Professor Sijmen A. Reijneveld held lecture at Faculty of medicine in Košice

Faculty of medicine in Košice is getting more and more international. And we are not talking only about international students of General and Dental medicine, whose number exceeded now 900 and who forms 1/3 of all students currently. Faculty of Medicine cultivates plenty of international relationaships and invites renowned professors and teachers. Dutch professor Sijmen A. Reijneveld from University of Groningen, who is working with Faculty of Medicine on a long-term basis, was invited in April of 2016 to Košice. He held a lecture on ground of Faculty and attacted big audience to come.


He was invited by Department of health psychology from Faculty of medicine UPJS in Košice. His lecture explained criterias for assessing quality of academic teams and attracted many students and teachers on 10th of February 2016. His lecture was based on experience from University of Groningen, where he led 25 Slovak students from Faculty of medicine in Košice.

Professor S. A. Reijneveld said: ,,Excelence of research and its social contribution are two most important criterias of quality of science. These are aspects, we take into consideration.“ Besides, Mr. Reijneveld stressed the importance of involvement of academia into reseach process.

He is renowned expert in research of social determinants on health and works with Faculty of medicine for more than 20 years. Global knowledge is therefore implemented more easily into Slovak environment. His collaboration in field of chronical diseases led to development of research on Parkinson disease and sclerosis multiplex in Neurological clinics UPJS and UNLP and further development in field of neurology.