Medical faculties in Europe


Studying medicine abroad

Studying medicine is dream for many absolvents of high schools in Europe or worldwide. Helping people, saving lifes and great career perspective – there is no surprise, that number of application to medical faculties raises continually. On the other hand, there are many countries, which where number of places at medical faculties is limited (so called numerus clausus). Many clever and smart students must look for alternatives abroad. One of them is called Medical studies abroad.

Studying medicine abroad is becoming more and more popular these years. Lets take students from Germany: only 20% of applicants get accepted. That means, that more than 30 000 students must wait on waiting list (Wartesemester) or apply to various private universities, where recognition of diploma is questionable. Therefore, many of them decide for well-known and established universities abroad – those in Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania or Cyprus are getting more and more popular.

Most medical programs are established in English language, which is great advantage for students. The reason is obvious: plenty of research newspapers and articles are published in English. Future doctors can be sure, that their further professional development will be fostered also thanks to great language skill.

Living for 6 or more years abroad is definitelly not easy. Students learn to adapt to new environment, meet students from all over the world and discover the world. It is challenging, but those who stand this challenge benefit during their whole life.

Here come our role. We make your studies abroad easier: paperwork, recognition of school leaving diploma or communication with your future alma mater can take a lot of time and be stressful. Furthermore, there are plenty of unpredictable situations that can occur during your staying abroad, such as injury, disease or problems with visa. These are areas where we can help: so why taking all responsibility, when you can get guide completely free of charge?

We wish you to choose wisely and do great decision when it comes to selection of medical faculty.