty of emails from students from Ukraine, I wrote a few notes about an affordable university for transfer of medical studies in Europe located in Bosnia.

Overview of the page:

  1. Transfer to medical studies in the Czech Republic
  2. Transfer to medical studies in Slovakia
  3. Transfer to medical studies in Hungary
  4. Transfer to medical studies in Poland
  5. Transfer to medical studies  in Croatia
  6. Transfer to medical studies  in Latvia
  7. Transfer to medical studies in Lithuania
  8. Transfer to medical studies in Estonia
  9. Transfer to medical studies in Romania
  10. Transfers to medical schools in Bosnia and Hercegovina (non-EU)
  11. Transfer to medical studies in Georgia (non-EU)

List of medical schools that accept transfer students in  Europe

Czech Republic

First Faculty of Medicine, Charles University

The faculty offers General medicine (400.000CZK – around 14800€) – 6 years program and Dental medicine (360.000CZK) – 5 years program.

Transfers are possible in general – but only exams who have been marked with mark Excellent (A) or Very good (B), will be recognized. Every student has to take an entrance examination and apply for the 1st year of study. After the recognition process, a student may ask for being accepted to 3rd year maximally. The deadline for transfers usually ends at the beginning of May. There is no guarantee, that a student will be placed in the higher study year.
All compulsory subjects need to be completed (Czech language and Physical education included) if a student wants to be enrolled in the higher study year.
Recognition of completed studies is not possible during the academic year, only in the second half of September.
If a student decides to transfer his/her previous studies, there are the following rules to be followed. According to Dean´s Provision no. 13/2015, only exams with marks Excellent (A) and Very good (B) can be recognized. Application form for recognition on each subject must be submitted together with a transcript of records from previous study and university study report (index) from the previous school. Finally, the applicant must attach the syllabus from the previous study confirmed by the previous school. Vice-dean of the Faculty will decide, which subjects will be recognized.

Second Faculty of Medicine, Charles University 

The second Faculty of medicine in Prague accepts a small number of transfer students for the course General medicine (6 years program with tuition fees of 330.000CZK – around 13.100€). The previous studies must have 6 years in General medicine, no other format is accepted. The study plan in your home university must be identical if possible, a maximum of 3 subjects might be different. Students must have everything completed in the study year where they currently study. The average of your marks must be 1,5 or below (which includes also repeated subjects). Knowledge of the Czech language is also necessary, which means you will need to provide a language certificate of the Czech language or pass the Czech exam. For more details, the website of the Second faculty of medicine, Charles University

Third Faculty of Medicine, Charles University

The faculty accepts transfer students with strict conditions for a program of General medicine (6 years program with tuition fees of 330.000CZK – around 13.100€). All courses and study requirements from the previous university must be completed. The student must pass the entrance exam and submit a secondary school leaving certificate (or nostrification). Transfer students must also pass the Czech language test on one of the dates, that faculty publishes. The Third faculty of medicine accepts only students with an average of 2,50 or better. A maximum number of transfer students is 7 per one program – the only program in English is General medicine. The Third Faculty of Medicine is accredited by the U.S. Department of Education for the study of U.S. students. For more information, check the Third faculty of medicine, Charles university website

Faculty of Medicine, Hradec Kralove

The faculty in Hradec Kralove offers programs – General medicine  (6 years) and Dental medicine (5 years). The Faculty is offering to recognize courses completed in different universities in the Czech Republic or abroad – but only for students, who already pass an entrance exams and are enrolled in Hradec Kralove. The date from completion of exam in General medicine cannot be older than 8 years and for Dental medicine not older than 7 years. The student needs to apply with the application form and deliver it to study office. Every application is considered individually after the submission of all documents. For more information, you can check the Faculty of medicine in Hradec Kralove website.

Faculty of medicine, Pilsen

There are 2 programs offered: General medicine and Dental medicine. Faculty does not accept any transfer students due to limited capacity.

Faculty medicine, Masaryk University in Brno

The faculty in Brno offers 6 years program of General medicine (300.000CZK per academic year), 5 years program of Dental medicine (340.000CZK), and 3 years program of Physiotherapy (195.000CZK).

Every student, who wishes to transfer to the Faculty of Medicine Masaryk University must sit and pass the entrance exam. No exceptions are granted. If successful in the entrance examination, applicants are required to submit an official transcript of records and detailed syllabi of courses (in English). Based on these documents, some courses, years of study (of up to a maximum of 2 years’ duration) might be recognised, i.e. students might be accepted and enrolled in the 3rd year (but no higher) of a course of study. The degree from Masaryk University is recognized in USA and students can apply directly for loan from FAFSA (for more details click here)

Faculty of Medicine, Palacky University in Olomouc

The faculty offers programs in the English language: General medicine and Dental medicine (5 years program). The Faculty does not publish any information on transfer students.

Faculty of medicine in Ostrava, Ostrava University

Faculty is offering a program of General medicine (6-years, 8500€ per year) for international students in the English language. The program was opened in 2018, so from 2021 there will be 4th study year opened.  It is possible to apply for transfer to Ostrava University and the procedure is the following: firstly an applicant needs to apply for the entrance exam, which is organized in Ostrava. After passing entrance exam (there are around 30 seats offered) , students will submit documents (transcript of records and syllabuses of subjects). After a decision is done by vice-dean for education, a student may enroll to higher year.

University of Pavel Jozef Safarik

The University with the seat in Kosice, Slovakia, is opening a teaching base also in Prague from 2021/2022. It will be having Slovak accreditation and the same level of education. There will be Slovak degree awarded for students. For transfer conditions, you can check transfer policy below.


University of Pavel Jozef Safarik

The University of Pavel Jozef Safarik is located in Kosice, the second biggest city in Slovakia. It offers courses of General medicine (10.500€) and Dental medicine (11.000€). Both programs take 6 years and are taught in the English language. The faculty is offering transfers to the 4th year (based on an update of the Transfer directive valid from the 1st of September 2022). There are subjects being recognized from the last 5 years only. If there is even one subject from your current curricula missing, you will be asked to sit an entrance exam. Afterward, you will get accepted to the 1st year and will ask for recognition of completed subjects. Papers are submitted to the vice-dean for education, who will then consider them and decide to which year the student will be enrolled.

The University accepts a total of 180 credits from the previous studies with a maximum of credits obtained in 2 semester of 90 credits (since 1.9.2022).

There are only small fees related to transferring to UPJS – 30€ application fee, 15€ is requested for recognition. A original transcript of completed subjects with a university stamp from your home university is needed. I have already helped many students with their transfer to UPJS, so i help mostly with a transfer here. Get more information about transfer to UPJS in Kosice

From 2021, it is possible to study at UPJS also in Prague, the Czech Republic. The fees are 15000€ for General medicine.

Jessenius Faculty in Martin, Comenius University

The faculty is part of Comenius University (Comenius has 2 faculties of medicine, Faculty of medicine in Bratislava faculty does not have transfer options). The faculty of medicine in Martin accepts only students who have completed all subjects with mark A-C (for direct transfer), alternatively students can write entrance exam and then ask for recognition of subjects with marks A-C.

Here are the rules for transfers:

You can request the subject transfer or recognition in one of the following instances:
1. You have successfully passed the admission exam
2. You are requesting the change of the study program within Comenius University
3. You are requesting a transfer from another university within the study program
and study level.
The subject from your previous study can be recognised if:
1. Your previous study has not been duly completed
2. no more than five years have passed since completing the exams
3. you achieved grades A to C or equivalent for the given subject(s)
4. subjects are included in the study plan and specified in the study program as compulsory or semi-elective subjects

Faculty of Medicine, Slovak Medical University

Students can apply for recognition of subjects and transfer up to the 4th year. They need to write entrance exam from biology and chemistry and ask for recognition after passing it. Only marks A-D are accepted for recognition. Subjects list:


Semmelweis University

Semmelweis University is the oldest university in Hungary and was founded in 1749. The Faculty of medicine has 4000 students, out of it is 50% international. Transfers to Semmelweis University are generally considered as hard, with the best chances of transferring from different Hungarian University with the same or almost the same curriculum.

University of Debrecen

The Faculty of medicine Debrecen University offers a program in General medicine, the cost is around 17.000USD per academic year. The admission process fee is 350USD and the entrance exam fee is 190USD.

The faculty of dentistry at Debrecen University offers Dental medicine with a cost of 16000USD with special extra costs of 2200USD or 1200USD for dental materials from the second year onwards. The cost of the entrance is again 190USD and the admission process is 350USD.

Transfer students can transfer no more than 60% of the total credits of the particular program and are expected to complete at least 40% of the total credits of the particular program at the University of Debrecen.  International students must pass an entrance exam in biology and (depending on their preference) in physics or chemistry. In some special cases, it may be possible for the candidates to apply for
transfer to higher years on the basis of their previous studies and achievements.

Faculty of Medicine, University of Szeged

The university offers studies of general medicine (tuition fees around 7500€ per semester – not academic year!) and dental medicine (tuition fees of 17000USD per academic year). In addition to tuition fees and living costs, students must pay 200 USD application fee, 300 USD entrance examination fee, 220 USD registration fee and 500 USD (1st grade) / 1000 USD (2nd to 5th grade) for summer practice completed in Szeged. The state examination fee is 300 USD.

Students who have successfully pursued medical studies in the English language at other accredited universities can apply for admission without being obliged to take an entrance examination. Admission to an upper year might be possible if subjects of previous studies identical or similar (at least 75%) to the curriculum of the University of Szeged are approved. Please note that at least 50 percent (%) of the student’s complete medical studies must be fulfilled at the University of Szeged. Check curriculum from Szeged University here.

Students might also be subject to sit for evaluation examinations. Evaluation exams are held only in Szeged, Hungary. For students who participate in evaluation examinations, the fee of 150 USD must be paid to the University of Szeged’s bank account. Detailed information about exam(s) registration will be sent to the applicant via e-mail after applicants submit their application online. An additional condition of transfer is collecting at least 30 credit points of the compulsory subjects — which are also compulsory at the SZTE ÁOK — in the concluding two semesters. Students whose average of grades of compulsory subjects in the last completed semester does not reach 3.0 or if their student status was terminated due to a disciplinary offence may not transfer to the University. Students who wish to have their formerly completed subjects acknowledged as a part of the transfer process and have had their student status interrupted five years prior to the date of transference may not transfer to the University of Szeged.

University Of Pécs 

The University of Pecs accepts transfer students for the program General medicine (tuition fees approximately 17000USD) and dentistry (approximately 17350USD). All documents for transfer must be submitted during the admission process. Students have also the option to take part in summer school where the organization committee with helping them with transfer procedures. The request for transfer is directed toward Credit Transfer Committee. Once all needed documents from previous studies are submitted, the student get preliminary information to which school year he is admitted. Documents must be submitted before the 1st of January or the 1st of August, depends on which semester you wish to enroll. The following documents need to be submitted: transcript of record (=gradebook), official syllabus from registrar office, opinion form filled by the student, payment of process fee, (if your University is not from Hungary) recommended curriculum and application form with list of all completed courses. Documents might be in English, German or Hungarian language.
Pecs curriculum must be at least 75% identical to your home university curriculum.   The application fee is 250USD.


Medical University in Warsaw

The Faculty of medicine, respectively Faculty of dentistry is not accepting transfer students. You can apply to the first year of General medicine only.

Medical University in Gdansk

Transfers are possible only at the beginning of the Fall semester (transfer to the Spring semester is not possible). The deadline for transfer documents delivery to Gdansk university is mid of August. Following documents need to be submitted: signed application form, official letter to the Dean of Medical Faculty at MUG, a letter with an explanation of reasons. admission results with the criteria ( it needs to contain information about points gathered during admission process on base of delivered documents), transcript with all grades after each academic year syllabus of every subject, the content of the course plus a number of hours confirmation of summer internship after each year certified copies of secondary school transcripts index/certification with confirmation of student status. Only students with active studies may apply for transfer.

University in Wroclaw

The transfer is possible in the case, when a student completed all subjects and conditions required at his/her home university. Transfer of studies is possible up to 3rd year of studies. The studies cannot be interrupted and there cannot be break in studies. The submission of documents is quite complicated: there are standard documents, such as transcript of records and syllabuses, secondary school leaving certificate, English certificate, passport or ID copy, but also confirmation from Polish embassy /any authorised institution that confirms that a student may continue studies in Poland (basically nostrification paper). Medical confirmation is also required.

University in Lodz

The University accepts transfer students to 2nd and 3rd year in General medicine and in 2nd year of program Dental medicine (5 years program). Students must complete all subjects and courses in their study program. They must have active study status. If there is any difference in curriculum, then the student must complete in given school year.
We do not recommend to try to transfer to this university, as transfers were cancelled in 2019 and its hard to predict the situation in 2020.

University of Bialystok

The University accepts transfer students, but only those with active student status and all completed subjects. Transfer is possible only if there are any places left at the university in the desired year.
Here is the list of documents to be provided to apply for transfer: application form, cover letter with the request for a transfer, Official transcripts of grades from the University that the candidate is transferring from (name of the courses, number of teaching hours, ECTS credits, type of completion, marks obtained), The syllabuses containing learning outcomes, Documentation certifying a mark system used by the sending school, High school diploma. Copy of the passport, Certificate on average grade from each year of study, issued by the Dean’s Office. Documents need to be translated into the Polish language by a Polish sworn translator.

Pomorski Medical University in Szeczecin 

All subjects from your home university must be completed. Transfers are possible to 2nd or 3rd year of studies. Transfer is possible only to Winter semester. Documents needed for transfer: 1. Application for a transfer submitted to the Dean of the respective Faculty 2. Original full transcript of grades (including: form of studies explained, name of all courses attended, number of seminar and practical hrs, form of assessment, i.e. credit/ exam, ECTS points, grades and grading scale, confirmation of a year completed). 3. Photocopy of a secondary school leaving certificate*. 4. Dean’s consent for a transfer of the Faculty you wish to transfer from. 5. Certificate confirming completion of all semesters preceding the transfer. 6. English or Polish sworn translation of the abovementioned documents (if applicable). 7. Courses syllabi

Medical University in Bydgoszcz – Collegium Medicum

It is possible to transfer studies, but only in the case that all requirements were met at your home university. Documents must be produced only once the summer semester is over. Documents to be submitted for transfer: application form, passport, school leaving certificate, confirmation of English proficiency, confirmation of student status not older then 30 days, the curriculum of studies from your home university, transcript of records, health insurance, health competency confirmation, written request to the dean of university

Medical University of Lublin

There are the following programs offered: General medicine (6 years) and Dental medicine (5 years).

Transfer of studies and credits is possible, the request must be addressed min. 7 days before the start of the semester. There are many successes with transfers even from students from Caribbean countries (mostly US students).  The curriculum must be similar at your home university with Lublin university. Every set of documents is reviewed by the Dean, who will then issue a decision in writing.
The following conditions must be met: Matching number of credits; a Corresponding form of the course (lecture/lab/seminar); Course content verification; Credits can only be transferred from an IMED-listed medical school; The courses for which credits are transferred must be completed within the appropriate time frame.
If there is any difference in classes or syllabuses, you will need to retake given subjects in Lublin.

University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn

A student of another university, upon completing the first year of studies at a 6-year medicine program where the language of instruction was English, may apply to transfer to the School of Medicine University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn.

To verify if the transfer might be accepted by the Dean the transfer student should send per e-mail a scan of the following document:

  1.  Written request of the transfer student
  2.  Statement from the current university that the transfer student is studying medicine in English in a 6-year program (up-to-date documents only)
  3.  Statement from the current university that the student is not suspended, no disciplinary proceedings are pending against the student or pending removal from the list of students  (up-to-date documents only)
  4.  Statement from the current university what was the recruitment criteria as well as what was the student recruitment score  (up-to-date documents only)
  5.  Transcript of records including such informations as year of studies, subjects, number of hours, grades, ECTS, kind of assessment  (up-to-date documents only)
  6.  Curriculum of the 6-year program
  7.  Photocopy of passport

Jagiellonian University School of medicine

The school of medicine does not accept transfer students (source:

Poznan University of Medical Sciences 

The University is not accepting transfer students from different universities. (source:


Faculty of Medicine in Zagreb, Zagreb University

The faculty accepts transfer students but to the second year only. Profile of students will be considered after delivering all documents, especially transcript of records and syllabuses of courses. There are totally 50 seats offered for international students. Application process is following: students will submit application form, certified copies of high school certificates with official lists of grades, CV in English, 4 photos, application fee of 200€, medical certificate not older than 1 month, copy of passport or ID card, English proficiency documents.


Faculty of Medicine, University of Latvia

It is possible to transfer medical studies to the University of Latvia. Following conditions must be met: you must have active studies at your home university, you need to have at least 60 ECTS and a whole year in your current studies. It is also important to inspect subjects from your university and compare it with Faculty of medicine, UL. The most ideal case is, when subjects are matching or are very similar. Transfers are possible up to 3rd year of studies.

Student who wishes to apply to the University of Latvia for transfer needs to submit following documents in addition to documents for registration in entrance exam: Statement that proves active status as a student; current study transcript containing all subjects taken up to this point, the grades and credit points acquired; Course descriptions for the subjects taken up to this point.

Riga Stradins University 

RSU has a strict transfer policy – transfers are possible, but only to a limited extend. Here are the rules: only subjects from European universities might be recognized (or TOP universities from non-EU countries according to QS World University Ranking, The Times Higher Education World University Rankings, The Academic Ranking of World Universities). Marks might be only excellent or very good – other marks are not recognized. Transfer student had to study at least 1 complete year at the different university and has a minimum of 60 credits. Students must have an active status in his/her studies.


Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Dentistry, Vilnius University

It is possible to transfer, but only to the 2nd and 3rd year. The number of places for transfer students are limited, so it is hard to predict the result. The medical program takes 6 years, dentistry program takes 5 years. Here are the rules for transfer of credits:

  • a candidate must be a student, he/she has to be enrolled in higher education at a university abroad;
  • a student can only transfer his/her studies to the corresponding study programme with the one he/she has been studying at a university abroad;
  • a student should not have any failed exams;
  • the differences between the subjects of programme that a student has studied and the one a student wishes to study should not exceed 15 ECTS;
  • if the differences exceed 15 ECTS, a student should eliminate them before his/her study transfer;
  • if the differences do not exceed 15 ECTS, a student is allowed to eliminate them during the first year after a study transfer;
  • the beginning of the studies, when the studies have been transferred, is the beginning of a new semester;

Lithuanian University of Health Sciences

University provides General medicine (6 years program – Faculty of medicine), Odontology (5 years – Faculty of odontology). The cost of programs is following: (€12,500 / 1-4 study year) (€13,000 / 5-6 study year) – for General medicine and (€13,500 / 1-4 study year) (€14,000 / 5 study year) for Dental medicine.

Faculties of Odontology and Medicine do consider transfer students, just the Faculty of Medicine has a limited number of places. You may apply online:, provide the copies of all education certificates and faculty will consider your case.


University of Tartu

The University of Tartu has a +strict transfer policy and does not accept transfer students. On another hand, students can apply as normal students to the first year and then ask for recognition of some completed subjects. University states that it is very unlikely that all subjects will be recognised (to get to 2nd or higher years)


Viktor Babes University of Medicine and Pharmacy –  The University recognizes and validates studies completed abroad only if the applicants have successfully passed ALL their exams up to that point. They do not accept requests from students who have failed exams. The transfer is possible only to 2nd or 3rd year. The transfer will be considered only if the university is running under ECTS credit system.

Ovidius University of Constanca 

BulgariaUniversity “Ovidius” of Constanta can transfer students from other higher education institutions accredited or authorized to function temporarily if they have the consent of the institution from which the transfer if the transfer meets the legal conditions. The curricula will be then compared. Transfers are possible to 2nd to 5th year (both General medicine and Dental medicine are 6 years programs, transfers to 1st of 6th year are not possible). The number of transferring students is limited, a maximum 10% of the capacity can be provided to transferring students. The previous studies must be within the same study program. A transfer request must be submitted to the faculties along with required documents. Documents must be submitted in person or post, not by email.
The list of documents needed for submission is long, so I suggest to study the whole procedure on the website of the faculty:

Medical University of Oradea 

Oradea University accepts transfer students from recognized medical faculties. Transfer students must first compare their credits to the Oradea University medical course program. Any subjects outstanding will need to be completed in the form of difference exams. The difference exams can be taken any time during the current academic year and cost $360 per exam. In some cases students who do not have sufficient credits to enter into their desired transfer year, the student will be placed into the appropriate level of the course. For more info please contact the university:

Târgu Mureş Medical and Pharmaceutical University /UMFST

It is possible to apply for transfer in the second half of the august. Results are announced in the first half of September. The university is also having branch for 1st and 2nd year in Germany.
The following documents must be provided:
Transcript of records by the University from which the applicant wants to transfer;
Curriculum and Syllabus issued by the University from which the applicant wants to transfer – in English or Romanian
Official letter explaining the grading system applied by the by the University from which the applicant wants to transfer ( in English);
Written request for transfer in which the applicant has to inform UMFST G.E. Palade Tg. Mureș in which year he/she wants to be enrolled;
Letter of motivation;
Birth Certificate in Romanian or English
Copy of passport
Application form and CV

You can contact : for more details on transfer


Medical University in Pleven

Medical University – Pleven is not accepting transfer student’s applications before June 2022.

Medical University Sofia

1. Transfer of foreign students / EU and EEA citizens and from third countries / from one specialty /program/ to another within MU-Sofia is allowed exceptionally only after a successfully completed academic year.

2. Students submit to the Dean of the faculty in which they wish to continue their studies as follows:

  • a free text application describing the reasons / motives for the requested transfer / and presenting the relevant documents;
  • Academic reference / transcript of records/and
  • a document certifying the prior consent of the Dean of the faculty from which the transfer is made.

Upon approved transfer, the Dean of the host faculty determines the course of study.

3. In case of given consents for transfer, the students submit to the Educational Department of the Rectorate a sample application form with the positive statements from the Deans of the respective faculties by mid of August

In case of permitted transfer, an Order is issued by the Rector of MU-Sofia for enrollment of the student.

4. The Dean of the host faculty is obliged to carry out a cross-check for authenticity of the submitted Academic references.

The transferred foreign students are obliged to comply with all additional conditions reflected in the Regulations /Rules/ for preparation and conduct of the academic year.

Bosnia and Hercegovina

Faculty of medicine in Foca, University of East Sarajevo

Offering transfers maximum to 3rd year (the program started in 2019/2020, so it is the third intake now). You can contact me for more details. The faculty is opening also Dental medicine program since 2022/23 for international students.

Faculty of Medicine, University of Gorazde

Special arrangement for transfer students from Ukraine: we decided to be open for all the students who may decide to transfer to our school.  Transfer is possible up to 4th year. The English program is running since 2018/2019. Students can send them documents listed in this link;
and our teaching council will check it and we will answer every student individually, which courses we can recognize and which not. In the calendar of teaching activities, you can see all the courses from 1st till 4th year;
Tuition fees:  the annual tuition fee costs 18 000, 00 BAM (approximately 9000,00 EUR). For students who transfer from another school to ours, the price depends on the courses that they have to attend and pass in our school. In that case, students pay only for courses that they have to attend and pass. Price for every ECTS Credit is 300, 00 BAM (a bit more than 150, 00 EUR). For example Anatomy has 18 ECTS credits (18 x 300,00 BAM is 5400,00 BAM).


Ilia State University

University is accepting transfer students from Europe. The university offers a program of General medicine. Program is recognised by the World Federation of Medical Education (WFME), the World Federation for Medical Education (WFME) and the Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research (FAIMER). This could be excellent option for those, who do not need to study in the European Union. The University is having also February intake.
There is entrance exam from Biology and Chemistry, English certificates and high school documents in order to be eligible to apply.
The following documents need to be submitted: 1. Passport photo/scan; 2. proof of enrollment at your current university; 3. most recent transcript from your present university; 4. Photo

Students will submit documents online and get the feedback within 7 working days. Application fee is needed only if you get preliminary acceptance for medical studies. Tuition fees are 5300USD per 2 semesters (1 academic year).

Application for transfer can be done here:

East European University

The University is offering transfers up to the 5th year. There is program of General medicine offered, with fees of 5000USD per year. The details of the program can be found here:

Georgia American University

You can transfer to GAU from another university, but it is suggested to send curriculums and transcript of records before starting of the process.
As for the admission process, after the transcript will be evaluated, the student gets offer to which year he / she can be enrolled. Afterwards, there is online interview scheduled. If the interview’s successful, the student receives a Conditional invitation letter from the GAU and you have to transfer s one semester tuition fee and submit your documents for recognition at the National Center for Education Quality Enhancement:
If your education is recognized by EQE, a Ministerial order is issued enabling GAU to enroll you and we prepare an Unconditional Invitation Letter based on the Ministerial Order and a Rector Decree.

Geomedi University 

University didn’t offer transfer options for medical students in academic year 2021/2022

Tbilisi medical academy 

The University is offering transfer of medical studies. Website of the school:

Application for transfer must be submitted before end of June.

Below is the process.

  1. Applicant submits documents (transcript from University, passport copy) and filled application letter/form
  2. Dean’s office reconciles the subjects covered by you at University with our curriculum and determines semester of studies;
  3. In case if determined semester of studies is acceptable for you, you are free to pay admission fee which is 200$;
  4. Translation and notarization of applicant’s documents, after which they will be submitted to the National Centre of Educational Quality Enhancement for recognition of the transcript and to the Ministry of Education of Georgia for obtaining right to study at TMA. These procedures will take approximately 3-5 weeks.
  5. After the applicant’s documents are recognized and the right to study at TMA is granted by the Ministry of Education,  we issue a letter of information, with a request for payment of tuition fees. Tuition fee is 7000 USD per year. First year students MUST pay tuition fee at once before arrival, fees structure is the same for whole duration of program – 7000 USD per year during 6 years;
  6. After the student covers the tuition fee fully, we issue an invitation letter and the student is free to start visa procedures (if necessary).

TMA does not provide accommodation facilities, mostly our students prefer to rent flats on a shared basis.

Akaki Tsereteli State University

Documents need to be submitted to the rector of the University who will then decide on transfer year.

Caucasius International University

Transcripts should be submitted to the University which will then decide on transfer year.


Faculty of medicine, University of Novi Sad – the faculty is offering General medicine and Dental medicine in ENglish language. Tuition fees for both are 6500€ per one academic year. During studies students are eligible to transfer to the Faculty of Medicine in Novi Sad, if they fulfill criteria necessary for enrolment into the next year of studies at the faculty they attend. Students studying abroad can transfer to the Faculty of Medicine in Novi Sad to the corresponding year of studies after they have completed previous years of studies at their faculty, on the basis of equivalence between curricula and exams they have passed abroad. IMPORTANT: Transfer students must complete minimum 50% of the desired study program at the Faculty of Medicine Novi Sad (that is min. 3 years of studies = 180 ECTS). The applications for transfer are evaluated and transfers approved by the  Admission Board of the Faculty of Medicine Novi Sad