My name is Peter Zavacky and I am study consultant helping students since 2014. Check below how can I help you

I have started to work as study consultant in 2014. Honestly speaking, I was really suprised by level of services of other agencies. They promised help from application to last day of studies, but the reality was very often different. Students did not have any contact person in Slovakia and they had to manage and arrange everything on their own. I did not want to follow this pattern and decided to make different approach – to give as many information as possible, so students can decide and consider all aspects of living abroad. As Slovak citizen located in Kosice, second biggest city in Slovakia, I know everything about applications, entrance exams, admission rules, enrollment, flat hunting or bank accounts for students. Information that I provide are objective, trustworthy and reliable. Therefore I will never tell you, you can get direct transfer to Slovak faculties without seeing your documents or tell you, that they are recognised in given country without checking with Ministry of education. Currently, there are 6 people working with me in Kosice, Presov, Bratislava and Budapest.

There are definitely many agents and agencies working nowadays. I will be glad, if you decide to choose my agency so I can prove my words and guide you during your studies.

We will help you to apply for your dream university

If you wish to study at any medical, dental or pharmaceutical university in Slovakia, you need to pass an entrance exam organised in Slovakia or abroad. In order to write an exam, you need to deliver given documents to a study department.

These documents are usually:

  • original of application form signed by an applicant
  • application fee paid to bank account of an university
  • copies of secondary school leaving document
  • CV
  • passport picture
  • medical certificate that you can study at medical university without any health risk for you or your future colleagues

The deadlines for submission are usually 3-5 weeks before the test itself. We suggest to start the process as soon as possible. Please contact us for more details at

Assistance at foreign police in Slovakia

After coming Slovakia, you need to deal with various administrative problems. If you need to arrange anything at Immigration Office, you will probably need assistance because clerks usually do not speak English or any other world language at appropriate level. We can come with you, consult legal issues and help with various problems.

We offer following services:

  • Arranging documents for foreign police process (bank declaration, police clearance certificate, apostille, superlegalisation)
  • Assistance with filling in application for temporary, long-term and pernament visa and resident permit
  • Prolongation of visas or residence permit and registration of non-European citizen
  • Translation service directly at foreign police departments

Useful links and documnets:

Help with sworn translation

Sworn translations to Slovak language are needed for various offices – foreign police, nostrification or courses recognition. If you need a help with translation, please give me call to +421910173958 or send me email to

Flat hunting

After coming to Slovakia, you will need to find accommodation. There are two options: either you will go to dormitories provided by university (usually price range is 80-150€ per month per person) or find a flat. As I work in this field for 6 years, I can give you advice where to ask, connect you with other students, landlords and agents. I prefer to work with agents who do not charge students commission, so you do not have extra expense. 
This service is free for students, who apply for medical, dentistry or pharmacy program with

Support during studies

There are many things and problems you may experience during your studies. You may need to go to hospital, buy SIM card, arrange internet, get refund from eshop and so on. As student of Medhead, you will have access to my Whatsupp number and can contact me so I can solve your problem.

We are representing following faculties in Slovakia

We help students to study medical, dental, pharmaceutical, technical and economical fields in Slovakia. We cooperate with Comenius university, University of Pavel Jozef Safarik, Technical University in Kosice and Slovak Technical University in Bratislava.

Let us know what do you need and we will respond to you within 24 hours

Please give us as many details as possible, especially which faculty do you wish to apply, which service will you need. Do not forget to give us your email address and contact number (if possible with Whatsupp or Viber so we can connect easily)