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Staff of the Faculty of medicine (Pavol Jozef Safarik University) conducted breakthrough diagnosis of Parkinson´s disease

The staff at the Neurological Clinic of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Pavel Jozef Šafarik University and University hospital of Louis Pasteur informed about a breakthrough research on early diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease. It helps to diagnose the occurrence of characteristic disorders of the momentum in patients, for example at an earlier stage of disease development, when marks of the disease could be more hidden and delayed.

Presentation about results of research on Parkinson´s diseaseAt the press conference, the Dean of the Faculty, Prof. Daniel Pella, together with his colleagues Mrs. Zuzana Gdovinová, head of the Neurological Clinic of UPJS, Mr. Skovranek, project coordinator and Mrs. Feketeova, co-director of the department, introduced results of the research. The team focused on characteristical signs of the disease, especially related to a motoric system of the patient during the sleep. The main problem is, that it may take years or decades until the disease is successfully uncovered and correct treatment may be offered. Moreover, it is more difficult to heal the illness in the later stage of development.

Press conference after the presentationThere were more than 180 volunteers involved in the project. As the team of the Faculty of medicine discovered, patients have been experiencing specific disorders during sleep as well as serious changes in brain structure (discovered thanks to the transcranial ultrasound examination). As the result, there were 7 volunteers which were diagnosed the higher risk of Parkinson’s disease.

We would like to congratulate researches on their results and wish the whole staff of the Faculty of Medicine, Kosice, many successes in other projects.