Applicants at School of medicine do not need to take traditional entrance examinations. Instead, the most important factors for being admitted as a student are: academic results from secondary school, academic skills and activity, extracurriculum activities, good knowledge of English language and motivation. See the list of documents and prerequisites, that are necessary for taking successful entrance examination.

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  1. Completed application form, which can be found on website, or could be provided by our agency. It is also required to pay nonrefundable fee of 52€.
  2. Official copy of school leaving certificate together with marksheet of secondary school records. Marks must correspondend to 90% or above or its equivalent in high school leaving certificate.
  3. Proof of English language skills, which states good knowledge of English language from applicant. If applicant does not have any certificate, he/she must take English placement test to submit level.
  4. Letter of recommendation from teacher at high school or professor at University. This paper must be certified by school or university.
  5. Personal statement, which covers topics such as motivation, goals or previous education.
  6. One passport photography
  7. Copy of ID card or passport
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