I visited Open Day at Riga Stradins University which was organized on the 12th of May 2023. You can find the most frequent questions and answers regarding the study of General medicine or Dental medicine at Riga Stradins University.

What is the application deadline for international students to apply to RSU? 

The deadline for EU / EEA students with visas free regime is the 1st of July for both General and Dental medicine. The deadline for non-EU / EEA students is the 1st of May. You can apply also without academic documents (if you are pursuing student) and submit them after the deadline. You will get an admission letter only after the submission of all documents.

How many international students study at RSU? 

There are 2674 international students (out of 9700 students) from 75 countries in 2023.

What is Open University at RSU? 

Open University is the solution for applicants who didn’t have Biology, Chemistry, or Mathematics in their secondary school or do not have a sufficient mark from these subjects and wish to improve their chances of admission. They will study together with enrolled RSU students and their results will be then taken into consideration. It is the ideal solution for example for German students, who cannot take their final secondary school exam again and their Abitor mark is not sufficient. These applicants are not enrolled as RSU students but attend medical or dentistry lectures along with them.

Secondly, transfer students can also enroll missing subjects and study them paralelly (but as enrolled students). There is extra fee for each extra subject.

How many students are accepted in September and February intakes? 

Riga Stradins University accepts 360 students for the September intake and 240 students for the February intake for the program General medicine (2023). There will be 60 Dental students accepted in the September intake and 28 accepted in the February intake.

Where are lessons, lectures, and practical classes taking place? 

There are multiple places in Riga assigned for international students from RSU. Students have classes mostly at RSU main building (Konsula Iela 21, Riga), Medical Education Technology Centre (METC), Dentistry Preclinic centre and RSU Institute of Dentistry.

Genetics lab at the RSU Main Campus

Teacher explaining PCR tests conducted at Genetics labolatory.

They have classes also at Anatomical Theatre, Pharmaceutical Education and Research Centre; Liepāja branch; Rīga 2nd Hospital; Rīga East University Hospital, Biķernieki Clinic Riga East University Hospital, Gaiļezers Rīga East University Hospital, Linezers Clinic Riga East University Hospital, Latvian Centre of Infectious Diseases Rīga East University Hospital, Oncology Centre of Latvia Riga Maternity Hospital Rīga Psychiatry and Narcology Centre Rīga Stradiņš University Main Building RSU Institute of Stomatology Hospital of Traumatology and Orthopaedics Centre of Tuberculosis and Lung Diseases State Centre for Forensic Medical Examination of the Republic of Latvia Rīga 1st Hospital, Dermatology and STS Clinic Department of Occupational and Environmental Medicine Children’s Clinical University Hospital Children’s Clinical University Hospital Department of Dermatology and Venereology Latvian Maritime Medicine Centre Department of Psychosomatic Medicine and Psychotherapy Clinical study centre Medical Education Technology Centre Medical Competency Centre Department of Orthopaedics Pauls Stradiņš Clinical University Hospital Department of Health Psychology and Paedagogy.

How does the admission process look like? 

Applicants need to submit the required documents within the deadline. Students from non-EU /EEA countries must also submit an English certificate and take English test conducted by RSU. Admission is done on rolling bases, so the sooner you apply, the sooner you get a response.

How many applications are there for the September intake? 

There are total of around 1000 applications for September intake at RSU. University accepts 360 students for General medicine and 60 students for Dental medicine in September intake.

Where do students study at Riga Stradins University? 

Library at RSU

Students have 24/7 access to library at Riga Stradins University

Students can use the services of the 24/7 library of Riga Stradins University but have access also to the Library of the University of Latvia and the National Library in Riga. You can also book room, conference room or study room at the National Library.  There are also special cubicles at campus (you can book it) where you can sit or stand and study. Students do not need to buy many books as most of them are available at the library. The rest of them are digitally accessible and provided by uni or alternatively, you can buy it at Facebook Marketplace from your older classmates.


What are the most important criteria for being accepted at RSU?

The most important are marks from secondary school and from final secondary school examination. Supporting documents, especially previous relevant education in Biology/chemistry or even working at hospital / clinic can improve your chances a lot.

How to travel to Riga and how to travel in the city? 

There are multiple ways: train, car or place. There is an international airport with a good connection with Western Europe (Riga Aiport – RIX). You can get by public transport (bus 22) to the city center (bus stop Autoosta) or take a taxi. You can buy public transport at almost all branches of Nauresen (newspaper company) for 1,5€ per 90 minutes ride or 5€ per day.

Can you be part of an international student organization at RSU? 

Yes, it is possible to join 17 study organization for various countries (ISA, Deutsche Studenten im Ausland – DSiA, SLSU, The Finnish Medical Students’ Association in Riga) or academically driven study organizations.

Does RSU allow the transfer of studies?

Yes, from the summer of 2022, Riga Stradins University allow students from any university to transfer to RSU. Their main requirement is that students must either have active study status or during the last 5 years. There is also no restriction on study marks, so marks A-E are recognized. On another hand, only graded subjects are recognized. It means that if you completed something with passed / failed, it cannot be recognised. The decision of the admission and transfer committee should be given on the same day. For more details, please contact me by email medhead@medhead.eu

Is education at RSU practically-oriented? 

Yes, students get plenty of practical classes, especially at the Medical education technology center, RSU Institute of Dentistry, and Dentistry preclinical subjects. Students are under the supervision of teachers, who explain them procedures and relationships. Students can practice for example with a mannequin in the surgical training center, a mannequin of a prematurely born kid, a mannequin of a pregnant woman or a mannequin designed to practice first help procedures (cardiac massage). Students of Dentistry spend their 3rd, 4th and 5th study year practicing their knowledge and skills with real patients.

Mannequin in surgical department

Students can practice either at mannequine or in laparoscopic skills training room.

Supervision room at METC Riga

Teacher supervises training of students during their practical classes.