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Current situation in Slovakia regarding COVID-19 and medical studies

Many students and applicants are worried regarding the current situation and are considering whether to apply for medicine or dentistry in Slovakia. The way how Slovakia is handling the COVID-19 is different, therefore it would be helpful for all applicants and their parents to know if it’s safe to come to study in Slovakia. This article is reflecting the situation from 21.4.2020

Currently, there are 1199 people with a positive diagnosis for coronavirus.

As you can see, there are usually 20-50 cases per day, and the progress is not logarithmic, unlike other countries (which can of course change any day). There were many cases from people, who came from abroad but were taken to quarantine, so the virus was isolated. Daily Slovakia is doing 2000-2500 tests, the plan is to achieve 3000 testings by the end of April. Currently, the government is testing 40.000 workers in hospitals, senior centers or retirement homes. Most of the deaths are of people above 65 years.

We consider these numbers positively and there are several reasons for it. First of all, we made a very movement restrictions and traveling in trains dropped by 90%. All people going outside of their flat must have a surgical mask, everyone going to grocery must have also surgical gloves. People are very disciplined and following rules from the government. There were 3 hospitals selected in Slovakia where all patients with Covid-19 will be distributed – Old hospital in Kosice, the hospital in Banska Bystrica and University hospital in Bratislava. This helped to reduce the risk that one patient will infect others. All shops in Slovakia except of groceries, pharmacies, posts and few specialized shops are closed. The government has now plan to open shops and economics in 4 phases. Everyone who is now coming from abroad to Slovakia must stay in 2 weeks quarantine.

There are 4 faculties in Slovakia, where students can study either General medicine or Dentistry in Slovakia – Faculty of medicine in Kosice, UPJS, Faculty of medicine in Bratislava, Comenius University, Faculty of medicine in Martin, Comenius University or Slovak Medical University in Bratislava. Now we will describe the situation for every faculty.

The faculty of medicine in Kosice has decided to shift June entrance exam to July. From 17th of June 2020, the test will be conducted on 8th of July. There will be special hygienic measures. Regarding current students, the university cancelled all contact classes and all classes and exams are conducted online with self-study. All meeting, international trips, canteens and selections at the University are cancelled. Foreign students are advised to stay at dormitories and not travel abroad. Many medical students decided to volunteer in hospitals and are helpful especially at the entries of clinics – measuring temperature of patients and taking sample from patients.

The faculty of medicine in Bratislava has decided to move their entrance exam from June to August. All entrance exams will be conducted as written tests with 4 dates in August. Medical students are helping at hospitals to overcome current situations – 2 postgraduate students manage to develop lung respirators for urgent cases of corona virus for price of only 80€. All classes and exams are conducted online so students do not go to university. State exams are  also conducted online, which means there are usually 3 members of comitee and student speaking in front of camera. Before the answers, student must show his/her room to prove that there is no one else helping him, also he can be asked to show his screen of computer.

The faculty of medicine in Martin cancelled entrance test in Martin – it will be conducted online instead. First will be in first half of June and second will be in August. More details will be informed soon. Portal for applications is open already. Current students were advised not to travel abroad and stay at their flats or dormitories. The state exam will be conducted as planned – but in online form (check this link), so the graduates may go and help to hospitals. Classes and exams will be online so students can resume their studies from winter semester 2020 without problems. Theses are submitted solely electronically to MAIS system of the university. All results are written only to electronical result books of students. New academic year will start at planned on 15th of September 2020. Medical students are helping when being involved in testing of patients as well when contributing to Red Cross initiative korona.redcross.sk or Pro Care volunteeers procare.sk

Slovak Medical University in Bratislava has also shifted to online form of education. All classes and exams are now conducted through online portals of the University – Microsoft Teams. There are various study programs at Slovak Medical University, including nursing, public health assistance, physioterapy, dental hygiene, radiology diagnostics or midwife. All students from SZU were asked to join hospitals and clinics in Slovakia as volunteers to help fight against coronavirus. Admission process procedure will likely be also changed.