Graduates from Jessenius Faculty of Medicine evaluated the quality of studying in Martin

Feedback from the recent graduates is one of the most important when doing research about quality of education. Graduates of General medicine from Martin were asked 9 questions about their experience of studying in Martin, employment perspectives or praxis oriented education. Research has been conducted in 2017, graduates from 2012-2016 were answering the questions.

Do you consider your education as first-class?

One of the most important criterius when deciding for education abroad is quality of education. 92% of graduates confirmed that they are sarisfied with level of education (answers Definitely yes and Yes)

Do you feel prepared for praxis in area you want to work?

84% of graduates said that Jessenius Faculty of medicine in Martin provides very useful guidance in their future specialisation. This is very important information since there are plenty of different specialisation for doctor graduates.

Do you plan to employ yourself in the same area in which you gradated?

100% of graduates said Yes 🙂

Would you recommend your study program to your friends?

This is one of the most important criterium when you want to be sure, that you choose the correct faculty of medicine. Studying medicine abroad has plenty of alternatives so everyone needs to be absolutely sure when deciding. 92% of graduates recommend studying at the Jessenius Faculty (27% definitely yes, 65% yes, only 6% no and 2% definitely no).

Did the school meet your expectations?

As applicants have only limited information before studying medicine abroad, it is interesting to compare whether expectations have been met. Exactly 88% of graduates answered positively.

As studying in English abroad is connected with big investments, everyone is taking close look on renumeration after the school. Do you think that you you will earning satisfactory money?

35% of graduates replied with Definitely yes, while 55% replied with yes.

Final question was: do you think there are very good employment opportunities for you after the graduation? 92% of graduates said yes – this is very good result, as some people may think that studying abroad has not the same value as studying in their home country. In reality their starting position is practically the same.

Do you want to apply for studying medicine in Martin? Admission to Martin is open until half of July.