There are many students who wish to transfer their medical studies from Poland abroad. There are thousands of students in Poland from Sweden, Norway, Spain or Italy. The problem is that young doctors must take 13-months internship after graduation in Poland. Afterward, students will do an examination on general knowledge (National medical exam – LEK for general medicine or LDEK for Dental medicine), which gives him the right to practice as a doctor in a hospital. Foreign students are also subject of this rules and they need to submit plenty of documents in order to be enrolled for LEK in case they wish to complete their post-graduate internship in Poland. In addition to that, English students must pass Polish language test conducted by Polish Chamber of Physician and Dentists. This is obligatory rule for all students of Universities in Poland, including Polish students and EU nationals. During studies, students must take compulsory internships in hospitals or other medical institutions. The main problem is one year internship that makes their type of study more difficult.

The most popular universities in Poland for foreign students are Medical University in Lodz, Silesian Medical University in Katowice, Medical University in Bialystok, Jagellonial university or Poznan University of medical sciences.

What are the differences between Polish and Slovak medical or dentistry education in English language?

  • There is no post-graduate internship in Slovakia in order to get medical or dentistry degree
  • there is no Slovak language test after graduation needed – although there is Slovak class in first four semesters for basic communication in Slovak language with patient
  • admission process in Slovakia is only multiple choice test – based on your results you get admission. Polish universities have various admission rules, eg. Skype interview, marks from secondary school, written test etc
  • Dental program in Poland takes 5 years, in Slovakia it takes 6 years
  • there is no advanced MD pathway for American students in Slovakia

If you have decided to study medicine or dentistry in Slovakia and you wish to transfer from Poland, you can do it to the Faculty of medicine in Kosice. It is the only university, that is accepting transfers to higher than 2nd year. What is the process?
Firstly you will need to get list of your completed subjects from Polish university – in the English language with the stamp of study office. In addition, also curriculum of your completed courses is needed. All completed subjects must be done in last 5 years.
Secondly, there is a need for a comparison of your curriculum with curriculum of UPJS in Kosice.
If everything is OK, you will get information to which school year you can transfer to. This depends on many things, including the fact, how many students are there in study year, you desire to enter.

If you need any assistance with transfer to Slovakia, please contact me by writing email to or call me to +421910173958. I will be glad to help you.