Faculty of Medicine is part of European University Cyprus (Laureate universities network) and is located in Nicosia, Cyprus. School of medicine runs under ECTS system and was acredited by the Cyprus Ministry of Education.

Basic information

Location: Nicosia

Country: Cyprus

University: European University Cyprus

Tuition fee: 19.000€ per 2 semesters

Study programmes: General Medicine (from 2016/2017 also Dental Medicine)

Degree: Doctor of Medicine

Accepted students into first year: around 100 (2016)

Teaching conducted in language: English language

Why studying Medicine in Cyprus? 

  1. Affordable costs – costs of studying in Cyprus are affordable for international students. You can meet there students from Germany, Greece, Italy, but also from Middle East countries
  2. Friendly environment – Cyprus is not big country, but is famous for its openhearted and friendly inhabitants. It does not matter, whether you are tourist or student – locals have mostly good level of English and do not have problem with answering any of your questions
  3. Internationally oriented study programs: Internationalisation is the key factor of today. Students prefer getting foreign experience before their professional life and are eager to obtain friends from all over the world. Most of programs are taught in English by world-leading prefessionals. For example, at Faculty of Medicine of Cyprus, there is 2 laureates of Nobel prices!

Comprehensive info about Faculty of medicine European University Cyprus!

Faculty of Medicine EUC invested a lot of effort and money to establish top-level educational facility for medical students. One of teacher at Faculty is laureate of Nobel Price in Chemistry (1988), Mr. Robert Hubert. Another Nobel Laureate, Mrs. Ada Yonath (Chemistry) is a honorary professor at the School of medicine in Nicosia.

Undergraduates may apply for study programme General Medicine. Programme of Dental medicine will be offered in upcoming years.

From the first years of study, students are exposed to clinical work and are in direct contact with patients. The curriculum is organically balanced: same attention is paid to theory and practice.

One of the long-terms of establishment of School of Medicine is being educational medical platform. Teaching staff is carefully selected and guarantee quality of education. It is no surpise, that ambitious students from Europe, Asia, Africa and Middle East are attending this School and promote its quality of education further.

There is no premedical coursework required if you want to join Faculty of Medicine in Cyprus and no entrance test you need to take.

Study programmes

Applicants can currently apply to study programme of General Medicine at Faculty of Medicine in Nicosia. Study programme Dental Medicine will be offered in upcoming years.

General Medicine consists of 12 semesters, which are distributed in 6 years. Teaching is in English and students must obtain at least 360 ECTS credits. Thanks to the fact, that University runs under European Credit Transfer System, degree from Faculty is internationally recognised and students do not need to take any additional exams, if they wish to work in countries of European union.

Do you ask why? Bologna process made system of recognition of degree really easy and eliminated all bureaucrats obstacles that were usual before.

What are the biggest advantages when studying at School of Medicine in Cyprus?

Answering question: Why I should study at EUC?

Admission process

Applicants at School of medicine do not need to take traditional entrance examinations. Instead, the most important factors for being admitted as a student are: academic results from secondary school, academic skills and activity, extracurriculum activities, good knowledge of English language and motivation. See the list of documents and prerequisites, that are necessary for taking successful entrance examination.

Documents needed for an application

Here is the list of documents, that are needed for successful application at the Faculty of Medicine European University Cyprus

  1. Completed application form, which can be found on website, or could be provided by our agency. It is also required to pay nonrefundable fee of 52€.
  2. Official copy of school leaving certificate together with marksheet of secondary school records. Marks must correspondend to 90% or above or its equivalent in high school leaving certificate.
  3. Proof of English language skills, which states good knowledge of English language from applicant. If applicant does not have any certificate, he/she must take English placement test to submit level.
  4. Letter of recommendation from teacher at high school or professor at University. This paper must be certified by school or university.
  5. Personal statement, which covers topics such as motivation, goals or previous education.
  6. One passport photography
  7. Copy of ID card or passport

Our service and support

We support students completely free of charge with their application to School of medicine European University of Cyprus. Get in touch with us today at medhead@medhead.eu


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