Studying medicine and dentistry is the dream of many students. If you wish to study in English language, there are considerable fees related to your studies. We will take a look at studies at universities in European Union to find out which universities are the cheapest. It is also important to tell, that universities have different deadlines, entry requirements, and procedures.

Please note, that studies in the local language (e.g. in the Slovak language in Slovakia) are free of charge for most of the European countries. On another hand, competition for studies in the local language is really big (which is also the reason, why many students move for studies in the English language across Europe).

The tuition fees below are from the academic year 2021/2022. For the most recent tuition fee amounts, make sure to check the website of the respective university. Conversion of tuition fees to euro was done on 25.6.2021

Prices written below are for 2 semesters (1 academic year), and studies are in English (unless stated differently).

Conclusion: you can find the cheapest medical universities in:
a)EU: Italy (limited places), Bulgaria, Romania, Slovakia
b) for non-EU it is in Bosnia (3000€ for Faculty of medicine in Foca, University of East Sarajevo) and Serbia


Medical Schools in the European Union

  1. Tuition fees for medical studies in Slovakia
  2. Tuition fees for medical studies in the Czech Republic
  3. Tuition fees for medical studies in Hungary
  4. Tuition fees for medical studies in Poland
  5. Tuition fees for medical studies in Croatia
  6. Tuition fees for medical studies in Slovenia
  7. Tuition fees for medical studies in Germany
  8. Tuition fees for medical studies in Romania
  9. Tuition fees for medical studies in Bulgaria
  10. Tuition fees for medical studies in Lithuania
  11. Tuition fees for medical studies in Latvia
  12. Tuition fees for medical studies in Estonia
  13. Tuition fees for medical studies in Italy
  14. Tuition fees for medical studies in Cyprus
  15. Tuition fees for medical studies in Malta

Medical schools outside of the European Union

  1. Tuition fees in Bosnia and Hercegovina
  2. Tuition fees in Serbia
  3. Tuition fees for medical studies in Georgia
  4. Tuition fees for medical studies in Russia – There could be visas problems for students coming to Russia

General medicine – comparison of tuition fees for studies in English

1. Slovakia

Faculty of Medicine, Pavel Jozef Safarik University – 10,500€ per year (there are a total of 6 years of studies) – payable in 2 installments

Jessenius Faculty of Medicine, Comenius University – 10,900€ per year – payable in 2 installments

Faculty of Medicine in Bratislava, Comenius University – 10,500€ per year (from 2022/23)

Faculty of Medicine, Slovak Medical University – 9000€

2. the Czech Republic

The majority of medical universities in the Czech Republic are part of Charles University (3 are in Prague, 1 in Hradec Kralove, and one in Pilsen). Czech Medical schools have a great reputation and students from all over the world are coming to study a 6-year program in General medicine or a 5-years program of Dental medicine. Click for more information about Czech Medical Universities

The first faculty of medicine, Charles University – 400,000CZK (approximately 14800€)

The Second faculty of medicine, Charles University– 330,000CZK (approximately 13,100€)

The Third Faculty of Medicine, Charles University – 330,000CZK (13,100€)

Faculty of Medicine, Hradec Kralove, Charles University – 310,000CZK (cca 12200€)

Faculty of Medicine in Pilsen, Charles University – 300,000CZK (cca 11790€ per year)

Faculty of Medicine in Brno, Masaryk University – 300,000CZK (cca 11790€ per year)

Faculty of Medicine in Olomouc, Palacky University – 10,500€ per one year

Faculty of Medicine in Ostrava, Ostrava University – new accreditation process in progress, university is not accepting new students)

3. Hungary

Hungary has students friendly regime for non-EU students, therefore having plenty of students from Iran or USA. If you want to study medicine in Hungary, go to the page about Hungarian medical schools.

Faculty of Medicine, Semmelweis University – 18200USD per 2 semesters

Faculty of Medicine, University of Debrecen – 16900USD or installments (9 500 USD + 8 400 USD = 17 900 USD) – there is an entrance exam in Biology, Chemistry, and Physics (written test and oral exam), the application fee is 150USD, the entrance exam fee is 350USD. The costs of health insurance, medical checkup and student card are included in the tuition fee.

Faculty of Medicine, University of Pecs –  USD 16,750/year (USD 9,000 for the first and USD 7,750 for the second semester) for the English program, or 15.000€ for the program in the German language. The application fee is 200USD, the entrance fee for those writing exam in Pecs is 250USD and the registration (enrollment) fee is 220USD (paid together with tuition fees for the 1st semester).

Faculty of Medicine, University of Szeged – 1st-semester tuition fee: 7900 EUR 2nd semester-12th semester: 7300 EUR. The application fee is 300EURO.

4. Poland

If you wish to practice in Poland, apart from completing 6-year studies (360 ECTS credits), taking the LEK exam after graduation and a 13-month internship are also mandatory to get a final medical certificate. LEK exam is organized in the English language for international students.
Compared to the academic year 2021/22, there was an increase of 200-500€ for several universities in this list.
You can check more details about Polish medical schools.

Faculty of Medicine, University of Gdansk – 24,000PLN per 1 semester(approximately 5158€€ per semester). It is possible to pay in 2 installments – first by 15th of October (or 15th of November – applies only to students applying for loans) and second by the 15th of February. Source:

Medical university in Warsaw – 1st-year cost is 13.900Euro, 2nd to 6th year: 13700€ per one year Source:

Jagiellonian University in Krakow – tuition fees are 150.000€ per year since 2023/24 (before it was 14.500€ per year). Fee for repeating the course (cost of one hour in PLN/EUR) ‐ Polish and international students – 14,50€ Source:

Medical University in Lodz – 12,800€ in 1st year and 12,600€ for 2nd – 6th year (increase by 1000€ compared to previous fees). The application fee is 120Euro.  There is early bird discount for students, who get admission before 15th of June of 10%. The tuition fee can be paid in 2 installments. Source:

Pomeranian Medical University in Szczecin (Pomorski Medical University in Szczecin) -preparatory obligatory course: 600€, tuition fees: 12.500€ for 1st to 3th year, 12,000€ for 4th and 5th year and 10.000€ for 6th year (source:  Asklepios program for German citizens costs 13800€ for 1st year and 13500€ for 2nd to 6th year.

University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn – 49000PLN for 1st year (cca 10800€), 47000PLN for 2nd and 3rd year, 46.000PLN for 4th, 5th and 6th year. Tuition fees can be paid in 2 installments. Source:

Medical University in Bialystok – Obligatory pre-course – €500 (or 400€ if it takes online form); tuition fees are  € 13,500 (from academic year 2023/24 – increase by 2000€ per year since previous intakes), enrollment fee 500€ – source:

Nicolaus Copernicus University Collegium Medicumin in Bydgoszcz – preparatory course 2000PLN (442€), 50.000PLN (approximately 10480€ – increase by 400€ compared to previous intakes) source:

Jan Kochanowski University of Kielce-  12500€ per year, paid in 2 installments of 6250€ per semester

Wroclaw Medical University – 52.000PLN per year (cca 11000€) – from the academic year 2023/24. Source:

Medical University in Silesia  (School of medicine in Katowice) – 52.000PLN (cca 11.000€ per year), but there are various charges in an international program for rotations and summer clerkship in 5th and 6th year, source:

Medical University in Lublin
International program: 13.000€ for 1st year (payable in 2 installments); 12.400€ for 2nd and 3rd year, 15400€ for 4th, 5th and 6th year year Source:

Indian program:  11650€ for 1st, 2nd and 3rd year, 13050€   for 4th, 5th and 6th year Source:

American program:  26800USD per year Source:
13.000EUR (1st year)/11.100EUR (2nd year)/13.000EUR (3rd-5th year)/13.500EUR (6th year), tuition fees can be paid in 2 installments + one time admission fee of 280€

Asian program: 11650€ per year, clinical years prices vary according to country where internships are taken  Source:

European program: 12000€ per year Source:

Middle east program: 20500USD for 1st year, 15750USD for 2nd to 4th and 18000USD for 5th and 6th year Source:

Poznan University of Medical Sciences – 60500PLN per year of studies (approximately 12800€ per year), the fees are paid in 4 installments (4800PLN as per information from the acceptance letter, and 3-times payment of 18566PLN during academic year)

The Andrzej Frycz Modzewski Academy in Kraków – 15000€ per year, registration fee 400PLN (source:

The University of Lazar in Warsaw, the Faculty of Medicine – the 1st year fee is 64.000PLN (13500€) with increase of 2000PLN in every year during studies (66.000PLN for the 2nd year, 68.000PLN for the 3rd year, 70.000PLN for the 4th year, 72.000PLN for 5th year and 74.000PLN for 6th year)

Faculty of Medicine, Rzeszow University – 12.500€ per one year Source:

Kyiv medical university with a branch in Warsaw – the university opened its branch in Warsaw after the Russian invasion of Ukraine.  The university will be operating all study years. It offers programs of General medicine (5500 USD per year), dentistry  and pharmacy

5. Croatia 

Faculty of Medicine, University of Zagreb – The tuition fee is 12,000 Euro per year if paid at once, or 12,200 Euro if paid in two installments, prior to the beginning of each semester. Source:

Faculty of Medicine, University of Split – 12000€ Source:

Faculty of Medicine, University of Rijeka – 10.000€ Source:

Faculty of Medicine, University of Osijek – only in the German language: 16000€ per year – Source:

6. Slovenia

Medical schools in Slovenia do not run in the English language, only in local, Slovenian.

The University of Maribor – only in Slovenian

University in Ljubljana – only in Slovenian

7. Germany

Branch of UMCH from Romania in Hamburg (University Targu Mures Medical Campus Hamburg) – 25000€ for 1st and 2nd year in Hamburg, 3000€ for 3rd to 6th year in Romania OR 25000€ for 1st and 2nd year in Hamburg and 28000€ for 3rd to 6th year in Hamburg

Branch of EUC School of Medicine in Frankfurt – 1st year to be opened in September 2022 – 6 years program with 360 ECTS – price is not published, but Cyprus branch of the University has fees of 19000€ per one year

8. Romania

Medical university in Oradea – 45000RON (cca 9130€), 9900€ for non-EU candidates

University in Arad: the program is offered in Romanian and English language:

University Victor Babes in Timisoara – 60 students from EU and 40 students from non-EU will be admitted – confirmation fees 300€, 7500€ tuition fees Source:

University in Cluj Napoca – 200 students for English program, 180 students for French program – for both the tuition fees are 7500€ per year

Victor Papinian University in Sibiu – 8000€ per year Source:

George Palade University in Targu Mures – 6000€ per year – it is possible also to take first two years in Hamburg for 25000€ per year Source:

University of medicine and pharmacy in Craiova – 5000€ per year

Transilvania University in Brasov – 6000LEI for Bachelor studies, 4000 LEI for Master studies (for EU citizens), 5000 lei for both Bachelors and master studies (for non-EU citizens)

Faculty of medicine and pharmacy in Galati – 8500lei for 1st year, 6500 lei for 2nd, 6000 lei for 3rd and 5500 lei for remaining years Source:

University of medicine Ovidius in Constanca – 7000lei for Eu students, 5000€ for non-EU students

University of medicine and pharmacy of Carol David in Bucharest – not published on University website

Titu Maiurescu University in Bucharest – 4500 lei for 1st year, 4000 lei for 2nd, 3000 lei for 3rd to 6th year

9. Bulgaria

  • Plovdiv Medical University  – 8000€ per one year Source:
  • St. Kliment Ohridski Medical University in Sofia- 7700€ per year
  • Varna Medical University – 8000€ per year for EU students Source:
  • Pleven Medical University – 7500€ per year Source:
  • Faculty of medicine, Medical University in Sofia – 8000€ per year Source:
  • Trakia University Stara Zagora – The semester tuition fee for citizens of the EU and EEA– NOT subsidized by the state is 2768 euros (5405 leva), so one-year tuition fees are 5536€. The semester tuition fee for non-EU and EEA citizens is 3,500 euros (6833 leva), so the tuition fee for a whole year studying medicine in English costs 7,000 euros.

10. Lithuania

Lithuanian University of medical science in Kaunas – €12,500 / 1st-4th study year €13,000 / 5th-6th study year

Faculty of Medicine, University in Vilnius – 11,000€ per year Source:

11. Latvia

University of Latvia – 1st year: 9750€, 2nd year: 10.000€, 3rd and 4th year: 10.500€, 5th year: 11.000€, 6th year: 12000€
The study materials and books are not included. Apart from the 1st year, it is possible to pay the tuition fees in 2 installments.

Faculty of Medicine, Riga Stradins University – 12.000€ for 1st to the 6th year

12. Estonia

Faculty of medicine, University of Tartu – 12.000€ per year source:

13. Italy

Italian medical universities are the cheapest, but also really competitive. While universities in central Europe offer usually 150-250 seats every year for general medicine and 30-50 for dental medicine, Italian universities have usually only 40-80 places with a strict division between EU and non-Eu students. That is also the reason, why many Italians study medicine in schools of central Europe (e.g. Masaryk University, University of Pavel Jozef Safarik etc). Private universities are one of the most expensive in Europe.

For public universities, there are the minimum and maximum tuition fees stated according to the social status of the student. Admission is based on the IMAT exam, which can be completed in tens of countries worldwide (so you dont need to travel anywhere). The Source of fees below is the website:

Harvey – Università degli Studi di Pavia – Harvey Medicine: 156-4565€ for foreigners

International Medical School – Università degli Studi di Milano: 156-1456€ per year

University of Rome La Sapienza – 156-1156€ per year

Tor Vergata School of medicine and medicine and surgery – 156-5250€

University of Naples Federico II – 510-3000€

University Of Napoli Luigi Vanvitelli  – 137-2710€

University of Bari Aldo Moro – 136-1580€

University of Turin – 196-2805€

University of Bologna – 156-3407€

University of Milano – Biccoca – 156-756€

University of Messina – 236-750€

University of Siena (Dentistry) – variable

Private medical schools in Italy: source

  • Cattolica University, Rome – 7,000€-16,000€ /year for EU (20 places); 15,600€/year for non-EU (30 places). Has its own entrance exam, administered worldwide.
  • Saint Camillus International University of Health and Medical Sciences, Rome: 15,000€/year. EU candidates take admissions test in Rome; non-EU candidates take the UCAT.
  • Humanitas University, Rozzano (near Milan) – 20,000€/year
  • San Raffaele University, Segrate (near Milan) – 20,000€/year. Has its own admissions test, held worldwide.

14. Cyprus

You can find the full overview of tuition fees at Cyprus (both EU and non-EU part) under the link: Medical studies in Cyprus

European University Cyprus (private school)– 19.000€ per year

The University of Nicosia –  Fees are 18.000€ for 1st, 2nd and 3rd year and 22.000€ for 4th, 5th and 6th year (for 6-year program) and 30.000€ per 4-years advanced program

Faculty of Medicine, East Meditarean University (the University is in the Northern Cyprus, a country not recognised by anyone else apart of Turkey) – tuition fees are approximately 22.000USD

Faculty of Medicine, Near East University (the university is in Northern Cyprus, a country not recognised by anyone else apart of Turkey) – €12,600 per year +5% VAT (6 years program)

15. Malta 

Queen Mary University London with a branch in Malta – approximately 19500€ per year (5years MBBS program) Source:

The University of Malta – free of charge for EU students, 26000€ for non-EU students (5 years program with 300 ECTS) Source:

Schools outside of the European Union


1. Bosnia and Hercegovina

University of East Sarajevo – Faculty of medicine in Foca – the faculty opened its doors in 2020/2021, there will be 3rd intake in 2022/2023. tuition fees in 2021/22- 3067,75 EUR per year (in three equal installments, (3 x 1022,58 EUR)

Faculty of Medicine, University of Sarajevo – the annual tuition fees are 12000BAM (6200€)

Faculty of Medicine, University of Banja Luka – not offered in the English language

University of Mostar – 18.000BAM (approximately 9200€) per one academic year

The University of Tuzla – The University in Tuzla is not offering a study program in English

Faculty of health science, University of Gorazde – 6000€ per year Source: University in Gorazde has also an external office in Switzerland (Dipartmento di studi Europei Jean Monnet, Locarno – the program costs are different) Source:

Sarajevo School of Science and Technology – 13.200€ for non-Bosnian students, 7900€ for Bosnian citizens Source:

University of Banja Luka Faculty of Medicine TBA

Medical University in Mostar – 9 184,02 EUR (18000BAM) annually Source:

2. Serbia

Faculty of Medicine, University of Belgrade – 7000€ per year. There are 100 seats for international students offered.

Faculty of Medical Sciences University of Kragujevac – offering only pharmaceutical program in theEnglish language

The Faculty of Medicine in Niš – 5500 EUR per year (2750 per semester). There were 21 students accepted to English program in 21/22. Source:

Faculty of Medicine, University of Novi Sad – 6500€ for General medicine course per one year. Entrance exam in offline and online form. Source:

3. Georgia

Please note, that degree outside of the European Union is not recognized automatically in all European countries. Please check the eligibility of degree from Georgia before start of studies in your home country.

Source of information:

Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University 7000 USD 250 USD
Akaki Tsereteli University 3850 USD 200 USD
European University 5000 USD 250 USD
Batumi Shota Rustaveli State University 4000 USD 200 USD
David Tvildiani Medical University 8000 USD 250 USD
New Vision University, Georgia 7000 USD 250 USD
Tbilisi Open Teaching University 4500 USD 250 USD
University of Georgia 6000 USD 250 USD



Update 2022: Due to war and problems associated with issuing visas for international students, I do not recommend to study in Russia.

Please note, that degree outside of the European Union is not recognized automatically in all European countries. Please check the eligibility for a degree from Russia before start of studies in your home country.

Source of information:

Name of the University Tuition Fees / Year Hostel Fees / Year
Altai State Medical University 3700 USD 500 USD
Kursk State Medical University 5100 USD 1000 USD
Dagestan State Medical University 3000 USD 1000 USD
Syktyvkar State Medical University 4250 USD 1200 USD
Far Eastern Federal University 3000 USD 1000 USD
Tambov State University 4200 USD 1200 USD
Kuban State Medical University 3500 USD 700 USD
Volgograd State Medical University 6000 USD 1100 USD
Kazan State Medical University 7000 USD 600 USD
Bashkir State Medical University 3500 USD 900 USD
Crimean Federal University 4250 USD 600 USD
First Moscow State Medical University 10000 USD 1800 USD
People’s Friendship University of Russia 7000 USD 1200 USD
Kazan Federal University 5500 USD 1000 USD
Mari State University 3200 USD 800 USD
Northern State Medical University 4000 USD 700 USD
Novosibirsk State Medical University 5000 USD 900 USD
Orenburg State Medical University 4000 USD 1000 USD
Perm State Medical University 4500 USD 1200 USD
Ryazan State Medical University 4500 USD 900 USD
Siberian State Medical University 3000 USD 500 USD
Voronezh State Medical University 2500 USD 800 USD
St. Petersburg State Medical University 5500 USD 1600 USD


There are plenty of medical schools in Europe, where studies in English are possible. The most affordable are studies in Italy, which are also the most selective. Another problem is that there are only a few places available and there are students from all over the world applying.

There is an interesting mixture of quality and price in central Europe – Slovakia, the Czech Republic, and Poland, which are not discovered yet by Finnish students yet. The entrance exam is based usually on multiple-choice questions from biology and chemistry with 50-200 seats available in those universities.

On another side of the scale are various private universities located in countries like Cyprus, Germany or Spain.