Faculty of Medicine (Commenius University) in Bratislava offers two undergraduate study programmes in English: General Medicine and Dental Medicine which both takes 6 years (standard length of study is 12 semesters). Academic year is divided in two semesters – winter semester (September – February) and Summer semester (February – August).

After passing the state examination the graduate is conferred the degree MUDr. – Medicinae universae doctor (Doctor of Medicine) and MDDr. – Medicinae Dentale Doctor (Doctor of Dentistry). Both degrees are internationally recognised within European union and in most countries of the world.

Since the academic year 2001/2002 the credit system has been introduced that is compatible with the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). Let us briefly introduce your stud programmes.

Study programme General medicine is based on up-to-date knowledge and human and ethical basis. Students attend theoretical and pre-clinical lectures, labolatories and practical classes in the first three years courses. From forth to sixth year, there are also clinical experiences included. The study is made comprehensive thanks to complex education focused on therapy, prevention of diseases, diagnosis and differential diagnostics.
A student of the Faculty of Medicine Comenius University acquires sound theoretical and practical knowledge which enables student to think medically and to deepen students education in any medicine specialization.

The tuition-fee in undergraduate programmes for one academic year is  9.500 (nine thousand five hundred) EUR for the General Medicine.

Study programme Dental medicine is six years full-time study programme though in English, that prepare students for diagnostics, prevention and treatment of the diseased states of oral cavity and teeth. Study programme is practice oriented and graduate acquires theoretical and practical knowledge and skills, which are required to carry our casic tasks in preventive and therapeutic dental care independently.

There are basic diagnostic, therapeutic and preventive methods taught, together with general medical view and multidisciplinary medical approach. The required level of his ability and knowledge is in accordance with the Regulation of the Council of member states of EU No. 78/686/EEC accepted by ME SR.

The tuition-fee in undergraduate programmes for one academic year is 11.000 (eleven thousand) EUR for the Dental Medicine.