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Commenius University is among TOP universities worldwide

Faculty of Medicine in Bratislava is part of Commenius University, which celebrates next great success. Commenius University is placed among TOP 500 universities worldwide (494th place to be precise). Best places are reserved for Harvard University, University of Toronto and University of Oxford.

In order to give you better perspective, there are around 20 000 universities or colleges worldwide. 6 objective and measurable criterias are taken into consideration: number of scientific articles combined with number of citations, productivity of scienties, impact factor of articles and measurement of quality of citation in relation to impact factor of newspaper, where articles have been published or measure of international cooperation with foreign or domestic universities.
Faculty of Medicine in Bratislava, where students can study General Medicine or Dental medicine, obtained another great recognition, this time from QS World University Rankings, where it places 651. – 700. position. There are 6 various criterias taken into consideration: academic reputation, reputation among employees, ratio between number of students and academical employees, number of citations, success rate when attracting students or academic employees from abroad.
Rector of Commenius University, Mr. Karol Mičieta, shared his hapiness:
Prestigious place of Commenius University in world rankings is also challenge for us – challenge to improve from year to year. We know, that there are still reserves and areas, where we can improve quality of education and science.
He futher added: We sense though competitive university environment in international comparison. But we should take into consideration: budget of universities in Slovakia and in TOP universities worldwide, cannot be compared objectively.
We hope that not only Commenius university, but also other universities in Slovakia, will improve their standing in following years.