The most affordable dentistry studies in Europe

Students from all over the world can study dentistry in the English language in various countries of Europe. Studies in the English language are associated with tuition fees which are different in various countries. You can find the overview of tuition fees below – the fee covers studying for year (2 semesters). Dentistry studies might be having a different length (they take either 5 years or 6 years) – this information you will find next to each Faculty. There are no graduate programs of Dentistry offered as per my knowledge. Only joined degrees are mentioned below (Bachelor + Master) ending in Doctor of Dental medicine. Please note that faculties of medicine usually offer both courses (General medicine and Dental medicine), however in some countries (e.g. Hungary) the program is offered by faculties of dentistry.

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Overview of the European Union schools offering dental medicine

  1. Dentistry schools in Slovakia
  2. Dentistry schools in the Czech Republic
  3. Dentistry schools in Poland
  4. Dentistry schools in Hungary
  5. Dentistry schools in Bulgaria
  6. Dentistry schools in Italy
  7. Dentistry schools in Malta
  8. Dentistry school in Latvia
  9. Dentistry school in Lithuania

Overviews of dentistry schools outside of the EU / EEA

  1. Dentistry school in North Macedonia
  2. Dentistry schools in Bosnia and Hercegovina

Overview of schools from the European Union

Studying dentistry in Slovakia – tuition fees 

Faculty of Medicine, Comenius University in Bratislava – 6 years program, 11.900€ per year, 80€ application fees, approximately 40€ enrollment fee, approximately 40 seats

Faculty of Medicine, University of Pavel Jozef Safarik – 6 years program, 11.000€ per year, 30€ application fee, approximately 26€ enrollment fee, approximately 35 seats

Studying dentistry in the Czech Republic – tuition fees

Admission to dentistry schools in the Czech Republic is based on the entrance exams. The tuition fees increased considerably from 2021/22 fees.
For more details, check our article about medical schools in the Czech Republic.

Faculty of Medicine, Masaryk University – 5 years program, 400.000 CZK – 16.800€  (application deadline – as per dates from the cooperative agencies)

1st Faculty of Medicine, Charles University – 5 years program, 500.000 CZK – 21.000€ (application deadline end of April)

Faculty of Medicine, Hradec Kralove – discontinued in 2023/24

Faculty of Medicine, Pilsen, Charles University – 5 years program, 370.000CZK  – 15.600€(application deadline end of July)

Faculty of medicine, Palacky University in Olomouc – 14.000€ per year

Studying dentistry in Poland – tuition fees

Medical University of Lublin – 5 years + 13 months internship after graduation, the fees since 2021/22 are the following: 14200€ for first year (2 installments), 13800€ for second and third year, 16.000€ per 4th and 5th year; the application fee is 20€

Poznan University of Medical Science, Poznan – 5 years program + 13 months internship after graduation, fees 64 720 PLN in 4 installments 14178€

Pomeranian Medical University in Szczecin – 5 years program + 13 months internship after graduation, 85€ application fee, 600€ registration fee, 12.000€ tuition fees

The Medical University of Silesia, Katowice – 5 years program + 13 months internship, 54.000 PLN – 11835€ + 13€ per each repeated class

The Medical University of Lodz – application fee 120€, 13 200 EUR for the 1st year 13 000 EUR/year for years from the 2nd to the 5th

Medical University of Warsaw- tuition fees: 1st year    – 16.000,00 EUR, 2nd year  – 16.600,00 EUR, 3rd year   – 17.500,00 EUR, 4th year   – 18.300,00 EUR, 5th year   – 19.100,00 EUR

Jagiellonian University in Kraków – Doctor of Dental surgery in English –  first and second 13 000 Euro/year third 14 500 Euro fourth and fifth 15 000 Euro/year

Kyiv Medical University with branch in Warsaw – the university is offering course based on UA accreditation. The course takes 5 years and costs 5500USD per one year.

Studying dentistry in Hungary – tuition fees

Faculty of Dentistry, University of Pecs – 5 years program, application fee 200USD, entrance exam fee 250USD, registration fee 220USD, tuition fees since 2022/23 – 17350 USD per year / 2 semesters. The university is offering also the same program in the German language – Zahnmedizin.

Faculty of Dentistry, University of Debrecen – 5 years program, 150 USD application fee, 350 USD entrance procedure fee, tuition fees of 15.600USD for 1st year and 15.200USD for 2nd to 5th year (including annual material fee and the cost of summer practices) Source: http://www.med.u-szeged.hu/fs/tuition-fees-for/tuition-fees-for

Faculty of Dentistry, University of Szeged – 5 years program, 300€ application fee, 17000 USD tuition fees per year

Faculty of Dentistry, Semmelweis University in Budapest –  5 years, 18200USD per year (plus plenty of penalties and extra fees for exams, etc: https://semmelweis.hu/english/education/english-language-program/english-secretariat/fees-and-penalties/)

Studying dentistry in Bulgaria – tuition fees

Medical University of Varna – 6 years program, 9000€ Source: https://www.mu-varna.bg/en/admission/pages/tuition-fees-cost-living.aspx

Medical University of Plovdiv – 6 years program, 8000€  Source: https://mu-plovdiv.bg/en/admission/general-information/

Medical University Sofia – 6 years program, 9000€, 110 seats Source: https://mu-sofia.bg/en/admission/admissions-of-foreign-citizen/

Studying dentistry in Romania – tuition fees

Gr. T. Popa University of Dentistry in Iasi – 7500€ with 75 places offered Source: https://www.umfiasi.ro/en/Pages/Medical-Doctor—Dentist.aspx

Faculty of dental medicine, University of Dentistry in Cluj Napoca – 8000€ Source: http://www.umfcluj.ro/en/educatie-uk/admitere-uk/licenta-uk/item/3242-adm-2023-en

Studying dentistry in Italy – tuition fees

The University of Sienna – (with very limited seats) – 156€-3500€ depending on the background of the student and country of origin

Studying dentistry in Cyprus – tuition fees 

European University of Cyprus – 5 years program, private university – 19000€ per year, application fee 52€, registration fee 26€, student activation fee 34€

Cyprus International University – 5-year program – University is in north Cyprus, so outside of ECTS system

Studying dentistry in Malta – tuition fees

University of Malta – 5 years program,  Local/EU/EEA Applicants: No fees apply Non-EU/Non-EEA Applicants: Fee per academic year: Eur 26,000 https://www.um.edu.mt/courses/overview/UMDNSFTT3-2021-2-O

Studying dentistry in Latvia – tuition fees 

The program of Dental medicine is offered by Riga Stradins University in Riga. The program takes 5 years (1st year is theoretical, 2nd is preclinical, 3rd -the 5th are clinical).

Faculty of Dentistry Riga Stradins University – 5 years program, the application fee is 100€, the registration fee is 1500€, tuition fees: 14.000€ for 1st and 2nd year, 15.000€ for 3rd to 5th year


Lithuania University of Medical Sciences – study program name Odontology – 5 years program – application fee 150€ (but the application can be checked before submission) – €13,500 / 1 – 4 study year €14,000 / 5 study year


Overviews of dentistry schools outside of the EU / EEA

  1. North Macedonia

Faculty of Dentistry, International Balkan University – the faculty is offering bachelor program of Dentistry (5 years, 300 ECTS), and the tuition fees per year are 6000€ More details: https://www.ibu.edu.mk/fdm/

2. Bosnia

Faculty of Medicine in Foca – University of East Sarajevo – 3067€ (6-year program)

Faculty of health science, International University in Gorazde – 4000€ (6-year program)

Sarajevo Medical School, Sarajevo School of Science and Technology – 13200€ for non-Bosnian students, 7900€ for Bosnian students Source: https://ssst.edu.ba/page/171/financing-your-education-at-ssst