Nostrifikácia needs to be completed by all students and is a requirement of the Slovak Government.It is important to recognise nostrifikácia from superlegalisation (both are processes recognising official documents, but procedures are different. For more info, please contact us or Ministry of Education of Slovak Republic).

Students must complete this within their 1st semester of studies, upper year students who have still not completed their nostrification will be put on probation!

Follow this instruction:

Step 1: From your school you should have timetables for the last 4 YEARS OF SCHOOL and a diploma with your final grades/marks.

Step 2: Get the diploma document stamped officially with an apostilla (a stamp verifying the document is official)

Step 3: Get all of your documents officially translated into Slovak. (The timetables and diplomas from school)

Step 4: Take all documents in Slovak and in the original language to the government office after making an appointment with the Woman in charge of the office.

Do you have troubles with nostrification? Contact us and we will help you!

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