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Nostrification process – Pavel Jozef Safarik University (recognition of secondary school degree, Kosice)

Have you been accepted to programs of General medicine or Dental medicine at Faculty of medicine, Pavel Jozef Safarik University?

Congratulation! We are sure you are excited about studying your dream study program in Slovakia. There is one important responsibility to be done called nostrification of secondary school degree. How to do it? You can read in this article.

If you need any assistance with the process, feel free to contact us by writing us an email to medhead@medhead.eu or write us on whatsupp (+420 77 88 90 55)

Preparation of documents

The most important part of the process of recognition is securing translated documents from your secondary school. If you are not from Poland, Croatia, Hungary, Germany, Romania and Ukraine, you will need apostille (for most of the cases) or superlegalisation stamp from the Slovak counselor abroad. If you need to do superlegalisation, please read this article on recognition of degree from 3rd countries.

First of all, check out, whether your country is signatore of Hague protocol. If so, you need to get apostille for your academic document. Please click on this link to verify:

Every country, that issues apostilles has an official office usually in the capital of the country, that award apostilles for documents. The process of apostille may take 7-10 working days. You will need to submit following documents for apostille: birth certificate, secondary school leaving certificate, secondary transcript of records.

Once the apostille is ready, you will need to do sworn translations of documents. Sworn translations can be done only by sworn translators in Slovakia (or translators abroad who are listed in Slovak list of sworn translators). The translation costs are usually 20€ per one page (1800 characters is one page). Please do not submit originals of your documents – all submitted documents will not be returned to you. Do notary copy before your submission (1,60€ per one copy) – find a list of notaries by clicking here

Submission of documents at Ministry of education

Once you have all documents, you will need to get few more documents:

  1. confirmation of studies from Faculty of medicine, UPJS in the Slovak language
  2. sworn translations with notary copies of documents
  3. Kolok – administrative fee for the process – if you are from Poland, Croatia, Hungary, Germany, Romania or Ukraine, you need to buy KOLOK for 5€; if you are not from there countries, you need to pay 30€.
  4. Passport copy and ID copy
  5. Form for nostrification

You will need to go to following address for submission: Zadielska 1, Košice and will receive the decision in 1-2 weeks

Our service

Did you apply directly to the university or your agency is not providing assistance with this process? No problem – we can help you as you can appoint us for the process.

We have already helped 60+ students with the process – both from European Union and outside of Europe (where process is more complex and complicated).

Please drop us an email today so we can explain you everything and start working for you 🙂

Email: incoming.studyinslovakia@gmail.com

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