Faculty of medicine is part of Comenius University and located in Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia. The faculty in Bratislava is popular especially among German, Austrian, Spanish, Greek, Portugal or Polish students. The good news is, that faculty is planning to offer more places for international students for a program of General medicine (275 places in 2021 compared to 220 places in 2020). The number of places for dental medicine is still the same (35 places to be offered). Currently, the faculty is running online because of the Covid-19 pandemic (many Slovak or international students are also helping at hospitals or testing which shows the dedication of students).

Form of entrance exam in Bratislava

The entrance exam is performed as a multiple-choice test (4 options, any combination of answers is possible). There are booklets with questions for biology and chemistry every applicant needs to purchase and study. Only questions from these databanks will be present at the entrance exam. Maximum number of points is 800 and the level for accepting might be varying based on the results of other students. There are deduction of points for every incorrect sub answer.

Entrance dates

There will be an online entrance exam in 2021 with 2 dates: 10th of August 2021 (for applicants of General medicine) and 11th of August 2021 (for applicants of Dental medicine). The application period starts from the 1st of March and all documents need to be submitted by the 9th of July 2021.

Documents for registering to study medicine in Bratislava

What documents are needed to be submitted to study medicine or dentistry in Bratislava? Here is the list:

  • copy of passport or ID card
  • application fee of 80€ (you can submit one application for General medicine and one for Dental medicine)
  • application form (to be generated from e-prihlaska.uniba.sk)
  • sworn translation of birth certificate
  • 2 passport sized pictures
  • sworn translation of academic documents
  • nostrification confirmation (also called nostrification)

    You can find complete information about the admission process also on the page of faculty in Bratislava.