Faculty of medicine, Slovak Medical University in Bratislava

Slovak Medical University is located in Bratislava and is a less-known medical university in Slovakia. It has 4 faculties: The Faculty of Medicine, the Faculty of Public Health, the Faculty of Nursing and Professional Health Studies, and the Faculty of Health. The University was founded in 1953 and educated thousands of health professionals. The University is listed in the World Directory of Medical Schools and is running according to ECTS standards.

There is a study program of General medicine offered in English and offered by the Faculty of Medicine SZU. A degree of Doctor of General medicine is awarded after graduation and is recognized automatically in the European Union, the United Kingdom, and the majority of countries of the world. There are 20 seats offered to international students. There will be 2 dates for the entrance exam: 20th of June 2024 (application deadline is 31st of May 2024) and 2nd of July 2024 (application deadline is 31st of May 2024)

Program of General Medicine at SZU

The curriculum is divided into compulsory, compulsory optional, and optional (voluntary selection) courses. A week may include a maximum of 38 hours of contact learning (direct teaching): lectures, practical lectures, clinical training, mandatory practice, diploma thesis, and state examination. The individual study includes a private study, consultations, essay writing, case studies, etc. The program takes 6 years and the price per year is 10.000€ (2 semesters).

Format of the entrance exam

Applicants must pass written, multiple-choice tests in biology and chemistry. There will be 80 questions from biology and 80 questions from chemistry. The booklet is offered by the University to prepare for the exam. Applicants can score a maximum of 640 points, which means that there are 4 points per question maximum. The time allotted for the exam is 2 and a half hours (150 minutes). The first 36 students will get admission to study General medicine at SZU. The application fee is 70€.

Documents for registration

  • secondary school leaving certificate with Apostille (official certificates on successful completion of entire secondary education accompanied by an authorized translation into the Slovak language),
  • applicants who complete their secondary school in the current academic year must submit the verified secondary school leaving certificate on the day of the entrance examination at the latest (authorized translation into the Slovak language),
  • the decision on recognizing the equivalence of the secondary school leaving certificate obtained abroad (submit until the day of the entrance examination)
  • copy of payment made for the admission procedures – 70 €,
  • medical certificate of health condition fitting the study at university and performance of profession within the chosen study program including the proof of vaccination against Hepatitis B,
  • Curriculum vitae (in English),
  • birth certificate (authorized translation into the Slovak language),
  • copy of passport / ID card,
  • one passport-sized photo (3.5 x 4.5 cm)