Are you accepted in some of the universities in Kosice (Pavol Jozef Safarik University, Technical University, University of veterinary medicine and pharmacy) and you started to look for a flat? There is one good news and one bad news – as there are plenty of Slovak and foreign students, there are many students flats, dormitories and possibilities to find a flat. The bad news is that the demand is higher that offer and prices went up significantly in last years. There was a lot of development and construction progress in the last years, so there are many good flats in the market. Universities have also dormitories, but they are usually occupied by students from higher years who reserved them in previous years.

The best time to look for a flat is before the end of August when most of the students are not in Kosice and the offer might be better. If you start looking in September, prices will be higher as most of the international and Slovak students look at the same time.

What is the budget you might expect in Kosice:

single rooms apartments (with kitchen, bathroom and approximately 20-25m2) for a single person are usually the most expensive and will start from 300€, luxurious apartments will be 500-600€

double rooms apartments (with two single rooms) are prices around 380-450€ – the price is for 2 students

three students may count with the price of 450-500€

four students should be having budget of 550-700€

The best locations for international students in Kosice

The best location to look for accommodation for UPJS is Old Town – Stare Mesto and Terasa as the university is located very close to city centre.

The best locations for students of veterinary medicine are Old Town and Kosice Sever (Kosice North).

The best locations for students of Technical University are Old Town, Terasa and Sever (North).

These locations have also premium prices, so you may end up with a higher price when looking for apartments in these locations.

Where to look for flats in Kosice for international students?

There are two ways how to find apartments.

First of all, we suggest looking at Facebook groups (groups might be dedicated also to specific nationality of students):

The second is by real estate agencies – the disadvantage is that there are service charges, that are charged to students in the amount of one month rent. We work with an agent which is not charging any service fee to students and it working with international students mostly.
His name is Vladimir Pacai and he has around 50 flats to choose from. His whatsupp is: +421 907 910 902 and he is available to help you , his email is

There are also new luxurious appartments available next to the hockey stadium (Steel Arena) – you can open the prospect here: bck-rental-apartments-kosice_brozura_2019-10. They are available from 1st of October 2020.

If you need help, please contact us and we can check the flats for you.