Students of Medicine in Slovakia competed in MedGAMES – and it was great success!

MedGAMES is competition for three-members medical teams. There were Slovak and foreign students from Jessenius Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Medicine in Bratislava and Faculty of Medicine Pavol Jozef Safarik University in Kosice, competing this year in 20 exciting disciplines from different fields of medicine. The most important was to comprise theoretical knowledge, practical skills and teamwork skills and outperform other teams. Disciplines were considerably complex. There was competent judge taking part in each discipline, who supervised the accuracy, speed and methods of performing the desired task. Each of the competing teams tested their skills in suture skin wounds and anastomoses, the introduction of peripheral vascular catheters, nasogastric tube or in a proper techniques of healing wounds. Medical students There were also a wide range of challenging theoretical problems – evaluating contestants ECG records, X-ray and CT images, solving interesting case reports, written test of general physiology or determining the correct medical prescription. All the contestants managed tasks excellently, but since there may be only one winner, each detail was decisive. The most successful team has following members: Kornel Kapinay (5th year) David Gross (4th year) and Michael Bojnický (4th year). On the second place, there was following team: Tatiana Kulkovský (5th year), Jan Sykora (5th year) and Milan Klačanský (5th year). Bronze medails were awarded to Michaela Javorková (5th year), Lucia Kapustová (5th year), Birivan Nabová (5th year).


This year students showed once again that they are able to handle the challenges and find the most effective solutions. We believe that competition MedGAMES will continue to improve and grow as it is already demonstrated by the participation of teams from the Faculty of Medicine of Pavol Jozef Safarik University in Kosice, as well as medical students from the Slovak Medical University in Bratislava. The interest and enthusiasm of students for such competition also confirmed that the medics really feel the need to go to its maximum, so that in the future to achieve better results in their medical practice, and thus improved the quality of patient care.