Online preparatory courses for medical studies

Application to medical studies can be stressful and time-consuming. Admission is usually based on an entrance exam from Biology and Chemistry at the high school level. If you have not had these subjects during secondary school or would like to improve your preparation, we prepared an overview of online courses for various medical schools in Europe.

The Faculty of Medicine, Masaryk University, the Czech Republic offers programs in General medicine (a 6-year program) and Dentistry (5-year program). The Faculty offers e-learning courses for applicants who would like to prepare for the entrance exam. The success rate of the students is 80% thanks to attending of courses in Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. Teachers from Masaryk University will be guiding you in all 3 modules that are available for purchase from November to July. The price per module is 100€

More information: https://www.med.muni.cz/en/applicants/e-learning-preparatory-courses

Faculty of Medicine, University of Belgrade (further UBFM), Serbia provides courses in General medicine for 7000€ per 2 semesters. There were 100 places for international students offered in 2021/22. The online preparatory course offered by UBFM consists of 2 modules (biology and chemistry). Please click on the links to find out the curricula for questions from biology and chemistry. The course is tailored to the needs of students who are applying to study medicine in Belgrade. The price per module is 507€, so the total price is 1014€.
More information: http://studiesinenglish.med.bg.ac.rs/entrance_exam/

Riga Stradins University (further RSU), Latvia offers courses in General medicine (12.000€ per year, total 6 years, the Faculty of Medicine) and Dental medicine (14.000€ for the 1st and 2nd year, respectively 15.000€ for 3rd, 4th and 5th year, the Faculty of dentistry). If you wish to prepare better, you may try to attend the online preparatory course. The program is organized twice a year – in January and August. The course covers Medical Chemistry (chemistry – 30 hours; total price 300€), Molecular and Cell Biology (total 15 hours provided; price is 150€), Medical Physics (15 hours; total price 150€), Medical Terminology in Latin (10 hours; 100€) and Latvian Language in Medicine (10 hours; 100€). There will be online courses via Zoom where teachers will provide video lectures, animations and simulation; – tests and exercises for self-studies. It is possible to buy modules individually or in bulk. The next course will be organized in January 2023.

More information: https://www.rsu.lv/en/pre-courses-first-year-students

Interhecs is an agency helping students to get accepted to mostly Bulgarian Universities. The course they prepared is designed for applicants to Sofia Medical University. It takes 4,5 months and is conducted online (with one Chemistry and biology class per week).

Online preparatory course for future applicants at Bulgarian university

Faculty of Medicine in Nis, Serbia offers 2 modules chemistry (45 hours, 500€) and chemistry (45 hours, 500€). Their course is tailored to the specific requirements of the entrance exam and also includes lectures, presentations, readings, assignments, sample questions, and multiple practice tests which exactly follow the format of the entrance exam.

More information:  https://www.medfak.ni.ac.rs/index.php/en/entrance-exam-eng

International Medical Studies is an agency helping mostly Israeli students who would like to study medicine abroad to get to the Faculty of Medicine, UPJS, and the Faculty of Medicine, Warsaw Medical University. They provide preparatory courses in biology, chemistry, and organic chemistry. Students have access for 3 months and can watch totally of 1400 minutes of content. The total price for the course is 750€.

More information: https://ims-medstudy.com/online-preparation-course – price 750€ – offering preparatory for UPJS Kosice and Faculty of medicine, University of Warsaw