Situation at medical faculties in Slovakia, Czech Republic and Hungary due to Covid-19

The situation at medical universities in the whole world is very unstable – during summer, numbers of Covid-19 cases were low and universities planned to open their door in September. This changed with the arrival of October when numbers of positive cases and patients hospitalized in clinics went rapidly up. I have taken a look on changes in education in different countries. This article was written in the end of October 2020.

The Czech Republic – the situation in medical schools

There are 4 medical universities in the Czech Republic: Charles University, Masaryk University, University of Ostrava and Palacky University. The numbers in the Czech Republic were good during summer, but due to the wrong decision of the Czech government, they went up rapidly in September and mainly October. Charles University has 5 faculties and they adopted the following measures: Currently, all schools are working online – both lectures and practical classes. Laboratories at university might be attended maximum by 10 people individually by each department. Exams are taken online. Students with symptoms of Covid cannot enter faculties at all.

The situation at Masaryk University is very similar – the school is having online classes – only laboratories that can be conducted in person is possible to do in person. Masks are mandatory both in buildings as well in dormitories. Canteens are now closed. University also developed mobile application for volunteers that would like to help – there are various types of volunteering activities that students can do. All computer laboratories, sporting halls, and study rooms are closed. Employees are prohibited from taking domestic or international business trips. The number of people present in laboratories is limited by current legislation. Masaryk University is offering study programs General medicine and Dental medicine in the English language.

Palacky University has also started online classes and students canteen and gyms are closed. This decision does not relate to practical teaching and block seminars which carry on to take place in a contact form. Last year students of General medicine and Dental medicine studying in the Czech language were also asked to join fight against Covid-19. This is not relevant for foreign students, but they are welcome to join as volunteers. Students can study General medicine and Dental medicine.

The University of Ostrava has also shifted to online classes for foreign students. Students cannot attend faculty in person and everything is going online. There are following expections: individual consultations, clinical and practical lessons, exams up to 10 people, individual visits of study rooms.  Faculty is offering a program of General medicine.