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Russian doctors visited the Faculty of Medicine Košice

The Faculty of medicine UPJŠ received an official visit on 8th of November 2016 from Russia. Mr. Valery Kolabutin, chairman of the Public Health Committee in St. Petersburg Valery Kolabutin and several representatives of health care facilities in St. Petersburg made an official appoitment with with Mr. Daniel Pella, dean of the Faculty of Medicine.

Mr. Valery Kolabutin held a presentation about the development of public health in the region of St. Petersburg. The head of the child department of the City Hospital, Mr. Anatoly Kagan described functioning of whole hospital and key points for successful development of institution.

There were also special guests among delegation from Santk Petersburg: the head of the city hospital of Saint George, Mr. Strizheletckii Valerii, Head of Cardiovascular Surgery of Mr. P. A. Kupriyanova at the Military Medical Academy, Mr. S. M. Kirov, chief cardiac surgeon of the Committee on Health of the Russian Federation Mr. Gennady Khubulava and Deputy Head of City Hospital Saint George, Mrs. Irina Sokolova. Aim of visit of Russian colleagues and doctors at the Faculty of Medicine in Košice UPJŠ was to exchange experiences and to outline possibilities of future cooperation.russian_doctors_faculty_medicine_kosice