Premedical courses for students in the Czech Republic

How to prepare for the entrance exam at medical school?

Thousands of students would like to study at medical schools in the Czech Republic. On another hand, there is only a limited number of places offered for international students, and preparation for the exam sounds like a crucial point in order to get accepted to General medicine or Dental medicine. Applicants have the option to prepare on their own (especially if they have strong motivation and self-discipline), find a local tutor (which could be more cost-effective, but the lector might not know the type of questions appearing at the entrance exam) or enroll in the preparatory premedical courses. We will describe the offer of preparatory courses in the Czech Republic in this article.

Premedical courses are organized by the following universities and colleges:

  1. 3rd Faculty of Medicine, Charles Univerisity
  2. Institute for language and preparatory studies, Charles University (UJOP)
  3. Faculty of Medicine, Masaryk University
  4. Abbey College
  5. King Charles College (in collaboration with the 1st faculty of Medicine, Charles University)

1. The premedical course at the 3rd Faculty of medicine, Charles University, Prague

The Third faculty, Charles University is offering an intensive, 5 months preparatory course devoted to biology, chemistry, and physics. Those are the subjects that are tested in the entrance examination for medical studies. The application deadline is the end of October (registration is starting at the end of August) and the cost is 110.000CZK  (approximately 4500€). The price contains only cost of the course, so accommodation and food expenses are separate.  Students from outside of the European Union or EEA are also entitled to apply for long-term visas based on the course.
Students can fill in an application here: https://is.cuni.cz/studium/eng/prijimacky/index.php?do=detail_kurz&cid=7407

The course is taking place between January and May, and the form of the exam is yet to be decided (if the epidemic situation is not favorable, an online of hybrid form of the study is possible).  Students will have 5 hours of biology per week, 5 hours of chemistry, 5 hours of physics, 3 hours of the Czech language and 2 hours of medical English. Students can also prepare with the following study materials and books: https://www.lf3.cuni.cz/3LFEN-87.html

Students will need to write tests during the course to test their knowledge and progress. The language of instructions is English.

2. The premedical course at Institute for language and Preparatory Studies, Charles University

The course contains the teaching of specialized subjects in English, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Medical Ethics; also English, Latin, and the basics of the Czech language (35 hours per week). Students also take regular tests to check their knowledge. Students attend lectures, seminars, and language preparation. The cost of the course is 6560€. The academic year begins with a two-week adaptation-orientation course. It includes an intensive course in Czech and English languages, English proficiency testing, an introduction to Czech culture and history, basic orientation in the study center, the Institute of Language and Preparatory Studies (ILPS), and the general area. Classes in specialized subjects start in the third week. These classes revise and supplement students’ high-school knowledge, and prepare students specifically for the questions and tasks of the entrance exams and for the start of their university studies. Instructors combine theoretical instruction with practical assignments and practice.
There are 2 possible dates to attend: the winter semester (September to January) or the summer semester (February to May).
The premedical course takes place at Podebrady center and is organized in person.

More details: https://ujop.cuni.cz/en/course/medicine-and-science-pre-programme

3. Faculty of Medicine, Masaryk University

Masaryk University is organizing a preparatory course for international students who wish to study General medicine or Dentistry. It takes place between October to March. Students have classes in Chemistry (140 hours), Biology (100 hours), Physics (140 hours), and Czech language (120 hours) during 20 weeks with at least 25 hours per week (both lectures and seminars). The cost of the course is 200.000CZK (approximately 8200Euro) and is organized in person at University Campus in Brno. The deadline for Application is the end of August and the capacity limit is 40 students. A field trip to Mendelianum is included in the price (the place where Mendel started modern genetics science)

The second option is purchasing online e-learning preparatory courses in Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Each course costs 100€, it is possible to purchase before the middle of July.

You can find more details about the course here: https://www.med.muni.cz/en/applicants/foundation-programme

The premedical course at Abbey College

The course is organized together by Abbey College and Charles University and takes place at Prague Crystal Centre. There are two courses – a one-semester course (January to June, 14,500€) or a 2-semester course (September to June, 18.000€). The teaching contains a minimum of 30 academic hours per week of teaching, with core modules in Chemistry, Biology, Physics, and Mathematics (one hour is considered 45 minutes), students who are studying since September will get also classes in Czech Language, Latin and study skills. The course’s price contains the costs of classes, accommodation, student support, orientation week, and certificates.

Non-native students from outside of the EU with IELTS below 5,5 are also required to take English courses to improve their language. The registration fee for the exam is 245€. The format of the course is in person, in Prague.

The premedical course at King Charles College

The course is organized together with the 1st faculty of medicine, at Charles University. There are 2 formats: a 22-week intensive course or 38 weeks course. Students will have also options for medical Czech language with the possibility of obtaining the certificate. The structure of the course is the following: 2 Weeks of Orientation in order to get to know the environment and university, 20 Week-Scientific Course (4 hours of classes each day, Monday to Friday), 100 hours of English and Czech training, and visits of university departments.

Students will study the following subjects: Medical English,  Czech language (A1/B2/C1 Levels), Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Physiology and Anatomy. The course will take place in person, in Prague. You can get more details on the website: https://www.kingcharlescollege.com/pre-med-courses-in-prague/

The college is offering also pre-recorded preparatory lessons where you can go at your own pace and get the same knowledge as students in the onsite courses. The online package costs 4900€.

Possible packages are mentioned below (as per 2022 offer)