How to transfer medical studies from Hungary

Medical or dentistry studies in Hungary are on a high level and every year, there are hundreds of new students from all over the world to study general medicine, dentistry, physiotherapy or veterinary medicine. Some students may decide after a few semesters, that studies in Hungary are not for them and wish to transfer studies somewhere else. Another fact is, that there are relatively high number of discontinued studies at Hungarian universities compared to other European Countries. You can also visit our page about medical schools in Hungary.

Options for transfer from Hungarian medical schools

Students from the University of Pecs, University of Debrecen, University of Szeged, and Semmelweis University have basically 2 options:

a) transfer within Hungary – in this case, students need to take an entrance exam in their desired university (e.g. Semmelweis University) and then submit all required documents (typical transcript of records and syllabuses of completed courses). This may be a way for those students, who are satisfied with the Hungarian school system, just they are not satisfied with their particular faculty. On another hand, there is big competitiveness for Hungarian medical schools (e.g. in Szeged, there are 10 applicants per one seat), which may be problematic for transferring students.
If this is your case, you can check the article about transferring to Hungarian schools.

b) transfer to another country – transferring to a different country make sense for different reasons. First of all, tuition fees for medical or dentistry studies in Hungary are considerably higher (usually 16.000-18.000USD). There might be also various expenses, e.g. for dental materials, enrollment fees, or fees for entrance exams. Secondly, there are universities in central Europe where students have better chances of completing their studies. One of them is the University of Pavel Jozef Safarik in Kosice (Slovakia), located only 30 minutes from Hungarian borders.

Update 2022: it is possible to transfer also to Jessenius Faculty of medicine in Martin in Slovakia, but only marks A-C are accepted

Transferring from Hungarian medical schools to UPJS

Faculty of Medicine of the University of Pavel Jozef Safarik is a modern education institution with over 1000 international students. The Faculty is located in Kosice, the second biggest city in Slovakia (after the capital, Bratislava). It offers programs of General medicine (6 years) and Dental medicine (6 years). Transfering to Kosice is an interesting alternative to transferring to Romania and Bulgaria, as it has an excellent ratio of quality / tuition fees and is involved in many international projects and collaborations. The University is listed also high in international rankings – in QS World Universities it was listed on 651-700th place which is comparable with Palacky University in the Czech Republic and higher than Comenius University in Bratislava.

What to do, if you wish to transfer to UPJS? First of all, you will need to compare the curriculum in your home university in Hungary with FM UPJS curriculum. There should be similar or the same subjects in years that you already finished and the same system of completion. It is possible to recognize only subjects, that were completed in the last 5 years. The transfer is possible up to the 4th year both for studies of General medicine and Dental medicine (based on an update of the directive valid from 1st of September 2022)

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