Application deadlines for medical and dentistry schools – 2024/2025

If you already plan to apply for medical or dentistry studies in Europe, it is vital to know the deadlines for application. While some schools require only online registration and payment of the application fee, other schools do ask for complete documents including the nostrification, original documents, etc. You can check the deadline below and the estimated time needed for the completion of the application. You can also find the list of entrance exams organized either by the faculties or in cooperation with their agencies.


Faculty of Medicine, University of Pavel Jozef Safarik – as official representatives, we do offer preparatory courses in the English language for applicants for UPJS in Kosice. The course will contain tailored tutoring of biology and chemistry under the supervision of experienced lectors. The course is organized in collaboration with www.namedicinu.sk – please contact us for more information.
The faculty of medicine in Kosice and agency Medhead.eu offer the following dates for entrance exams:

  • 19th of June 2024 in Košice (deadline for registration 12th of June 2024)
  • 14th of August in Košice (deadline for registration 7th of August 2024)
  • 24th of August in Krakow, Poland (deadline for registration 17th of August 2024)
  • 31st of August in Warsaw, Poland (deadline for registration 24th of August 2024)
  • 7th of September in Budapest, Hungary (deadline for registration 31st of August 2024)

Jessenius Faculty of Medicine, Comenius University – as official representatives, we offer preparatory courses for applicants for Jessenius Faculty in Martin. The course is prepared with experienced lectors from www.namedicinu.sk and offers high-quality classes in biology and chemistry. If you are interested for more details, please contact us.
The Jessenius faculty organizes entrance exams in the online form on the following dates:

  • 21st of March 2024 (deadline for registration is 7th of March 2024)
  • 12th of July 2024 (deadline for registration is 1st of July 2024)
  • 10th of August 2024 (deadline for registration is the 1st of August 2024)

Faculty of Medicine, Comenius University – the faculty offers preparatory courses in Chemistry and Biology starting from the 18th of May 2024. Medhead.eu became the official representative of the Faculty of Medicine in Bratislava from January 2024.

The faculty offers the following dates for the program General medicine:

  • 19th of March 2024 – The registration deadline is the 12th of February 2024
  • 25th of June 2024 – The registration deadline is the 13th of May 2024
  • 13th of August 2024 – registration deadline is 22nd of July 2024

The following dates are offered for the program Dental medicine:

  • 20th of March 2024 – The registration deadline is the 12th of February 2024
  • 26th of June 2024 – The registration deadline is the 13th of May 2024
  • 14th of August 2024 – registration deadline is the 22th of July 2024

Faculty of Medicine, Slovak Medical University – information about admission dates for 2024/2025 is not published yet.

The Czech Republic

the 1st Faculty of Medicine, Charles University – The deadline for both General medicine and Dental medicine is on 30th of April 2024 (on-site entrance exams are expected to take place on the week between June 3 and June 7, 2024 and the week between June 17 and June 21, 2024- the oral part will then take part 3 days after the exam). The whole application procedure is online and will take several hours to complete. There are total of 800 students from 50 countries studying in English programs.
Source: https://en.lf1.cuni.cz/admission-process-2024-2025

the 2nd Faculty of Medicine, Charles University – application deadline is on the 30th of April 2024 with 2 entrance exams organised on 29 May 2024 and 25 June 2024 (collaborating agencies organise entrance exams around the globe as well). The application is online and will take a few hours to complete. There are 90 seats offered for international students.
Source: https://www.lf2.cuni.cz/en/applicants/how-to-apply/apply-electronically

the 3rd Faculty of Medicine, Charles University – the latest deadline for submission of the documents is on 30th of April 2024. The entrance exam will be online and has 2 parts: multiple-choice test from biology, chemistry, mathematics, or physics and an oral part. The faculty offers maximum 65 places for students of General medicine admitted based on the entrance exam and 25 seats for students admitted without entrance exam.  The majority of the exams abroad are organized in cooperation with local agencies. The latest possible date to enroll is October 20th, 2024.
You can check the exact dates on the 3rd faculty of Medicine website.

the Faculty of Medicine in Hradec Kralove, Charles University – Latest date for submission of the application is on the 30th of April 2024.  The application procedure might take maximum few hours. University offers 105 places in General medicine. There will be entrance exam on 14th of May 2024 and one more specified later. Entrance exams are held in Hradec Kralove and various destinations – you can check the Hradec Kralove faculty website for exact timings.

the Faculty of Medicine in Pilsen, Charles University – the faculty offers both General medicine and Dental medicine course. The whole application procedure is online and applicants must only submit required documents and pay the application fee (remaining documents must be submitted only after successful passing of the entrance exam). The deadline for application is the end of April 2024. There are 150 places for General medicine and 30 places for Dental medicine program. Students can attend entrance exam either or as per the dates provided by cooperating agencies. The entrance exam consists of a written multiple-choice test from Biology, Chemistry and Physics, an interview & personal statement.
Source: https://lfp.cuni.cz/sekce/133-how-to-apply-as-a-regular-student.html

Faculty of Medicine in Brno, Masaryk University – The Faculty offers both General and Dental medicine courses. Online application for general medicine and dental medicine is open until 31.7.2024 and the application should attach all documents online (including secondary school leaving documents). You need to register at least 2 weeks before the entrance exam in order to sit the entrance exam either in Brno or in cooperation with partners of the Faculty of Medicine in Brno.
Source: https://www.med.muni.cz/en/applicants/general-medicine

Faculty of Medicine in Olomouc, Palacky University – the faculty accepts students for general medicine (max 80 students), respectively dentistry (max 20 students). Application should be submitted minimum 2 weeks before the entrance exam you wish to sit, but the final deadline for registration is on 31st of July 2024. Exams are organised both online and offline from January to July. You can check timings after clicking more in part Entrance examination on the Olomouc faculty of medicine website.


The University of Debrecen – the application deadline is the end of the 15th of June 2024, the faculty offers programs in General medicine and Dental medicine. The application procedure is online, 2 weeks should be satisfactory to get all the documents. The faculty organizes plenty of entrance exams in cooperation with their partners, you can find the timing on the University of Debrecen website. Source: https://edu.unideb.hu/p/application-procedure

The University of Szeged – the entrance exam will be organized online either by the faculty of medicine (General medicine in English) or Faculty of dentistry (Dental medicine in English) or in cooperation with agencies. The registration deadline is the 9th of July 2024 for the exam of the 16th to 18th of July 2024. You can check the dates on the University of Szeged website.  The registration procedure is fast as the whole operation is conducted online, applicants have 2 chances to sit the entrance exam.

The University of Pecs – the university offers programs in General medicine (180 seats) and Dental medicine (60 seats, 5 years duration). The application deadline is 30th of June 2024. Entrance exams are organized in cooperation with agencies in the whole world – you can check faculty bulettin for more details: https://admissions.medschool.pte.hu/admission-and-academic-bulletin

Semmelweis University – university is offering programs in General medicine and dental medicine (but also plenty of related healthcare programs such as midwifery, nursing, dietetics, physiotherapy, or optometry). The deadline for application is on the 31st of May 2024. Applicant must register at least 2 weeks before the exam. Documents for registration need to be uploaded online, it will take a maximum of 10 days to arrange documents.
Source: https://semmelweis.hu/admission/programs/medicine/


The University of Gdansk – the deadline for application is the 1st of June 2023. Application is online and documents must be also submitted in scanned format. The entrance exam will be most probably in online form organized by the faculty or collaborating agencies. The exam has two parts – a written exam and then oral motivational discussion.

Medical University in Warsaw – The deadline for registration for academic year 2024/2025 is not specified yet. Applicants will write University Competency Test or present your score from BMAT/MCAT/GAMSAT/UKCAT. The whole procedure is online. Source: https://ed.wum.edu.pl/step-1-apply-online/

Jagiellonian University in Krakow – the application period will be open until 8th of May 2024. The application procedure is fully online and application fee is 100PLN. Source: https://welcome.uj.edu.pl/en_GB/admission/schedule

The Medical University of Lodz – The admission starts on February 15th. The application deadline is the 15th of July. Documents must be submitted to university original of multiple documents (including apostilles or super legalization). Therefore the application will take at least 3-4 weeks /including validation of documents/. Source: https://studymed.umed.pl/admission/6-year-md-medicine/frequently-asked-question/

Pomeranian Medical University in Szczecin  – not deadline is not specified by the university yet Source:  https://apply.pum.edu.pl/contents/content/66-deadlines

The University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn – the faculty admission is running in multiple phases. The deadline is not specified yet. The application procedure is online and requires submission of an academic document Source: http://bwm.uwm.edu.pl/en/international-students/admission-deadlines-20232024

Medical University in Bialystok – the deadline for admission to the Medical University in Bialystok is not specified yet. The university requires submission of an application form, secondary school certificates, health certificates, copy of passport, and pictures Source: https://www.umb.edu.pl/en/admission/requirements/interview

Nicolaus Copernicus University Collegium Medicumin in Bydgoszcz – there will be minimum of 2 rounds of admission. The deadline is not specified yet. Site: https://www.umk.pl/en/admissions/ There are the following programs offered in English language: Nursing (3 year Bachelor studies) Pharmacy (5,5 year MSc) Physiotherapy (5 year MSc) Medicine (6 year M.D.)

Jan Kochanowski University of Kielce – The deadline for application is not specified yet. Site: https://medicineschool.ujk.edu.pl/general_rules.php

Wroclaw Medical University – The University hasn’t published her monogram of admission yet. Site: https://www.umw.edu.pl/pl/kierunek-lekarski-english

Silesia Medical University in Katowice – harmonogram for 2024/2025 has not been uploaded yet Source: https://smk.sum.edu.pl/terms-and-procedures-of-admission-2/

Medical University in Lublin – there school of medicine currently specifies only start of application period: https://rekrutacja.umlub.pl/recruitment-conditions-20242025


The University of Zagreb – Deadline for applications is June 20, 2024 for the entrance exam in July 2024 and transfer students. The deadline for applicants taking MCAT test or BA/Bsc is June 15, 2024. Source: https://mse.mef.unizg.hr/admission/application-procedure/

The University of Split – the dates for 2024 are not mentioned yet, there are 70 seats offered for international students. Part of the seats goes to German students completing their studies at Regiomed – Kliniken hospitals. More details: https://mefst.unist.hr/studies/medical-studies-in-english/call-for-applicants-2023-2024/1324

University of Rijeka – Applications for the summer exam term by June 28, 2024, and for the autumn exam term by August 30, 2024. The entrance exam will be organized on-site in a hybrid mode at the University of Rijeka, Faculty of Medicine premises, Braće Branchetta 20/I, 51000 Rijeka and simultaneously abroad: a) May 10, 2024 b) July 12, 2024 c) September 13, 2024
Source: https://medical-studies-in-english.com/admission/call-for-applications/


Riga Stradins University – deadline for application for EU and EEA students is the 1st of July 2024 (including countries that have a visa-free regime with Latvia), other students need to apply before the 1st of May

The University of Latvia – the deadline for EU students is on 1st of July 2024. Applicants should submit their secondary schools certificates, passports, and English proficiency and pass the Zoom interview. Students outside of the EU must also apostille documents
Source: https://apply.lu.lv/courses/course/5-professional-medicine


Lithuanian University of Health Sciences (LSMU) – the deadline for application is the 5th of July 2024, entrance exams will be organised before the 15th of July 2024. Application files need to be submitted in the online form. Applicants must submit required documents and pass exam in order to get accepted.
Source: https://lsmu.lt/en/admission/application-procedure/

Vilnius University – the faculty offers both General and Dental medicine proram. There are the following deadlines:
1 May | for applicants from non-EU/EFTA countries.
1 July | • for applicants who are citizens of EU/EFTA countries. • for non-EU/EFTA applicants with a 90-day visa-free period that has not yet been exceeded. • for citizens of Armenia, Azerbaijan, China, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Uzbekistan.
20 August | for citizens of Ukraine who are able to arrive in Lithuania no later than 25 August 2024.
Source: https://www.vu.lt/en/studies/bachelor-and-integrated-studies/medicine


University of Tartu – The application deadline is the 15th of April 2024, results will be published before the 15th of May 2024. The program of General medicine is offered.


University of Barcelona – deadline is not specified yet : https://www.ub.edu/uri/estudiantsNOUB/intercanvis/terminis_a.htm

UCAM Catholic University of Murcia

University of Granada

University of Zaragoza

Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha


Trakia Medical University in Stara Zagora – deadline for application for students from EU and EEA countries is the 29th of August 2023, the deadline for UK students is the 28th of August 2023 and the deadline for non-EU students is the 1st of August 2023

Medical University’s Prof. Dr. Paraskev Stoyanov’ Varna Faculty of Medicine – the deadline is the 15th of September 2023

Medical University of Plovdiv Faculty of Medicine – the deadline for application is the 30th of August 2023 for EU students and the 14th of August 2023 for non-EU students. The UK students may submit their application before the 8th of September 2023

Medical University of Sofia Faculty of Medicine
Admission of EU and EEA nationals and the Swiss Confederation: Deadline for receipt of documents: 01.08.2023 to 13.09.2023;
As the faculty is requesting academic documents to be apostilled, the preparation of documents (that need to be delivered to the faculty in person or by authorised person, not by post) will take at least month
Source: https://mu-sofia.bg/en/admission/admissions-of-foreign-citizen/

Pleven Medical University – the deadline is not stated yet

Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski Faculty of Medicine – application period is open between the 12th of June – the 3rd of July 2023


Harvey – Università degli Studi di Pavia – Harvey Medicine: not specified yet

International Medical School – Università degli Studi di Milano:

University of Rome La Sapienza – non-EU students should submit application before the 14th of April 2023, other students have time until the 28th of July 2023

Tor Vergata School of medicine and medicine and Surgery – the deadline is not published yet Source: http://web.uniroma2.it/en/contenuto/medicine_and_surgery-51346

University of Naples Federico II – the faculty mentions the deadline for non-EU students only – it is 15th of July 2023. Program General medicine is offered.

The University Of Napoli Luigi Vanvitelli  –

University of Bari Aldo Moro –

The University of Turin – the deadline is the 25th of June 2023 for EU citizens and non-EU citizens with residence in Italy.

University of Bologna – the deadline was not published yet. Site: https://corsi.unibo.it/singlecycle/MedicineAndSurgery/how-to-enrol

University of Milano – Biccoca – the admission deadline is not published yet Source: https://en.unimib.it/single-cycle/medicine-and-surgery

The University of Messina – For the Single Cycle Degree in Medicine and Surgery, the application call will open starting from June 5, 2023. The application deadline will be communicated later. Universitaly applications will be evaluated until September 30, 2023. Site: https://international.unime.it/study-us/application-and-admission


European University Cyprus School of Medicine – the university didn’t state the deadline for admission but classes start on the 2nd of October 2023 https://euc.ac.cy/en/admissions-now-open/

The University of Nicosia Medical School – the deadline is not stated yet


University in Novi Sad – the university offers 70 places in General medicine and 20 places in Dental medicine. The deadline for both General (6500€) and Dental medicine (6500€) is the 23rd of June 2023.   Source: https://www3.mf.uns.ac.rs/En/Admission2022.php

University in Nis – the deadline is on 4th of July 2023  (https://www.medfak.ni.ac.rs/index.php/en/dates-deadlines)

University in Belgrade – There are 100 seats for students of General medicine. The Deadline is on the 3rd of July 2023. Site: http://studiesinenglish.med.bg.ac.rs/studies-in-english/applying-to-ubfm


Faculty of Medicine in Foca, University of East Sarajevo – according to availability of places, but the faculty organized entrance exams also in September 2022. Both programs of General and Dental medicine are offered

Sarajevo Medical School, Sarajevo School of Science and Technology – deadline not specified. The university offers a program of General medicine.

American Northwest University School of Medicine – the university runs program of General medicine in English.  Information about deadline is not provided.

International University of Goražde Faculty of Health Sciences – the deadline is not specified. The private university offers both General and Dental medicine.

University of Banja Luka Faculty of Medicine – the deadline is not specified

University of Mostar Faculty of Medicine – not specified Site: https://mef.sum.ba/engl/index.php/category/news/

University of Sarajevo Faculty of Medicine – the university had open 3rd round of applications that was open until 30th of September 2022