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Study medicine at the Faculty of medicine in Novi Sad, Serbia

Students from all over the world can study medicine or dentistry also in Serbia. 3 Serbian medical universities offer education in the English language for international students: Belgrade, Novi Sad, and Serbia. We will check the option of Novi Sad Faculty in this article.

The school offers programs in General medicine and Dental medicine. They both take 6 years to complete with a load of 360 ECTS credits. The school in Novi Sad is listed in the World Directory of Medical Schools and programs are accredited by the National Accreditation Body of Serbia.

About the University of Novi Sad

The University of Novi Sad is located in Serbia and has over 5000 employees and 50.000 students. It has over 350 accredited study programs at all 3 levels, 250 laboratories, the Technological park of the University of Novi Sad and the Biosense Institute. According to the QS World Ranking it is among 1201-1400 best universities worldwide, the Times Higher Education ranks the university in the best 1500 universities worldwide. It was founded in 1960, but the origins come back to 1740. The University has 14 faculties altogether.

Admission criteria

Interested students must submit the required documents (application form, notary copy of birth certificate translated to Serbian, academic documents translated to Serbian, receipt of application fees payment) and pass the entrance exam from biology (30 multiple choice questions) and chemistry (30 multiple choice questions). Documents might be submitted by email for certification, but it will be mandatory to submit also originals / hard copies before the entrance exam.

The basic criteria are to have completed secondary education (gymnasium or relevant high school providing eligibility for academic education / university) or minimum A-level high school. You can check sample questions for biology and sample questions from chemistry at the Faculty of Medicine in Novi Sad. The faculty also offers preparatory course from biology and chemistry. The course is online and cost 500€ per module. Totally 90 hours of classes will be provided (45 hours from biology and 45 hours from chemistry).

Academic documents must be recognized (nostrified) before enrollment at the university.

The study program of General medicine

The program of General medicine takes 6 years and contains subjects with 360 ECTS credits. Awarded degree is Doctor of medicine. Students in the 1st year have Anatomy, English language, Biophysics, Biology with human genetics, Medical Ethics, First aid, Chemistry in Medicine and Medicine Statistics and Informatics. There are the following subjects in the 2nd year: histology and embryology, medical biochemistry, physiology, English language, Neuroanatomy, communication skills and introduction to clinical practice. Students can also choose from elective subjects. 3rd year offers the following subjects: pathology, pathophysiology, microbiology and immunology, psychological medicine, clinical propaedeutic, pharmacology and toxicology, and elective subjects. Students have Pharmacology and toxicology 2, Internal medicine, radiology, infectious diseases, neurology, dermatovenerology, psychiatry and elective subjects in 4th year; which is followed by surgery, pediatrics, gynecology and obstretics, anaesthesia and perioperative medicine, hygiene, epidemiology, transfusion medicine, Maxillofacial Surgery with Fundamentals of Dental Medicine and nuclear medicine. Finally the last year subjects are Ophthalmology, Otorhinolaryngology, clinical pharmacology, occupational medicine, medical rehabilitation, emergency medicine, oncology, forensic medicine, geriatrics, social medicine, family medicine and primary health care, clinical practical training an graduation paper.
You can find curricula about this study program in this link: https://www.mf.uns.ac.rs/En/Obraz_Prog_Eng.php?Skracenica=IASM&Godina=6&Nastavni_Plan=2021

The study program of Dental medicine

You can find the curricula of the study program Dental medicine here: https://www.mf.uns.ac.rs/En/Obraz_Prog_Eng.php?Skracenica=IASS&Godina=6&Nastavni_Plan=2021

Transfers of students to Novi Sad Medical Faculty

The faculty accepts transfer students with the capacity of 30 students per year per study program. The maximum transfer year is 3rd, as at least half of education must be completed in Novi Sad Faculty. There is only one intake (September intake), when transfers are possible. The deadline for submission of documents is the 1st of June and the decision will be announced before end of June. If the transfer year is acceptable by the student, the Faculty will issue the acceptance letter so the student can start visas procedure. Documents from the previous university must be verified either by apostille or embassy stamp. Here is the full list of documents to be submitted for transfer application:

  1. Transfer application form
  2. Certificate on registration (student status) in the previous academic year (in original language accompanied by an official translation into Serbian)
  3. Transcript of records in the original language accompanied by official translation into Serbian. For initial application – transcript in English is acceptable, and the translation into Serbian can be done before recognition at the University
  4. Detailed study program – syllabus
  5. English language proficiency certificate (unless previous studies are completed in English)
  6. Passport copy
  7. Birth certificate in the original language accompanied by official translation into Serbian (could be submitted upon registration)
  8. Proof of paid application fee amounting 50.00 EURO (non-refundable)

Rules: https://www3.mf.uns.ac.rs/En/TransferStudents.php

Documents needed for admitted students

Students that pass the entrance exam and are admitted to the university need to submit the following documents at enrollment:

  • Birth certificate (original accompanied by notarized translation into Serbian)
  • Original secondary school documents and the Decision on recognition of secondary school – NOSTRIFICATION (original document) issued by relevant authority (Ministry of Education Belgrade or Provincial Secretariat for Education Novi Sad) accompanied by a notarized translation into Serbian
  • Decision on recognition of secondary school (original document) issued by the relevant authority (Agency for Qualification Recognition, Belgrade)
  • Original secondary school transcripts
  • Two application forms (so-called ŠV forms) – available from the Faculty’s Book-store
  • University of Novi Sad index (student booklet) – available from the Faculty’s Book-store
  • Two photos
  • Proof of payment of tuition fee and registration fee RSD 5,500 account No. 840-1633666-55 ref. 742-106
  • Health insurance for the current academic year (international health Insurance, issued in students own country, or in Serbia by relevant insurance company)

About the city of Novi Sad

Novi Sad is the second biggest city in Serbia and the capital of Vojvodina County. Approximately 250.000 inhabitants are residing in Novi Sad. Novi Sad was the European Capital of Culture for the year 2022 and the European Youth Capital in 2019. There are a total of 4 universities (University of Novi Sad, Business Academy University, Educons University, Novi Sad Open University). Football, basketball, volleyball, and handball are popular sports in Novi Sad. The city does not have an international airport, but is a one-hour drive from Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport, which connects it with capitals across Europe. Bus and train connections are more convenient ways of getting to Novi Sad.