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Nostrification of academic documents from 3rd countries

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Process for Bachelor students

If you plan to study at Bachelor level in Slovakia, you will need to recognise secondary school education from your home country. This process is called nostrification and is required to be completed by enrollment to your university. The most important documents is to have your secondary school leaving certificate and mark list from the final year.

Following documents need to be submitted for nostrification for Bachelor students:

1. copy of passport or ID card from your home country
2. nostrification form (the newest format can be found in Regional School Office website – http://www.minv.sk/?nostrifikacia-dokladov
3. sworn translation of academic documents with apostille / superlegalisation stamp* – list of sworn translators in Slovakia can be found here: https://obcan.justice.sk/infosud-registre/-/isu-registre/zoznam/prekladatel?f.453=21.01.2020&f.453= . Do not forget to do notary copies of your academic documents in Slovakia, as you will not get submitted documents back.
4. 30€ e-Kolok – can be bought in Slovenska posta by cash or credit card
5. study confirmation or acceptance letter in Slovak language
6. (if applicable) delegation of power – you might appoint an authorized person to submit documents to Regional School Office by delegation of power. Second option is sending your files by post to following address: Krajsky skolsky urad, Zadielska 3, Kosice, 04001, Slovakia

It is important to make notary copies of your academic documents because after submission you will not get the documents back.

Process for Master and PhD students

In case you are planning to study in Slovakia at Master or PhD level, you will need to do nostrification – recognition of Bachelor degree from your home country.
The nostrification must be completed before enrollment to university and is necessary in order to get Slovak master degree.

Here is the list of documents that need to be submitted for nostrification:
1. sworn translation of Bachelor degree and sworn translation of transcript of records from bachelor studies. Documents must have apostille or superlegalisation stamp.
2. recognition form – the form is provided by an university where you plan to study
3. e-Kolok- can be bought in Slovenska posta by cash or credit card
4. Copy of passport of ID card

The process might take up to one month, make sure to submit your documents in advance.
Special note: Apostille / Superlegalisation stamps – every document that you submit must be verified by an authority from your country. In most countries of the world, this verification is done by apostille (you might check country list here: https://www.hcch.net/en/instruments/conventions/status-table/?cid=41).

If your home country is not Contracting party to the Convention, you will need to do so-called superlegalisation. For more details about superlegalisation, please scroll down to the end of this article.

The superlegalisation process for students from 3rd counties is following:

  1. first of all you will need to verify your academic documents in your home country. You will need to bring it for verification to Ministry of education in your home country and subsequently to Ministry of foreign affairs of your home country.
  2. secondly you will need to get stamp from Slovak embassy which is responsible for verification of formal documents in your home country. E.g. if you live in Bangladesh, embassy for you is in New Dehli; if you are from Iran, embassy for you is in Tehran; if you are in Tunisia, your embassy is in Cairo, Egypt
  3. embassy stamp per one document is 20€. Now the superlegalisation is complete and you can submit your documents for sworn translation
  4. Sworn translators must be listed in Slovak register of sworn translator. Please note that it is important to translate documents only after you have all stamps from the ministries and embassy of Slovakia
  5. Finally, you will submit documents all your documents translated to Slovak with official form, passport copy, 30€ administrative fee. After your degree is officially recognised, you will need to pay 50€ for decision.

We suggest starting with the process as soon as possible as it may take 4-6 weeks according to terms and dates you will get from ministries and embassy.