Premedical courses for international students in Hungary

Hungary is one of the most popular destinations for international students, especially for medical programs. There are thousands of medical students from all over the world. As there is a big competition for limited places at medical universities in Hungary (there are 4 medical universities in Hungary: Semmelweis University, University of Pécs, Szeged University, and Debrecen University), it might be a good idea to take a preparatory course for medicine, dentistry or pharmacy. We will take a look at preparatory courses offered by colleges or universities in Hungary.

  1. Debrecen University (Debrecen)
  2. University of Pecs (Pecs)
  3. McDaniel College Budapest (Budapest)
  4. Wekerle Business School (Budapest)
  5. Avicenna International College (Budapest)
  6. DUNA International College (Budapest)

The basic medical course at the University of Debrecen

The preparatory course is provided by the public University of Debrecen and has a duration of 10 months. It has 2 semesters and requires one to pass the entrance exam from Biology and Chemistry for applicants to get enrolled. The course is offered mainly for students with insufficient knowledge in Biology, Physics, and Chemistry from high school. Students who complete this program are directly admitted to the program of their choice. There are 2 formats: September to June or intensive BMC from January to July. The cost of the course is 7000USD. Applicants need to pay also an application fee of 150 USD and an entrance procedure fee of 350 USD.

More details about the 2-semester program: https://edu.unideb.hu/p/basic-medicine-course-premedical-studies

More details about the intensive course (January to July): https://edu.unideb.hu/p/basic-medicine-course-ii-premedical-studies

The premedical course at the University of Szeged

There are 3 parts of the preparatory course: the Milestone Stage (for students, who do not achieve at least B1 level of the English language), the Upgrade stage (400 hours of classes needed for future medical studies), and the Gateway stage (The 400 contact hours merge language instruction (Academic English and ESP) with field-specific subject teaching). The course is offered by the International Studies Center of US.

The gateway stage starts from February and costs 4200€, takes 5 months, and 400 hours of classes.

Upgrade + Gateway starts in September, the cost is 6500€, takes 10 months to complete, and contains 800 hours of classes.

Finally, the Milestone + Upgrade + Gateway stage start from February, costs 9300€ and takes 15 months to complete. 1200 hours of classes are provided.

More details: https://admissions.medschool.pte.hu/preparatory-courses

The premedical course at McDaniel College

McDaniel College is a private institution providing preparation for international students who would like to study medicine or veterinary medicine in Hungary. Students have the following subjects: Human Biology, Essentials of Chemistry, Physics for Pre-Med I.-II., Introduction to Medical English, Fundamentals of Composition/Critical Reading, Oral Communication Skills, Elementary Hungarian I.-II. The school also offers assistance with arranging accommodation for participants of the course.

There are multiple formats of the program:
a) 2 semesters program: The program is from October to May, the deadline for the program is September (students who need visas), respectively –  October (students who do not need visas to come to Hungary). The price is 6630€ paid in 2 installments.
b) Extended premedical track: from June to September. The price is 4440€
c) One-semester intensive premedical track: January to Mid-May. The price is 6430€.
The application fee is 200€ in all programs.

Wekerle Business School (Budapest)

The Foundation program for medical studies is offered by Wekerle Business School. The course is available from February and requires command of language B2 level (IELTS min. 5.5. or TOEFL IBT minimum 72 or equivalent). The course consists of the following parts. Biology Cell Biology Physiology Genetics Chemistry General Chemistry Inorganic Chemistry Organic Chemistry Introduction to Biochemistry Physics Basic Physics Introduction to Biophysics Linguistic Knowledge and Skills General English Medical English English for Professional Communication Hungarian.

The application fee for the program is 150€. Tuition fees are 4150 EUR / per one intensive semester (from Feb to May), respectively 3000 EUR / per regular semester (from Sep to Jan, and from Jan to April). The school will provide documents that entitle you to get visas for Hungary.

Avicenna International College

The Avicenna International College is offering a program distributed over 4 semesters covering General biology, cell and molecular biology, human genetics, immunology, microbiology, histology, anatomy, embryology, human physiology, general chemistry, organic chemistry, biochemistry, academic English and medical English (OET). The school is requesting the following documents for application: A completed and signed AIC application form, Two original copies of a notarized English translation of your highest transcripts, Curriculum Vitae in English. Motivation letter, a copy of your passport (pages with personal data), and a letter of recommendation. Official statement of financial support signed by the parent. Proof of payment or transfer of all due fees, 6 passport-size photos, a copy of the “Letter of Admission” signed by the applicant and parent. The tuition fees are different for different students, but it is around 8100€ per one year.

DUNA premedical college

The following courses are offered at the DUNA premedical course: Biology (including anatomy and physiology) Chemistry Medical terminology and English language. The premedical course costs 5750€ (9 months course in Spring and Autumn September or intensive course starting in January / February – 25% must be paid in advance), the application fee is 200€. Accommodation fees are 350-700€ (double or single room) The DUNA college is part of St. Clair College and TRC College.