Transfers of medical studies

Preliminary screening of completed subjects: the Faculty of medicine, UPJS

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The Faculty of medicine, University of Pavel Jozef Safarik does offer a preliminary screening of completed subjects from previous studies. It is related with payment, but it helps you to get relevant information whether is is worth applying to the Faculty. All details are below. CONDITIONS FOR ASSESSMENT OF THE TRANSCRIPT AND PROVISIONAL NON-BINDING ENROLLMENT

Transfers to Bulgarian Medical Universities

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Medical schools in Bulgaria are popular among students, because of their affordability (7000-8500€ per year of studies). Generally speaking, students can transfer to the 2nd and 3rd year and complete their clinical subjects in Bulgaria. Transfers are possible only before start of the Winter Semester, so transfers in the middle of the academic year are

How to transfer medical studies from Hungary

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Medical or dentistry studies in Hungary are on a high level and every year, there are hundreds of new students from all over the world to study general medicine, dentistry, physiotherapy or veterinary medicine. Some students may decide after a few semesters, that studies in Hungary are not for them and wish to transfer studies

Transfer to medical or dentistry universities – overview (2023 update)

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Studies of General medicine and Dental medicine are difficult and many students opt for the option to transfer their studies to different universities in Europe. All renowned Universities in Europe are following the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) that makes completed credit tests and exams recognizable abroad. I have prepared a complete list of universities

Transfer of medical studies from Poland to Slovakia

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There are many students who wish to transfer their medical studies from Poland abroad. There are thousands of students in Poland from Sweden, Norway, Spain, and Italy. The problem is that young doctors and dentists from Poland must take a 13-months internship after graduation. Afterward, students will do an examination on general knowledge (National medical

Transfer of medical studies from Czech Republic to UPJS

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Czech medical universities have many medical students from all over the world. Every year there are students from Charles University, Palacky University or Masaryk University who decide to leave them for various reasons and continue their studies somewhere else. There is an option to resume studies without the need to pass the same exams again