Where to study medicine abroad?

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There are thousands of students who finish secondary school in Poland and would like to study medicine or dentistry. Medical universities in Europe have strict rules for admission as places at universities are limited: the usual success rate at home universities of medicine is around 10-20%. There could be other criteria, e.g. giving admission according

Transfer to medical or dentistry universities – overview (2021 update)

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Studies of General medicine and Dental medicine are difficult and many students opt for the option to transfer their studies to different universities in Europe. All renowned Universities in Europe are following the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) that makes completed credit tests and exams recognizable abroad. I have prepared a complete list of universities

Transfer of medical studies from Poland to Slovakia

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There are many students who wish to transfer their medical studies from Poland abroad. There are thousands of students in Poland from Sweden, Norway, Spain, or Italy. The problem is that young doctors must take a 13-months internship after graduation in Poland. Afterward, students will do an examination on general knowledge (National medical exam -