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Premedical courses for international students in Poland

Do you want to study medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine or pharmacy in Poland? There are plenty of options for international students in Poland. Poland is famous due to its student-friendly visa policy and affordable tuition fees. You can find all options for international students that offer preparatory courses in Poland.

  1. Medical university in Lodz – details https://studymed.umed.pl/programs/preparatory-course/
  2. Medical University in Warsaw – https://sjo.wum.edu.pl/content/premed-college
  3. Adam Mickiewics University in Poznan
  4. Medical University in Kielce – online course
  5. Medical school in Gdansk – https://admission.mug.edu.pl/13316.htm

The premedical course at The Medical University in Lodz

The premedical course is organized by the University and is running since 2013. There is no entrance exam required for students in order to take part. The duration of the course is between November to June and costs 5900€. The course contains the following parts: classes in biology, chemistry, physics, and basic life support, classes in medical English, Polish language, Anatomy, and medical-related skills. Students who would like to apply must have a secondary school leaving certificate that entitles them to study at a university abroad, an extended level of 2 from the following subjects: chemistry, physics, mathematics, or biology (marks from the school certificates must be above average) and English competency confirmed by secondary school certificate or English certificate. The selection process is conducted online, classes are in person. You can see the curricula for 2022/23 also

You can find more information in this link: https://studymed.umed.pl/programs/preparatory-course/

The premedical course at the Medical University in Warsaw

The preparatory course at the Medical University in Warsaw is among the TOP 500 universities worldwide and offered 2 years program for future students of medicine or dentistry. The first year contains 924 hours of education (Listening and speaking 132h, Reading and writing 132h, Grammar instruction 99h, IELTS preparation 165h, Medical English 132h, Academic English 99h,  Pronunciation 33h, Polish 132h) and is focused mostly on preparation from Medical English and basic Polish language stills. The second year is focused mostly on the following subjects: Biology 165h,  Chemistry 165h, Decision Making 145h, Introduction to Anatomy 66h, Medical English 132h, Academic English 99h, and Polish language 132h). The teaching is guaranteed in-house, which means that there are only University teachers or guest teachers involved.

Students do not need to study both years: they can either submit their language certificate (TOEFL, IELTS, TOIEC) or take entry English test. Based on the result, student is enrolled in the first of second year of classes. Cost of the 1st year is 6000€, the cost of the 2nd year is 7500€. Preparatory school costs 4500€ (Medical School Preparation Programme (MSPP) includes an intensive English language course and a Polish language course followed by biology, anatomy, physics and chemistry preparatory courses.)

Candidates must submit an application form, passport copy, application fee receipt (500€) and language certificate, in case they do not wish to study from the first year. It is possible also to get study visas for students from outside of the EU. Students are offered also a place at the student dormitory that is located around 25 minutes by bus from the university.

You can find more information about this program here: https://sjo.wum.edu.pl/content/premed-college

The preparatory course at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan

The program has 2 semesters and is designed for applicants at Poznan University of Medical Sciences. It covers biology (200 hours in total), chemistry (180 hours), physics and mathematics (180 hours) and languages (120 hours). Students can get also a place at the dormitory with price between 95-145€ per one month. Applicants should submit a completed application form, a hard copy of the secondary school leaving certificate, a sworn translation of the document to English or Polish language, copy of their passport and an English language certificate. The price of the course is 6000€ (including books and study materials, excluding food and accommodation).

Curricula: Biology:

  • cell biology
  • biochemistry and molecular biology
  • genetics and genetic engineering
  • human biology (body, life functions, evolution)
  • microorganisms (bacteria, viruses, fungi, and protists)


  • general chemistry (chemical laws, calculations)
  • physical chemistry
  • inorganic chemistry
  • organic and bioorganic chemistry
    • mechanics (forces, motion)
    • heat and kinetic theory of matter
    • electricity and magnetism
    • waves and sound
    • light and optics
    • elementary mathematics (equations, statistics)PHYSICS and MATHEMATICS
      • Polish for beginners
      • English at various levels


The premedical course at the Jan Kochanowski University in Kielce

The course has an online format and is offered to students who would like to study at their own pace. Students do not get feedback or one on one lesson from the university. You will obtain e-texts, study areas, adaptive study materials that are designed to track your performance and progress bar. The price is 450€ for access. You can find more information about the course here: https://owl-med-3e840.gr8.com/

The premedical course at the Medical school in Gdansk

The duration of the course is from October to May and is designed mostly for applicants at Medical University in Gdansk. The course has 2 semesters and is conducted in English language.  You can find curricula below. Deadline for the application is the end of August. Students will be admitted based on the results in Biology, Chemistry, mathematics, physics and level of the English language. Cost of the course is 33.000PLN (approximately 6900€)

Semester I:

  • Freshman Seminars
  • Communication Skills
  • Basic Learning Techniques
  • General Biology I
  • Inorganic Chemistry with Elements of Laboratory Diagnostics
  • Introduction to Cytophysiology and Microscopic Anatomy
  • Medical Terminology I
  • English Language Course I
  • Polish Language Course I

Semester II:

  • Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology
  • General Biology II
  • Ecology
  • Organic Chemistry with Elements of Biochemistry
  • Physics
  • Medical Terminology II
  • English Language Course II
  • Polish language preparatory course