New doctors and dentists graduated from Faculty of medicine in Košice

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Faculty of medicine in Košice has prepared thousands students for their future career - and in year 2016 there are new graduates who will share good reputation of this higher education institution worldwide. The graduation ceremony of former students took place in the Assembly hall of Faculty of Medicine, UPJS on June 30 and July 1,

Professors Tomáš and Peter Ganz visited Faculty of Medicine in Košice

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Faculty of medicine in Košice is educational institution with international connections across the world. There are not only professors from cooperating universities, who visit Košice´s Faculty, but also descendands of famous inventors in the field of medicine. This time, Faculty hosted extraordinary visit from United States of America - Professors of Medicine, Mr. Tomáš Ganz

Overview of admission process and fees at Faculties of medicine in Slovakia and Czech Republic (2017 entrance examinations)

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Do you wish to apply to faculties of medicine in Czech Republic or Slovakia, but do not have time to prepare an overview? We made it instead of you! There are all faculties listed while everything from dates, place, university and requirements for an entrance examination is listed. If we can help you somehow -

Student of medicine organised School of health for broad public

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Students of medicine from Faculty of medicine in Košice, Slovakia, organised School of healths for public. This event for broad public, while 4 stands were available on the spot. Student of General Medicine, Nikola Kapolková and chairperson of Club of public health, told us more: ,,We measured blood preasure, body fat, level of sugar and