Do you wonder, which university in Slovakia has the longest tradition? If your guess is Comenius Logo of Comenius UniversityUniversity, you are right – it was founded back in 1919, but its predecessor, Academica Istropolitana, was founded in 1465 by Matthias Corvinus, Hungarian King. Commenius University is ranked among TOP 500 universities in the world thanks to internationally recognised centers of science and research. More than 2 000 teachers and scientific workers work at Commenius University.

There are more than 13 faculties with 20 educational, scientific and other institutes within faculty. International students at Comenius University forms significant share – there are more than 1800 students from 80 countries enrolled at University. Total number of students is 28 000 (from which 21 000 are full-time students).

Greatest number of international students attend Faculty of Medicine in Bratislava, which accepts around 120 students to study programmes of General Medicine and Dentistry each year.